Where’s Paulie?

This being Memorial Day I am sure that the majority of you may be reading this on Tuesday.

I’ve decided to blog today because I slept in this morning in order to treat myself to breakfast. In the past few days I have been attempting to get up and shoot sunrises, but when the sun rises at 5am it has been difficult.

I am currently in Flagstaff, Arizona. Along this trip a lot of plans have been made and broken. I’ve learned that I should have done far more research before heading out here. I took the “I’m just going to ‘wing it'” attitude a little to seriously.

I can’t say that any revelations have been made thus far, except another reminder that I need to diet. I’m headed to Sedona today which I understand is spectacular, so maybe it will occur then. 🙂

In the next week or so I’ll be posting more in-depth stories, and I have plenty, about this trip.

ITP Flickr Pic
One of about a thousand I’ve taken. I expect that I will have my hands full five times over when I finally get around to post processing. I’ve noticed spotting on my photos again. Bummer. I’ll have to take most of the shots into Lightroom and give my equipment a good cleaning today.

Where I Wanted To Stay

This is the Wig-Wam Motel along Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona. I wanted to rent one of the wig-wams rooms for a night, but their office didn’t open until 3pm and when I hit Holbrook around noon I needed a nap so I went elsewhere.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – pretty good
Current Music – none
Website Of The Day – none today
Exercise (b)Log – a lot of walking
Mode Of Transportation To Work – no work

May Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight 200 lbs)
2) Exercise at least five days per week.
3) Read two books, specifically
3a) “722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York”
3b) “The Evolution Of Useful Things…”

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Where’s Paulie?

  1. Wig-Wam says:

    Someone once told me that going on vacation with me was like participating in a military offensive. The hotel room was Command Central—ALL events were planned and every moment was scheduled. An unplanned vacation would likely drive me BATS! But, perhaps I should try it ONCE.

    Also, is the photo of the Wig-Wam Motel one of yours? Those are some kick ass cars in the parking lot!

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    This is my first time at winging it. On one hand it’s been weird, on the other it’s been great.

    Yes, that is a picture I shot. They’ve stationed old cars at each wig-wam to make it look like it did in the heyday of Route 66.

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