Phase In, Phase Out

Thanks to some misinformed construction workers I got to leave the office a little early yesterday. They accidentally cut one of the power lines (taking out one of the phases) to my office building thus killing the power to about half of the building. Bully for them! Because the repair was slightly more than “minor” we were dismissed for the day. I only wish that I could get them to do it again today.

Enter The Dead Zone
I had plans to meet with my friends Stacy and Phil (oh look, his blog has been resurrected!) at Taco Mac after work, but what’s a boy to do when work ends early and he is invited to go drinking at Taco Mac with co-workers? Spend a longer time at Taco Mac of course! I was “good” and nursed my beer by including glasses of water in the drinking rotation until Stacy’s and Phil’s arrival.

Taco Mac at 3:30pm is a dead zone. Not only were there few customers (my officemates and I were the dominant presence), but the normal Taco Mac waitstaff (read “the pretty waitresses”) were not working at that time. I have a strip club analogy, but I will spare you.

ITP Flickr Pic
I have had a lot of good photography intentions lately, but have been following through on none of them.

Signs Of The (Old) Times

Therefore you’ve just seen another from the Great Arizona trip. I seriously need to get my ass out and shoot this weekend. I think one of the problems I’ve had recently is the lack of Atlanta Flickr activity which interests me. Lately there has been a strong push to do a lot of “model” shooting. Being in a group of people who are all shooting the same person just doesn’t work for me.

Still Going…
I am finding out that I do not understand a lot of stuff about the internets. Setting up this WordPress blog on DreamHost was a piece of cake (mmmm, cake). Setting up a photoblog on Blue Host (the other webhost that I pay) notsomuch.

Okay nerds, hepmeout.
1) Should I give up on Blue Host?

1a) If I do, should I set up the new photoblog on DreamHost?

1aa) Will that fuck up this blog in any way? I want them to be completely disjoint.

1b) I know some people use GoDaddy to host. I have a handful of domains registered through them (including the one I want to use with the photoblog), should I use them?

I am not as incompetent as I sound. Honestly, I am not. I am just having some difficulties clearing some hurdles. Remember, there was a day that I was actually a UNIX C programmer so it’s not like I have no idea about technology.

Look For Me In Hell
The Masquerade‘s Hell that is. Tonight two of my favorite bands, Piebald, and Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra are supporting acts on the bill. It would be worth it for me to pay just to see them. However, I doubt that I will be attempting to bring my camera gear in with me. I don’t know The Masquerade’s camera policy, but I do know that Hell isn’t that greatly lit and I am unsure what the crowd will be like.

Happy Father’s Day To You Lucky Dicks
Given my “unspongeworthy” status no one shall be wishing me a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. And, given the fact that my dad has long-since “moved on” I will not be able to wish him one either.

My point?

If your father is still around, or if someone you love is a diddy, smile at them and wish them a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. Who knows, it might even make both of you happy.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – strange (well, stranger than usual)
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Gomez — “Whippin’ Piccadilly”
Website Of The Day – Planning a party but think that Evite is too “Web 1.0”? Then you should give My Punchbowl a try.
Exercise (b)Log – nada
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car (all week long, boo hiss)

June Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Phase In, Phase Out

  1. nplts says:

    Photowise, may I resuggest:

    the other flikr dorks won’t know what hit them

  2. Stacy says:

    Yay! New beers on your front page Taco Mac list! Did you happen to see what next month’s Beer of the Month is? I think it was on the little flyer thing.

    I’m right with you with the Flickr thing: the model thing just doesn’t interest me. I guess it’s good and all when you want to learn to photograph folks…but, eh. I’ll pass. And I was serious last night: either sometime this weekend (if there’s time around hash extravaganzas) or maybe next (?), let’s get back out strolling again. Besides Juliette, I’m thinking a day trip to Chattanooga would be fun and photo worthy at some point too.

    Finally: whaaaaaaaaaat? Phil has a blog? No…can’t be!

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I don’t recall if July was on the table topper. If it was, then I don’t remember what July’s beer was.

    I can definitely be persuaded to photostroll soon.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    If you go to Juliette, you might want to swing by Jarrell Plantation – not a WHOLE lot to see, but it’s worth a detour if you’re already down there.

    I’m with you on the model thing…eh. I wouldn’t mind learning more about shooting people & off camera lighting and such, but I don’t really have any huge desire to take large numbers of pictures of beautiful women.

    You got lucky with the power line cut – we just had a malfunctioning fire alarm for three hours, and they definitely did not let us go home.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    The power outage was lucky, although the heat in the building got unbearable quickly so I doubt many people would have stayed regardless.

    I want to take more pictures of people, both men and women, but not in a setting where there is an entire group of people around to shoot only one person. I tried it the first week and I realized that that setting was not for me.

  6. I use GoDaddy. It seems to work fine. And it’s cheap.

    I tried the model thing and liked it, much to my surprise.

    I wasn’t too into the main Atlanta group, which seemed to be a bunch of measurebators and more worried about where to eat lunch rather than where to get some good flicks.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Smoove D, does GoDaddy have all the features necessary for PixelPost?

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