Ill Communications

I now understand why I have been run down the last three days — I’m sick. 🙁 I guess airline travel combined with being around a little one who was coughing and sneezing all weekend caught up to me. It’s 4:25am as I write this and I’ve injested two DayQuil to see if they can be of any assistance. Prognosis is not promising, however.

Not that there is any good time to be ill, but this week is especially bad. I am supposed to be working the Georgia Tech Career Fair today, and then going over to my friends’ Phil and Stacy house to watch the grand finale of Big Brother 7. Tomorrow night I am going to see The Flaming Lips at the Tabernacle.

Looks like I’ll be burning my last Sick Day for 2006 a bit earlier than usual… It’s now 7:00am and while I feel better, I don’t feel well enough to work the career fair. I think that I’ll attempt to drag myself into work.

Whilst I’m Feeling Ornery
No that’s not horny, although I like the way you think…

I’ve read this morning that the ban on liquids in airplanes might become permanent. What the fuck, people? How many flights occurred in the last five years (not to mention since the creation of commercial airlines) without incident? At some point we need to regain our freedom and assume that bad things will not happen, because I am not connvinced that the TSA nor Our Government is capable of keeping me alive on planes, nor do I believe that it should be.

In addition to leaving behind my shampoo and toothpaste I had to buy deordorant in Raleigh because I didn’t want the inconvenience of checking a bag for a weekend trip.

Maybe I’ll just drive everywhere I go. I understand that it’s far more dangerous than flying, but at least I have my own Freedom — at least for now.

Rats! TextExpander No Worky When Creating Blog Entry
The other day I installed one of those applications I consider to be the reason computers exist. TextExpander is a Mac application that allows you to create unique tokens which when typed get replaced by whatever you tell it to use.

For example, rather than typing “September 12, 2006” I can type “ddate” and it will fill in the proper date.

TextExpander worked really well when I wrote yesterday’s blog entry using TextPad, but does not work at all when I am typing this using WordPress’ “Write Post” page. Dammit! I betcha that Firefox is not a Cocoa-based app and that’s why it doesn’t work.

Any Mac users know of a better way to do what TextExpander does?

ITP Flick Pic
A Pauper's Gravemarker

There was a section of this Colorado graveyard set aside for paupers. This was the one of the gravemarkers in that section.

If You Can’t Find A CD To Buy This Week, I Can’t Help You
According to Metacritic there are at least twenty-six new releases today.

Those that interest me the most are the releases from Los Lobos, Magnolia Electric Co., The Mars Volta, TV On The Radio, and Yo La Tengo.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – sick
Current Music – none, I am writing this at home listening to podcasts
Website Of The Day – I feel a little bit like dealth warmed over. If I was a celebrity I could check out The Ghoul Pool to see if anyone picked me to kick the bucket this year.
Exercise (b)Log – none, I am sick

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Ill Communications

  1. Steve says:

    The link o’ the day is misspelled and once I corrected it, it was blocked by the thought police here…

    – FP

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Corrected. Apparently my fascination with Elliott Ghould caused me to add the ‘d’ to the URL. 🙂

    I should know better than to write these at crazy hours hopped up on cold medication.

  3. Martha says:

    What really ticked me off last time I flew was everyone was making such a big deal about what you could carry on the plane, but once I got to the airport, nobody seemed to care. I saw people walk right by the gate agent with bottles of water and sodas as they boarded the plane. As for carry on, I tried really hard to make sure I didn’t bring anything, including an extra set of contacts, because they are in a liquid. No one questioned the bottle of contact solution I dug out of my bag to lay on the belt and I got home I realize I had left my mascara (banned) in my bag.

    Anyway, we will miss you this weekend at Lake Hartwell. Who is going to get pissy and leave at 5 am this year?

  4. I am sure that someone can step up and assume my role as Camp Curmudgeon. 🙂

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