The Sun Is Orange, The Sky Is Blue

Unless is downpours like a mutha all day long like it did yesterday. Unfortunately, that meant that I was unable to walk the campus taking pictures as I hoped I’d be able to.

Somebody Should Force A Name Change
I admit it, for a long time I have had a dirty pleasure known as “eating at Taco Bell.” Yesterday was one of those days where I ate a very late lunch (4pm) (@Leonardo’s by the slice — YUM!) so l wasn’t very hungry at dinner time; I ran out for a small bite to eat around 9pm.

Recently Taco Bell’s food and service has been awful even by Taco Bell standards. Therefore I am starting a petition to make Taco Bell change the name of all of their restaurants to Predictably Bad. Anyone with me?

Now that I think of it, I should have driven over and seen if Burrito Brothers Taco Co was still open…

My Crazy Rental Car
I meant to mention this yesterday… The rental car I am tooling around in is possibly the worst I have ever had, at least in terms of features. It is a Chevy Pieceashit (or something like that) and according to the Enterprise rental office guy, I was “upgraded” to this car (I’d hate to see the car I was originally supposed to get).

Features Not Found In this Car

  • electric locks
  • electric windows
  • cassette player or audio-in (which makes my iPod less useful)
  • cruise control (which would be nice for a six-hour drive)
  • center console on which I can rest an arm (also nice for a long drive)

Oddly however, the car does have automatically controlled lights and an engine computer which displays a lot of interesting information about the car’s gas mileage and oil depletion. Go figure…

ITP Flickr Pic
This is a crappy picture, but when you want to capture the beauty of the 2-for-1 happy hour and all you have available is a camera phone you just have use what you have

I Love Florida Happy Hours

The Agony Is Not In The Feet, It’s In The Vocal Cords
You would think that after standing on my feet for seven hours that my dogs would be barking all night long. However, barking is about the last thing I am able to do today because the constant effort to talk loudly enough to communicate in a basketball arena filled with people has strapped my vocal cords.

No karaoke for Paulie, but really, that’s a good thing.

Morten Anderson? Really? Morten Anderson?
The Falcons have done many things right so far this season, kicking field goals has not been one of them. Yesterday, the Falcons resigned Morten Anderson, who is currently 46-years old and hasn’t been in the league since 2004. Why do I think that they found him working at a Taco Bell?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – okay, but I really need exercise
Current Music – none, still living in a hotel
Website Of The Day – Ever wonder what cool words your phone number would spell? Wonder no more by using the PhoneSpell.
Exercise (b)Log – none, 🙁

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to The Sun Is Orange, The Sky Is Blue

  1. Smoove D says:

    You have a Chevy Cobalt.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! You are absolutely correct.

  3. Smoove D says:

    It’s not really that amazing – the lack of power everything gave it away. Also, I remembered the ridiculous MID that would tell you the exact temperature of the coolant, but not anything useful (like, say, tire pressure). I hated the car so much I even wrote a review – typing “Chevy Cobalt” in the search box on the Prizz will get you to it.

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