Indecision Killed The Weekend

Sometimes there are just too many options from which I can choose. This was one of those weekends, and in the end I wound up doing less than usual…

Thought For Food

i. coli
u. coli
all we buy
contains e. coli

Spinach, orange juice, ground beef, and now lettuce? This is getting crazy! If this shit somehow pops up in beer I am just going to drink myself to death because life won’t be worth living.

Apple In My Office Backyard
Apparently I’ve yet to register on Apple‘s “Must Notify” list. Just last week I found out that Apple has opened an Apple Store in Perimeter Mall which a short walk from my office — in June! C’mon guys in the past two years I have purchased much Apple merchandise and I receive email from you constantly, you’d think that would warrant some sort of head’s up.

Shouldn’t It Be A “k5”?
This weekend I saw an advertisement for the Dyslexia Dash 5k. It seems to me that this should be named differently so that those suffering from this affliction know that this race is for them.

Just Say No To Five-Fiddy
Dear Bar Owners,

I refuse to pay $5.50 for a pint of beer, high gravity specialty beers excluded. On Friday night I headed to The Corner Tavern (NSFW) in Little Five Points to meet up with the Atlanta Hash for happy hour. After getting a beer and food at the bar and settling up without examining the bill I was unaware that the pint of Smithwick’s cost $5.50. I ordered one more beer when the rest of the hashers arrived and when I settled up with the waitress I handed her $6 and told her to keep the change. She came back to me and asked me (in a somewhat miffed voice) if I was sure that I didn’t want my $0.50 back. I was under the impression that the beer would cost no more than $5, so I figured that I was giving her at least a $1 tip. I apologized and tossed her another buck and headed out the door.

While I can certainly afford to pay $5.50 for a single beer, from here on out I will choose not to do so. Maybe I am still jaded from my trip to Gainesville when I purchased two microbrewed beers for $2.45 at a real happy hour…

You Snooze You Lose, Or Sometimes Not!
Am I the only one who thinks that 7pm starts for Thrashers games is too early? I was busy watching my beloved Florida Gators beat LSU when I realized that there was no way for me to make it to Philips Arena for the start of the game.

Plan ‘B’ was to watch the Mets and/or Georgia game and then head up to The EARL to see Gringo Star (formerly A Fir-Ju Well). When I dozed off the Mets had blown their 4-0 lead and Georgia was knocking the snot out of Tennessee. When I awoke I thought I was dreaming when I found out that the Mets had won, and Georgia had lost (take note that I don’t like Tennessee either, but their win was the lesser of two evils). What a great sports weekend for me!

  • – Auburn lost to unranked Arkansas in Auburn
  • – Florida beat LSU
  • – The Mets beat the Dodgers, thus wrapping up Round 1 of the NL playoffs
  • – Tennessee somehow came back to beat Georgia
  • – NY Jets beat the Jacksonville Jaguars well, I couldn’t get everything I wanted

Don’t even ask about the East Atlanta Deadbeat Dads. It was another losing week for them as well…

ITP Flickr Pic
I took a shitload of pictures Saturday morning while roaming around the Atlanta Botanical Garden, about a half-shitload of them turned out okay. While technically this isn’t the best of the bunch I do like it for its unusual look

Can You See The Real Me?

The Race Is Starting To Heat Up!
Oh the amount of bickering which is starting to unfold… Watching last night’s Amazing Race was one of the few times that I was glad that I am not in a relationship. There is a new #1 on my dislike list and that goes to Rob & Meredith, followed closely by Sarah and her dickhead boyfriend Peter. The beauty queens are starting to get on my nerves as well, but I don’t think that they will be around much longer.

On the positive side I really enjoy the crazy things that come out of David’s and Mary’s (think Kentucky) mouths. The line about “water over your head, fall in and you are dead” had me rolling on the floor.

My Races Have Not Been So Amazing
On Friday’s run I had to quit running because I felt nauseous after about four miles of running/walking. I had to stop running and walk home. Yesterday I was feeling this way all afternoon so I didn’t dare attempt to go out for a run.

Pregnant you say? Well even if it was possible for a man to be pregnant, when compared to me the Pope look like Hugh Heffner. In fact if I can stay the course through year’s end the Pope will be sending me a certificate that restores my virginity. Cool, huh?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – bleak
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Strokes — “Division Of Vision”
Website Of The Day – Now that I’ve accepted NBC’s version of The Office as a decent show I can select silly websites like Scranton Branch as my WotD.
Exercise (b)Log – walking/running, 6 miles on Friday
Monday Morning Weigh-In – 203 lbs (yuck)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Indecision Killed The Weekend

  1. Cory says:

    Go Vols! It was a great game, despite the shoddy special teams on both sides. One of the things I miss about living in Georgia is when my team beats the home state favorite. No college football (or any other college sports) fans up here, not that I can blame them–not much to choose from.

    Looks like I’ll be pulling for Auburn and Georgia for the next two weeks. 😉 Though given Florida’s conference schedule, if you come out of that unscathed, you deserve a shot at the title. We’ve still got LSU and Arkansas (not to mention the other non-ranked conference opponents that beat us last year)so the rest of the season is still going to be pretty rocky.

  2. Barb says:

    I agree with you on Peter, dickhead is an understatement, and I don’t think he will be a boyfriend once this race is over. I do like Sarah, so I am torn on wanting them to get further in this race. I wonder if the editing is making him look worse than he really is, or could he even be worse?
    Yes, Mary is too comical, I love the hugs for the taxi drivers……. is hugging normal is Vietnam?

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    @Cory: The one reason I am glad that I missed the game was not having to hear Rocky Top ad nauseum. 😛

    @Barb: I’ve seen that look in Sarah’s face in the faces of other women… Peter will be available soon.

  4. Amity says:

    Yeah, so I just wasted away an hour of my day looking at “The Office” t-shirts because of you… 🙂

    The coal miners are HILARIOUS. At first I didn’t think I’d like them, but they crack me up every time. *holds off on making any crazed/inappropriate comments about Peter being kicked to the curb with the mechanical appendage…*

    As always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator. 🙂

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Hopefully you were able to do it at lunch, or you are one of the special people who has Columbus Day off… I am not 🙁

    Even their “I have friends in low places” miner t-shirt made me laugh.

    Go Gators!!! 🙂

  6. Smoove D says:

    Dude, you missed a most excellent show. I only caught three songs by the Sweetloves, but they were pretty cool. Envie fucking ruled, like they always do. Gringo Star rocked.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah, I know. I listened to A Fir-Ju Well on the drive home and kicked myself for not going.

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