Dammit I Forgot A Title…. AGAIN!

No fancy-pants coffee today, just a piping hot cup of dark-roast coffee from Joe’s Coffee Shop in East Atlanta served to me by Ellen.

Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Updaters
So far I am the only one that I have seen who has mentioned this, but Apple has released a new security patch for both its PowerPC and Intel platforms. It has a shit-ton (technical nerdy term) of patches in it so I highly recommend going and getting the update.

I Can’t Wait For Vista
Vista. Vista. Vista. The “revolutionary” new operating system from Microsoft is due out at the end of January and I am excited.

I am not excited because I am looking forward to installing Vista on any of my computing platforms, instead I am excited because I am hoping the that price of WindowsXP will drop dramatically once it becomes obsolete. Once this occurs I will purchase a copy of Parallels and run WindowsXP as a virtual machine on my iMac.

I am such a fucking nerd and I love it!

When I Learn How To Use This Phone I’ll Be Dangerous
The inner-nerd in my is also frustrated that I have not successfully learned all of the nuances of my new Samsung BlackJack cell phone. I have figured out how to access my Gmail account (make sure you enable POP3 access from within Gmail) but other things still befuddle me.

– I haven’t figured out if I can upload my own mp3’s and use them as a ringtone. I’d assume that I cannot since Cingular enjoys reaming us for $2.49 for a single song. However, this is still better than the ninety-day rental offered by Sprint for $0.99.

– I can use the camera, but unlike on my last phone I cannot figure out how to send a picture to an email address (like my Flickr account). I can only type numbers in the “To:” field for a multi-media message.

– I’ve yet to figure out if I can upload my “old” Windows-based PDA to my PC and then synchronized the phone in order to get all of my Calendar and Contact data to my phone.

ITP Flickr Pic
Part of the Dekalb Avenue mural

Capital And Marta

I think I want to go back and re-shoot this at a time when the sun and branches don’t create shadows.

Note To Self: Quit Buying Tomato Sauce!
My cupboard now contains six, count ’em six, jars of Prego Tomato Sauce. Mind you not all of them have the same ingredients, but it seems that I either cannot

1) Remember that I already possess these when I am tooling around in Kroger
2) Act like the trained zombie I am when I see that Kroger is selling them 2 for $4

Thankfully I really like tomato sauce and it lasts for-nearly-ever prior to opening the jar, but jeez six jars? Someone want to come over for pizza, or spaghetti, or lasagne, or ….?

Is It Already December 11th?
My Amazon package arrived yesterday and apparently UPS doesn’t understand Italian. From the condition of my box it appears that they were using it as a stepladder even though the box was marked FRAGILE. Thankfully they were unable to damage the incredibly cheap clock contained within.

11 Of 12
Today marks the end of month eleven. I hereby declare 2006 to be a “Shitty” year for me. Sure there are still thirty-one days in which some things can turn around (read “I can find a woman who might allow me to have more than two dates with her”), but then there are others which will require longer periods of time (read “remove spare tire from midsection”).

From now through Dec 31 I will be taking in massive quantities of adult beverages, attempting to perfect some photography skills, collating receipts for my ’06 taxes, thinking about my “Year End” lists, and determine what goals I will have for 2007.

Thanks, But I’ll Pass On Incubus
Ticketbastard reminds me that tickets for Incubus are on sale. Thanks, but for me Incubus’ name is carved in stone on my monument for Bands I Cannot Stand.

Tonight I’ll be finding out if any other bands will join Incubus as I trot out to The EARL to see a band named Casper And The Cookies. Admittedly I don’t know much about this band, but really liked the songs posted by Rich a few days ago over at Cable And Tweed. Return tomorrow and I am sure you’ll find out more about this band… 😉

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – My knee hurts. I cannot figure out why because it’s not like I’ve been exercising or something.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Bloc Party — “Like Eating Glass”
Website Of The Day – Baby animals are so cute, especially when you don’t have to care for them. Baby Animalz is a website with a gallery of baby animals photos — some of which are so cute you can’t help but want to look away.
Exercise (b)Log – none

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Dammit I Forgot A Title…. AGAIN!

  1. Griselda says:

    Ohh ohh—yer link to baby animals reminded me to check out THIS web cam I heard about—Baby Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam!!!!


    The page is takin’ long time to load (in Firefox), not so long in IE7. cute!

  2. Martha says:

    Is your clock somehow attached to a replica of a stocking, clad, woman’s leg? That sounds very hip!

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    @Griselda: Did you see the picture of the panda on ajc.com? It looks cross-eyed. I thought that this was strange.

    @Martha: Oh I so wish. However there is still .1% of me that thinks that I will someday again live with a woman so a Christmas Story style lamp and/or clock would never do. 🙁

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