Greetings From Columbia, SC

Greetings from a ComfortSuites room with incredibly slow, and increasingly frustrating, internets. Expect very few links in today’s post because I am all but unable to verify the validity of the URLs.

Days like today that remind my why it’s a bad thing to store all of your important information on the net. It seems like quality internet access is available everywhere, like in a newly-renovated hotel, but it really isn’t.

210 Miles Of Open Road
Today I am playing the college recruiting game at the University of South Carolina. After the large quantity of beer and late-night meal I am hoping that the pants I bought the other day still fit.

Columbia was hopping last night, apparently one Billy Joel was bringing his music stylings into town. Combine Joel’s concert with the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and you wind up with a crowded social scene.

Yesterday I realized that with the exception of Augusta and the Savannah River, there is almost nothing but open land and housing along I20 between Atlanta and Columbia.

ITP Flickr Pic
This was taken in L5P a few weekends ago. It’s part of the building-long mural that is near the Variety Playhouse.

No Pictures, I'm Hideous!

What I like about this shot are the colors and the angle I too to make it look like he is moving away from me.

One And Done
The trip I am on today is a one-day affair (hmm, sounds a lot like that thing I used to do called “dating”; I digress). Because I am not the master of my timetable here I didn’t bring my main camera with me (I always pack the point-and-shoot). I am finding more and more that I wish for multi-day trips alone so that I don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s whims and go out and play on my own.

I Am Missing My Weapon Of Mass Destruction
In this terrorist-aware, afraid of blinking signs, day I have forgotten that I have taken my nail clippers out of my travel bag. Fortunately I am not your typical caveman-like male who completely neglects personal hygiene. However, it’s reassuring to me to know that they are there in case of emergency and it now solves the mystery of why I have two at home in my bathroom. With that puzzle solved I can finally move on to curing cancer…

Okay this slow internet has gotten the best of me so I am quitting for the day. I’ll be back ITP tomorrow…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – out of sync
Current Music – silence rings throughout my hotel room
Website Of The Day – If you are going to travel you might as well have a smart-looking briefcase. Go find something cool to carry at Timbuk2.
Exercise (b)Log – none, unless you consider sitting in a car for three hours an exercise in patience

February Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight ~205 lbs)
2) Run no fewer than fifty miles.
3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at least three times a week.
4) Read two books.
5) Go to the Center For Puppetry Arts.
6) Use Marta for commuting at least one day per week.
7) Get all 2007 information into Google Calendar.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    since no one has commented today:
    Skip work (it’s not like you have never done that before) and come ride this – I think I’m going to do the 21 mile one from Roswell. Dean (Jack*ass) has promised some pub crawling that afternoon as well…..

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