Is “Scone” A Euphemism For “Stale Biscuit”?

I stopped at the Caribou coffee across from the office this morning. Along with a fancy coffee I purchased a low-fat cranberry orange scone. It was the driest morning breakfast treat ever.

I Took Me An Hour To Make My Two Portable Devices To Change Their Time By An Hour
In the computer world nothing seems to be as easy as it should be. Want to update your Windows based PDA or phone so that it can display the proper time? It’s simple a true pain in the ass.

First you need to make sure that you PC is up to date, which may or may not require you to download a Windows Genuine Advantage check.

Then, you need to determine how you are syncing your device so that you can download the proper Daylight Savings Time patch for your syncing software.

Then, if you are not running the latest edition of ActiveSync you need to update that as well….

Finally you can attach your device and download the update for your specific device.

[Update @9:05am]: Fucking great! I just found out that all of my Outlook appointments in my PDA have been moved ahead an hour when I updated my software last night. Hey Congress, can we please leave the fucking time change alone from now on?

Has Goodwill Gotten Too Big For Its Britches?
Back in August Goodwill closed its East Lake store and donation center. I was miffed because I lost my neighborhood thrifting store, but was confused because so many people in my area still required their services for basic needs.

Yesterday I needed to kill some time in Sandy Springs after running the errands I needed to finish so I did something not seen often in Sandy Springs — walking. As I walked over to the Target on Johnson Ferry I noticed that Goodwill has a fancy new(?) location in the old A&P store next to Target. That rent certainly can’t be cheap! The margins made on the items they get for free must be pretty sweet. I think I need to find a more deserving charity for my next donation.

ITP Flickr Pic
This is Andrew Michael.

Andrew's Punchline Pose

I know this is a cliche shot, but I thought it wasn’t bad.

CD Pick Of The Week
It’s not that I haven’t been checking the new release schedule lately, it’s that I’ve been completely unimpressed. I’m going to admit something here. So far I think that 2007 has been a lousy year for new releases. I know it’s only March, but the end of this month does signal the end of the year’s first quarter.

I think even Sirius Channel 26 (Left Of Center) agrees with me. Of the four songs I’ve heard thus far only one has been from this year (The Apples In Stereo) while the other three were from indie icons Sonic Youth, Pixies, and Sebadoh.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – lost
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Pixies — “Velouria”
Website Of The DaySwamii is the newest “What’s New” search engine. I’m not convinced, but ymmv.
Exercise (b)Log – none. Wasn’t I supposed to do sit-ups / push-ups? Yes, but I forgot.

March Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight ~205 lbs?)
2) Run no fewer than thirty miles.
3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
4) Finish February’s book and read at least one more.
5) Take Marta to work at least ten times.
6) File my Income Taxes.
7) Wear “nicer” clothes to work at least one day a week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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18 Responses to Is “Scone” A Euphemism For “Stale Biscuit”?

  1. Stacy says:

    No, no. I think the *definition* of scone is “stale biscuit.” I’ve never been a big fan of the scone, even when I was all about eating carbs. It just even sounds pretentious. A biscuit is a biscuit is a biscuit, dudes.

    Don’t dis the GoodWill just yet! I’m wondering if perhaps they get cheaper rent as a tax write-off for the property owner? Just a thought. (I love me some GoodWill)

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I used to give a lot of love to Goodwill, then they up and moved out of my area of town.

  3. Martha says:


    Goodwill didn’t move that far away. From the AJC in Aug.

    “…Goodwill’s new location at 1295 Columbia Drive in Decatur is only about four miles away. The new facility, she adds, is MARTA-accessible, an essential for many Goodwill clients”

    I did notice that they moved the trailer that use to be at Lowe’s also.

  4. romanlily says:

    I just got it over the weekend, but so far I’ve been liking the new Arcade Fire. I have a fairly hefty attachment to Funeral, and this is not Funeral — but still a solid release.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    @Martha: I wonder if they’ve made this public on the old location. I’ll look next time I head to Publix.

    @Romanlily: I must check out the new Arcade Fire. Thanks.

  6. Steve says:

    Of course, they would open a Goodwill store in walking distance from my previous residence. May I suggest the Salvation Army store in Avondale.. right on E. College/N. Avondale or whatever they call it at that point. Almost right across the street from Jame Joyce Pub, and a mere block away from Avondale Pizza. Sounds like an opportunity to multi-task.


  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’ve not had much luck at that Salvation Army location; the one on Means Street has been much more fruitful for me. Now of they would only open a James Joyce Pub over there… 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    And BTW.. the clock is wrong on your blog/server.


  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    SONNOFABITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thanks)

  10. Gentri says:

    Miss Stacy,
    I can assure you that after you try a scone from the Flying Biscuit, you will change you opinion to “all scones are not created equal!” Seriously, I wouldn’t walk a mile for a Camel, but the chocolate chip scone is entirely a different matter! I’m salivating just thinking about it….. ruff!

  11. Gentri says:

    PS I never realized that all of you shopped so often at Goodwill that the distance to the store would be an issue… mind you, now that I think about it, it does explain some of your outfits… and why Paulie hasn’t had a date in 6 months………………. ouch…

    //takes off his devil horns.

  12. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    My trips to Goodwill were made mostly to donate unused boxes of condoms before they expired.

  13. Gentri says:

    Haha! Nice. and I thought I was too hard on myself!

    At least you were optimistic way back last September!

  14. Stacy says:

    LOL at the Paulie wardrobe comment (sorry, baby, but it was funny. And you do dress nice, so you know I’m just teasing).

    But ewwwwwwwww! No no NO donating condoms, kids. That’s naaaaaaasty (read as spoken by Cleveland Brown on The Family Guy). Heh. Cleveland Brown. That still cracks me up.

    In sad news, I HAVE actually had a box of condoms expire on me before. When I first moved to Atlanta I thought: woo! single woman! single apartment! oh yeah, I be gettin me some condoms! Um…yeah, well, those suckers never got to see the light of day.

    So now I just refuse to use ’em. Heh. ;~)

    Speaking of Avondale: check out Finders Keepers — very good consignment clothing there – cheap and brand name from all them rich Avondale Estaters nearby. (The Salvation Army has been hit-or-miss for me as well.)

  15. Martha says:

    [quote] My trips to Goodwill were made mostly to donate unused boxes of condoms before they expired. [/quote]

    well it’s official…everyone at works thinks I’m a spaz…I just spit water all over myself, Thanks!

    Next time you don’t make it to GW in time maybe I can use your donation to construct some sort of inflatable personal protection device…I almost knocked myself out trying to get from the kitchen to the couch today.

  16. Stacy says:

    In completely unrelated news, I bought a lamp at GoodWill today. I did not even look for condoms.

  17. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:


    I seriously don’t think the condoms make it to the sales floor. The volunteers probably take them as one of the perks of the job. 🙂

  18. I updated my Palm in 5 minutes. Sucks to use PocketPC!

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