ITP Returns ITP

Back in the ATL and if this morning is any indication, I am completely caught up on sleep.

As Smoove D correctly identified in the comments yesterday I was driving a Chevy Cobalt on my trip to Florida. As you may expect, tooling around UF’s campus in this beaut didn’t exaclty help me pick up the girls, but I am used to that feeling down there because when I was a student I drove a 1988 Hyundai Excel hatchback (keep in mind this was during the years 1989-1991).

Down With CAPS LOCK!!!
I can’t tell you how many times I have inadvertently hit the “CAPS LOCK” key on my laptop when meaning to depress the “A” key. Why does the “CAPS LOCK” key still exist? Is it really necessary?

I am not the only one with this problem, there is a guy who has started the blog CAPSoff who is trying to start a campaign to remove the “CAPS LOCK” key from the standard keyboard.

ITP Flickr Pic
Another crappy cellphone pic today. This one is a picture from Leonardo’s by the Slice on University Av in Gainesville, FL. When I was a student I ate a Leonardo’s often. The reason for this is also pictured here…. the empty container in this picture contained pizza dough rolls which were smothered with garlic butter. Damn that shit is good.

Leonardo's By The Slice

In a funny “Small World” coincidence, I have found out that Leonardo’s is owned by Atlanta blogger Hannah Beth‘s cousin.

(CC * 2) = (G + $20) [at least on the street]
Due to major schedule crunches and the inability to acquire a girlfried or convince others that they should not be running at George’s I found myself with an extra ticket to the Sufjan Stevens show last night.

Rarely will I do business with ticket scalpers, but I figured if I could recoup some of my losses that would be better than nothing. After negotiating with a polite young man on the street corner we settled on a deal where I gave him my pair of tickets on row CC in the loge and I got his single ticket on row G in the balcony plus $20. Because I figured that this concert was going to be a laid back affair and that few people would be standing, I figured downgrading my seat and pocketing $20 would be a decent compromise. I was right.

If you go to a Sufjan Stevens concert expecting a live Rock Show you will be disappointed. You have to go to his concerts expecting more of a symphony atmosphere (there are fifteen people on stage playing a variety of instruments), even if they do all come out wearing buttefly wings like they did last night. (As a side note I was disappointed that I missed the concert tour when they dressed like cheerleaders.) The most excitement during the show were the two unexpected loud buzzes which emitted from the sound system causing the musicians to wince in pain and the show to temporarily come to a halt while the problem was fixed.

Overall I enjoyed the show, however I will admit that while I will continue to purchase Stevens’ music, I will probably never go to another of his live shows.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – behind
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Rainer Maria — “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together”
Website Of The Day – Yesterday I found out about Dumpr a couple of cool utilities that let you play around with you Flickr photos and make funny pictures.
Exercise (b)Log – none, are we seeing a self-destructive pattern?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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