D_PR_SS_D — “I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle Please, Pat”

The Big “D” is not just in Texas these days.

Let’s see how I am doing on The Quiz
– sad? Check
– tired often? Check
– shows little interest in activities that were once enjoyed? Check
– spends a lot of time alone? Check

I think that I need go no further.

My life right now is like that of a hamster that runs around on a wheel going nowhere. Check that. If I was that hamster at least I’d be in great shape. No, my life is more like the hamster who sits in the corner cramming wood chips into his mouth for no apparent reason.

Being the type of person who believes that medication is meant for hangovers, diarrhea, or allergies, I’m not about to run out to get the latest happy pill being marketed on the tv. I’ve had fits of depression in the past, and this too will pass.

Want To Guess If I Chose The Polyphonic Spree Over Staying Home Alone?
Fear not, it’s not a sucker’s bet. I just couldn’t mind the thought of being around a bunch of other people last night; that is also the reason that I didn’t swing by George’s either.

I worked until 6pm, hit my favorite “local” Chinese buffet on the way home (fucking kick-ass hot Hunan Chicken was great!), and then returned to Paulie’s House of Bikram Yoga where I caught up on my Daily Shows and watched last night’s Top Chef (as a side-note spoiler I was saddened to see Micah get ousted because she fondly reminded me of one my ex-girlfriends) before dropping off to Sleepyland.

ITP Flickr Pic
As night falls reddish light is cast upon my iMac.

Light Cast Upon My Mac

This is my creative hub. This is where I wish I spent more time.

Reversed Engineering
Last night I wanted a beer. Not just any beer, but one of the beers that I had in the basement refrigerator behind the bar. Who was I to deprive a depressed man such a simple wish?

As I went behind the bar I saw something that horrified all of my senses. Apparently when I made the same trip the previous night my attempt to close the refrigerator door completely failed and went unnoticed. Thus the refrigerator door had been completely open all night and day and the beer inside was far from cold. Rats!

I also learned that it is impossible to expect a small refrigerator to replace a house’s air conditioning unit. Although that might explain why the house was a little cooler when I returned from work…

Here’s Something Else I Didn’t Expect
I received an email from Netflix alerting me that they are lowering the price of my subscription. That’s right, I said lowering!

How they knew that I was seriously considering kicking them to the curb (due to my own non-use of their services), I will never know.

Who’s up for a Weekend at Bernie’s marathon?

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
– Today my new lens is to arrive (although admittedly not the one I wanted to buy)
– Tomorrow is Friday
– Sunday is Canada Day
– Sunday also marks the beginning of my birth month (can you say “birthday gift”? I knew you could)

I am sure that there are more reasons, but I need to get to work

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – if you haven’t figured it out by now then you haven’t been reading
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Dinosaur Jr. — “Almost Ready” (J. Mascis if a fucking guitar genius)
Website Of The Day – If you are an Internet Ancient like me then you might remember the AltaVista search engine. Did you know that it still exists?
Exercise (b)Log – need you ask?
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

June Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to D_PR_SS_D — “I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle Please, Pat”

  1. martha says:

    I got the same email from Netflix. I also just noticed today that you can watch movies on line! I was very excited, figuring I had a new way to waste time at work. Sadly I can’t install the needed program but I might try this at home tonight.

    I too almost canceled my subscription over the weekend for the excat same reason. Now that my knee is a little busted up and I’m sitting around the house I guess I’ll have more time for moving watching. I can’t believe what crap was on tv last night.

    I’ve left the freezer door ajar before and I’ve had to sit in front of it on the floor with the hairdryer un-freezing the ice maker…you could hear it grinding away, it wasn’t fun, sounds like you got off easy.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I actually feared the opposite — that the freezer would completely melt and get all of the surrounding rug wet. I don’t think that too much of that happened so I would agree that I got off easily.

  3. Susan says:

    I think there’s a relationship between Chinese food and the Big D… at least judging from years of my own non-scientific testing.

  4. Barb says:

    Netflix is the best for watching TV series that I don’t want to pay for. Soprano’s is done, now I’m starting on Weeds. We are into it 4 episodes so far, it is pretty good.
    I had considered OZ, but Allan vetoes it.

    You music geeks might already know this site, but I just discovered soundpedia.com. It isn’t blocked here at work, so I can listen to artists I want to check out. (or old stuff that brings back fun memories – Jimmy Buffett is the choice this morning)

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Does the Chinese food make you depressed, or do you eat Chinese food when you are depressed?

    I agree Barb. My problem with Netflix, and it’s a “me” problem, is that I already have so much recorded to watch that I never get around to watching the discs I’ve received.

  6. duane says:

    If I were you, and this re-occurred often, I wouldn’t write off the “happy pill” as you call it. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain, and those pills can make it right. It doesn’t cure you, but it certainly helps.

    I hope you feel better, buddy!

  7. nplts says:

    I agree w/ duane. It doesn’t seem to have passed since at least you started up this blog. Although, I must add, I’m one to talk.

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I probably just need to get laid
    Or learn Ruby
    Or get laid while learning Ruby

  9. Martha says:

    It might sound corny but exercise has really helped me a lot over the last few months. You know I’ve been dealing with some stuff and just getting out, running, walking, biking, even climbing that stupid wall has helped. If nothing else I’m just to damn tired to think about what is bothering me. Unfortunately, I’m off my ‘meds’ right now with the knee and it is starting to show 🙁

  10. nplts says:

    I think learning Ruby while getting laid might cause a paradox and kill us all.

    My current benchmark for ultimate power & success is getting a bj while driving a jetski. If you can arrange that, you can forgo the doc. Otherwise, pills.

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