It Would Help If I Could Stay Healthy

Spring has arrived, the weather has finally turned for the better, this man’s thoughts have finally turned to thoughts of exercise, and then I get sick. I don’t know if what came upon me yesterday (and lingering through this morning) was allergy-related, or a quick onslaught of a cold, but whatever it took me down for the count. Fudge….

Beware Of The Questionnaire
On Friday I played phone tag with Atlanta Focus, a company who does market research and generally pays good money to those who participate in their surveys. For this reason I was eager to get in on the survey about which they were trying to contact me.

After finally connecting I was asked roughly seven questions about my lightbulb purchasing habits — a topic that I was certain I would be a good candidate. On the final question I was informed that I was not the target which they sought. It wasn’t getting turned down, but rather the way it was handled that bothered me. You see from the tone of voice that the marketer used when I answered the final question I have a feeling that no matter how I answered it I think that I was not going to be asked to participate in their survey. I think that I was duped into answering their questionnaire for free; that they received all of the information necessary as part of a “pre-screen” which cost them nothing.

I will be less-than-enthusiastic to return their calls next time…

Goodwill Hunting
Before heading to a brief happy hour appearance at Pancho’s on Friday afternoon I kicked around the Goodwill on Buford Highway. To my surprise not only did I manage to find a photography book that looked informative, I managed to pick up two CDs. For $2.75 each I purchased The Flaming Lips’ “The Soft Bulletin”, as well as The Smiths’ “Singles”. Although I was unable to look at the condition of the discs before purchasing, I think that taping the jewel cases shut is Goodwill’s new anti-theft mechanism, both were in decent condition and I was able to rip them to mp3’s with no difficulty.

It’s not often that I actually find CDs that I both want and do not already have. Also, be forewarned that the CD selection can vary greatly depending on the location of the Goodwill store. However, if you find yourself Goodwill Hunting then I suggest you gander at the CD selection. You may be pleasantly surprised.

ITP Flickr Pic
This is Sugar, loyal companion to my friends Lisa and Randy.

Can We Just Get In The Car Already?

I tried to get a good portrait of Sugar looking into my camera, but she would have none of it. This is the best I could do that day.

Should They Change Their Name To The Flying Scone?
On Saturday morning I decided to treat myself to breakfast out. Since Honey’s Kitchen has closed there is not much in the way of breakfast in my hood so I got into my car and headed “somewhere.” Since it was Saturday I figured that there would be no church crowd at The Flying Biscuit so there was a chance that I could be seated without much of a wait. I was right. I wish I had been wrong.

I ordered two eggs (over easy), chicken sausage, potatoes, and a biscuit and washed it all down with coffee. The eggs and coffee were really the only things done right. The chicken sausage was bland. The potatoes were diced and home fried, but most of them were coldish and crunchy — blech. And finally, the biscuit. This was the second worst biscuit that I have had in my life (the first was blogged about here). The biscuit was not hot, its top was hardened, it split in two at a fault line, and when I attempted to spread butter on it, it crumbled in my hand. It was hardly the breakfast that I desired.

I suppose that I could blame this lackluster meal on The Flying Biscuit’s sale to Raving Brands, but in reality I think that the problem runs much deeper.

The Number Of The Count Shall Be Three
obligatory Amazing Race spoiler warning

Team Cha-Cha became Team Bye-Bye last night. Again I question the logic of the race makers. Just where were they supposed to be able to possibly make up thirty minutes in this leg? Their late start nearly cost them straight away with the flight situation, and then once in Guam they were escorted around quite a bit. The Detour seemed to take an equal amount of time as well. It seemed as if the final drive to the Pit Stop was the only place they could have made up time.

Two of the three finalists are all-women teams — one I *heart*, the other, well, notsomuch. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

I know that a “teaser” is just that, but I am anxious to see what happens in order to make Dustin and Kandice come to words. They seemed to be the best of friends with very little friction to this point.

Wrapping Up Another Month
I am now one-third of the way through what is shaping up to be a lousy year. I have no one to blame but myself.

1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight 202 lbs?)
This morning the scale said 200 lbs. I don’t believe it because there is still way to much fat around my belly.

2) Run no fewer than thirty miles.
Is 0 < 30? It is? Then I missed this one.

3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
Completed only sporadically.

4) Read three books, specifically
4a) “722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York”

4b) “Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job”

4c) “50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques”

5) Take Marta to work at least ten times.
Didn’t make it. I think I rode only six times.

6) File my Income Taxes. (since they are due in two weeks I better get this done)
Done, very painfully done.

7) Wear “nicer” clothes to work at least one day a week.
Two weeks yes, two weeks no.

8\) Cook dinner at home at least two nights a week.
Um, no.

Tomorrow begins a new month, and with it a new list of things to accomplish.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – What’s the opposite of “bright eyed and bushy tailed?” That’s what I am today.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Kaiser Chiefs — “Everything Is Average” (I’d settle for average right now)
Website Of The DayPulp Secret is yet another awesome animation blog. This one is dedicated mostly to the comic book scene.
Exercise (b)Log – none
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

April Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight 202 lbs?)
2) Run no fewer than thirty miles.
3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
4) Read three books, specifically
4a) “722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York”
4b) “Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job”
4c) “50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques”
5) Take Marta to work at least ten times.
6) File my Income Taxes. (since they are due in two weeks I better get this done)
7) Wear “nicer” clothes to work at least one day a week.
8\) Cook dinner at home at least two nights a week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to It Would Help If I Could Stay Healthy

  1. Stacy says:

    I do so love me the Good Will. And for all you Good Will lovers like me, there is a new one opening on the east side perimeter in a mere 4 days (Thursday, May 3rd)!

    Why I’m plugging the Good Will, I have absolutely no idea. But apparently this Thurs-Sun they’ll have some great deals and giveaways and stuff. See? The little flyer they sent out targetting the neighboring ZIP codes sure did the trick.

    It’s to be just inside I-285 off LaVista, behind the Fuddruckers, near the Bally’s and Toys R Us (

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I figured you’d like the Goodwill bit given that they are opening one near you. I am still frustrated that they closed the one in East Lake however.

    On Saturday I also visited one near West End. I nearly picked up a The Get Up Kids cd, but because I was able to open the package there I saw that it was in awful shape and didn’t want to take the gamble.

  3. Stacy says:

    okay, that’s weird. the last part of my message up there cut off.

    I went on to say…so how many CDs do you have now anyway?? And how many iPods must you own to carry it all with you? 🙂

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I have no clue how many CDs I own (which I guess means that the answer is “too many”).

    I now possess three iPods (you are welcome, Mr. Jobs). One is large enough to carry everything and was a replacement for the one that became too small to carry everything. One is a new Shuffle for exercising — it hasn’t left the dock yet 🙁

  5. Karyn says:

    I saw the sign for Goodwill being installed a while back & was giddy with excitement. My lunch breaks will now be filled with scavenger hunts. I hope they keep the same color system as Buford Hwy- if you need brown pants you look in the brown pants aisle. Duh.

    If you need to set up an appointment to run- I will volunteer myself as a partner if you need one. I am trying to get back into it as well, but walking the dog is the most I seem to do.

  6. Beth Go Gators says:

    We ate at Flying Biscuit on Sunday (there’s no line at 7:45 AM) :). I thought the food was good but not-up-to-standard FB quality. I wonder what happened?

    Have you ever been to Grandma Lukes in L5P?

    Have not been there yet but supposedly they have good food.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been really disappointed with the biscuits I’ve tried at most of the breakfast/brunch establishments here, and the ones at FB have never really been up to par.


  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I was there at 8:30am on Saturday, hence no lineup then either. I’ve not tried Grandma Lukes. It seems that every time I am in L5P they are closed.

  9. Sheila says:

    Grandma Lukes ROCKS–Their blueberry pancakes are the BEST–the Coconut Cake is delish too!

    Totally off the wall–but no idea where to turn (google and Wikipedia are not helping). You’re a Mac dork right? Aside from Daylight (the Mac I’m inquiring about is too old and slow for it)is there a good CRM or small business SW you recommend for a work at home reseller I know? Also–any experience running OpenOffice’s dB on a Mac? any thoughts?? Thanks much!

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Okay, next time I go out for breakfast I will try Grandma Lukes.

    I am sorry to say that I have no experience with either. I am a relatively new Mac dork (I was once a relatively experienced Apple //e dork) and use my Mac for photography work.

  11. s says:

    crap… Thanks though!!

  12. hakeber says:

    Have you been to Thumbs Up? They have the best biscuits ever!

  13. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’ve never been to Thumbs Up because they have always had lines as well. Had I thought of it first I would have given it a shot on Saturday.

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