After spending a twelve-hour day doing repairs and an install yesterday I have regained respect for those who do that job. The thought of waking up today and doing it all again gave me the heebie-jeebies this morning.

Did I mention that we didn’t stop for lunch. Luckily I knew that this may occur, so I filled up on a million-calorie McDonald’s breakfast and packed some Gatorade and a Clif Bar (of which I ate half about 3:30pm) in my briefcase. We were each given a Mountain Dew at a customer’s house around 6:00pm.

My Guarantee To You, My House Guest
At the first house yesterday I made a joke to the installer that we were probably waking up the resident. We arrived at 8:30am after taking nearly an hour to drive to their house in Jackson, GA — don’t ask, I couldn’t tell you where it is. Come to find out, we did wake them up. And the entire time we were there working the young couple stayed on the couch sleeping. But it gets worse.

Upon entering the house we saw two lap dogs and I noticed that all of the carpet had been ripped up leaving a concrete floor and carpet-tack strips. As we walked toward the bedroom in which we needed to do work, we saw dog shit on the floor, one of the piles was in the bedroom in which we had to work! That’s right, each time we went from the front door to the bedroom we had to step around at least two semi-hardened “gifts”. The residents didn’t apologize for the shit, nor did the offer to clean it up.

My guarantee to you, my house guest is that I promise never to let this happen.

My Indian Name Can Be “Running Nose”
And if I can figure out how to use this natural resource to fuel my car I will rule the world.

ITP Flickr Pic
I’ve been lame with taking pictures and getting them off the camera. And I am tired of digging up older pictures. I will resume taking photos and uploading them this week.

No Matter What You Say, Tonight’s Dinner Will Be Shrimp Etouffee
Or perhaps Shrimp Creole.

I’ve had the ingredients on hand for a couple of days now, but have not had the opportunity to make the dish that I have been craving for a week. Expect food porn in the blog tomorrow.

Too Pooped To Ramsay
Betsy, I apologize to you (and of course Reese) for not blogging about Hell’s Kitchen today. Last night’s episode has been recorded and I will watch tonight. I was way too worn out to keep my eyes open last night.

CD Pick Of The Week
I actually like a few of the bands that have releases today. I find it coincidental that I was singing some Beastie Boys as I showered this morning even though I had no idea that they had a new CD release today. However, the critics are trashing it, so I won’t be picking it today.

Instead I’ll go in another direction and suggest Nick Lowe’s release of “At My Age”. Buyer beware, I have not heard a single track from this release; I am picking this based on past history. The name “Nick Lowe” will forever remind me of the much-missed L5P bar and music venue The Point. I don’t care how long the Clothing Warehouse occupies that corner, that space will always be The Point to me.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – relieved to be sitting in an office chair, now if I could only get healthy…
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing LCS Soundsystem — “Tribulations”
Website Of The Day – Were you a MSTie? A fan of MST3K? Remember that guy that replaced Joel? His name is Mike Nelson and he has a new website called RiffTrax which is like a Web 2.0 version of MST3K. Maybe he should have named the site MST3K2.0?
Exercise (b)Log – exercise in the form of old school hard labor.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

June Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Gentri says:

    Guaranteed that house was a rental… flat panel, dish/cable, new ride with new rims… but can’t be bothered to let the dogs out to sh*t… they’ll be renting for-ever… just not from me! (I hope)

    I made a spicy Thai-coconut shrimp dish last week… freakin’ rocked… but was so spicy I was sweating while eating… yummy………….. made Greek tzaziki last night. In theory, it should go with a gyro… but that’s just a theory at “Gentri’s house of one dish wonders”. Tasted just fine on pita………

  2. Stacy says:

    I actually followed your link to McDonald’s (yeah, I don’t know why either). McDonald’s has podcasts?! For real?

    Glad to hear you survived yesterday! Did you find the home with all the high tech audio/video equipment with just a stained mattress on the floor in front of it?

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    No, but I did find the house, um, mobile home, with three tv’s including a 62″ HD tv in the living room.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    High Tech A/V equipment with a stained mattress in front of it? Stacy, I didn’t know you’d met my ex husband!

    Jackson is in Butts County, roughly south of Henry County. It used to be part of the health district that I worked in – I think that’s the one where the directions to the health department include the words “turn left at the John Deere dealership.”

  5. Yeah, that’s the place. Good satellite customers those folks…

  6. Stacy says:

    *laugh!* at Elizabeth – but wait a minute! We’ve been married to the same guy?!

    I think it’s very appropriate that home was in “Butts County,” btw.

  7. Damn, am I the only one who has never been married?

  8. Martha says:

    nope, here’s another one *one hand raised, the other holding a stiff drink*

  9. Stacy says:

    Hey, if you have a choice between never been married and married to the person who only owns a stained mattress (come on — we all know the A/V equipment is from Easy Rental), go with the never been married. 😉

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