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Phase In, Phase Out

Thanks to some misinformed construction workers I got to leave the office a little early yesterday. They accidentally cut one of the power lines (taking out one of the phases) to my office building thus killing the power to about half of the building. Bully for them! Because the repair was slightly more than “minor” we were dismissed for the day. I only wish that I could get them to do it again today.

Enter The Dead Zone
I had plans to meet with my friends Stacy and Phil (oh look, his blog has been resurrected!) at Taco Mac after work, but what’s a boy to do when work ends early and he is invited to go drinking at Taco Mac with co-workers? Spend a longer time at Taco Mac of course! I was “good” and nursed my beer by including glasses of water in the drinking rotation until Stacy’s and Phil’s arrival.

Taco Mac at 3:30pm is a dead zone. Not only were there few customers (my officemates and I were the dominant presence), but the normal Taco Mac waitstaff (read “the pretty waitresses”) were not working at that time. I have a strip club analogy, but I will spare you.

ITP Flickr Pic
I have had a lot of good photography intentions lately, but have been following through on none of them.

Signs Of The (Old) Times

Therefore you’ve just seen another from the Great Arizona trip. I seriously need to get my ass out and shoot this weekend. I think one of the problems I’ve had recently is the lack of Atlanta Flickr activity which interests me. Lately there has been a strong push to do a lot of “model” shooting. Being in a group of people who are all shooting the same person just doesn’t work for me.

Still Going…
I am finding out that I do not understand a lot of stuff about the internets. Setting up this WordPress blog on DreamHost was a piece of cake (mmmm, cake). Setting up a photoblog on Blue Host (the other webhost that I pay) notsomuch.

Okay nerds, hepmeout.
1) Should I give up on Blue Host?

1a) If I do, should I set up the new photoblog on DreamHost?

1aa) Will that fuck up this blog in any way? I want them to be completely disjoint.

1b) I know some people use GoDaddy to host. I have a handful of domains registered through them (including the one I want to use with the photoblog), should I use them?

I am not as incompetent as I sound. Honestly, I am not. I am just having some difficulties clearing some hurdles. Remember, there was a day that I was actually a UNIX C programmer so it’s not like I have no idea about technology.

Look For Me In Hell
The Masquerade‘s Hell that is. Tonight two of my favorite bands, Piebald, and Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra are supporting acts on the bill. It would be worth it for me to pay just to see them. However, I doubt that I will be attempting to bring my camera gear in with me. I don’t know The Masquerade’s camera policy, but I do know that Hell isn’t that greatly lit and I am unsure what the crowd will be like.

Happy Father’s Day To You Lucky Dicks
Given my “unspongeworthy” status no one shall be wishing me a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. And, given the fact that my dad has long-since “moved on” I will not be able to wish him one either.

My point?

If your father is still around, or if someone you love is a diddy, smile at them and wish them a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. Who knows, it might even make both of you happy.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – strange (well, stranger than usual)
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Gomez — “Whippin’ Piccadilly”
Website Of The Day – Planning a party but think that Evite is too “Web 1.0”? Then you should give My Punchbowl a try.
Exercise (b)Log – nada
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car (all week long, boo hiss)

June Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

I Put The Mess In Domesticated

What can I say, I lead the glamorous life. I got home, whipped up a plate of leftover pasta, installed Ruby on Rails on my iMac, did laundry, watched Top Chef (a RealiTV show whose outcome is somewhat based on skill) and then when to sleep. Who could ask for anything more?

You Can Teach An Old Dog A New Trick, But He May Not Like It
While listening to a recent episode of Grammar Girl I got excited when I thought that I had heard Grammar Girl make a grammatical error. In the podcast Grammar Girl uttered the sentence

I wonder if Squiggly would loan me his marimbas.

“She used loan in a place where she should have used lent“, I thought. As it turns out, the word “loan” can be used as a verb, although I have always believed differently. Don’t expect me to use it as such, however.

It’s 2007 (And A Half), Why Can’t I Find Pens That Work Properly?
Yesterday I had to throw out two fairly new pens, each of a different design, because neither would write. Isn’t “writing” Job #1 for pens? Shouldn’t pens be able to write 100% of the time, especially in their infancy?

The first pen, a Uni-Ball 207 (Signo), was just purchased as part of a two-pack from Target. It was one of the “next generation” of ink-pens. The fit and feel of the pen was fantastic. I initially got frustrated when the ink smudged easily, and then when the pen sporadically dispensed ink as I wrote. When I later attempted to write a note and it flat-out refused, I tossed it into the trash.

The second pen, a generic pen given out by my employer at career fairs, never even started an ink trail no matter how hard I tried. I scratched out lines; I scrolled in circles; I tried writing perpendicularly to the paper; I tried writing at a severe angle to the paper; nothing but shredded paper resulted. It quickly joined its faulty writing brethren in the trash.

Fuck if I buy another pen anytime soon after the rest of the pens on hand start to fail. I think that I am either headed back to mechanical pencils or electronic notes.

ITP Flickr Pic
Before the Uni-Ball pen was trashed it allowed me to sketch this. This is an (extremely) rough sketch that I am using to plan out the header for the photoblog that I plan to launch this summer.

Jalapeno Beach

Do you think that it stopped working in protest? Do you think that I killed a sentient being?

All artistic critiques can be sent to which is a non-existent as my art skills.

Tonight My Glass Will Be Full
Then half-full.
Then empty.

And then I will repeat. Because tonight is “free” glass night at Taco Mac and I will be paying to get one.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – perturbed
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Ben Kweller — “Sundress”
Website Of The Day – Good news! I found out that Canada uses electricity and outlets which are compatible with the United States. How did I find this out? I went to What Plug? of course.
Exercise (b)Log – My nose is running, does that count for anything?
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

I Always Knew My Lawn Was Shit

Last night I got proof as I watched one of the neighborhood cats use it as a litterbox. I figured that the cat did what came naturally, its shit was providing fertilizer for a future lawn, and if having cats around means fewer mice and rats then the more the merrier. Besides, the heavy yet brief rain which pelted the neighborhood shortly after the shat provided a cleansing.

Long Day At The Salt Mine
I got stuck working late due to a decision I made to download a huge file from Apple (no, not Safari for Windows). My philosophy is that if I am going to stay past 5pm I might as well stay until 7pm (or go to happy hour) since the traffic in this town sucks so much ass. Also hampering my original night plans was the fact that I didn’t get hungry enough to warrant the La Casita dinner that I was craving; instead I rustled up a mess of spaghetti instead.

I also had plans to make a long-overdue return to The EARL for a show (last night was the Great Lake Swimmers but I was completely worn out by show time and had no motivation to leave the house.

Something Has To Give
I spent seven days in Arizona without a single day of sneezing or having a runny nose. I’ve been back fewer than two weeks and have spent the past two days sneezing and wiping up. It could be my house, my office, Atlanta, or the fact that I spent over two hours running around in the woods on Sunday, but no matter what the cause I am fucking miserable.

ITP Flickr Pic
I haven’t taken a photo in days so I’ll have to dig up something a little stale for today. Consider it like eating tasty leftovers.

There Were Cubs Fans In The Crowd

An attractive girl drinking a beer at a baseball game — for me it doesn’t get much better than this. Of course her beer of choice is crap and she was not at the game with me, so it’s not the ideal scenario but for leftovers it ain’t that bad.

Aw Man, Mr. Wizard Died
Although I didn’t discover Mr. Wizard until I was older than his target audience I always thought that the science experiments he led children through were neat. Don Herbert, aka “Mr. Wizard”, passed away at the age of eighty-nine yesterday. It looks like his final science experiment is either going to be determining the time necessary to produce complete decay of organic matter, or measuring the amount of heat produced by the combustion of a human body.

TV Is Like Books Without Words
I am currently watching two RealiTV shows, Hell’s Kitchen and Pirate Master.

I’d have far more respect for Hell’s Kitchen if the elimination process was less subjective. How is it possible that Aaron is still on the show? The man has barely participated, and when he does he is a complete fuck-up. Aaron wasn’t even nominated for elimination! Eddie may not have been a good little cook, but he was certainly more worthy of staying than Aaron.

I’ve only seen one episode of Pirate Master so I cannot completely judge whether I am going to stick this one out or not. What I have figure out so far is that it’s typical over-the-top Mark Burnett production. So far the only thing that I’ve really enjoyed about the show is that I got to find out what happened to former Kansas City Chief running back Christian Okoye — and he was voted off last week.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – wishing I’d taken the day off from work and really disappointed with the tepid coffee that I am drinking
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Devo — “Jocko Homo” (Are We Not Men?)
Website Of The Day – Have you ever called a business and just wanted to skip the crap and speak to a human? Get Human is trying to keep a current database of phone shortcuts which will allow you to do just that.
Exercise (b)Log – none
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Now That’s More Like It

I was awake before the alarm this morning. Even though (why do I always think that should be one word?) I rolled around and lallygagged for about and hour before getting out of the house I still managed to get in to the office at a reasonable hour.

I Hope Buckhead Chokes On The Wads Of Cash They Seek
When I moved to Atlanta in 1995 Buckhead was the place for good times. Sure, my definition of “good times” was drinking beer and attempting to pick up women. If I could have afforded to live in Buckhead in those days I would have been all over it.

I remember Buckhead being the best thing about the 1996 Olympics (at least for me). I remember talking to members of Dayroom at $4 Cafe. I remember hanging out at McDuff’s and Fado on St Patrick’s Day and Rio Bravo on Cinco de Mayo (these were the days before the St Patrick’s Day <-> Cinco switch-a-roo was implemented). And I remember being pleasantly inebriated (nice euphemism for “drunk”, no?) in many establishments which no longer exist ($3 Cafe, BAR, Uncle Charlie’s / Buckhead Saloon, Lulu’s Bait Shack, Pat O’Hurley’s (probably the most apropos name in Buckhead, The Dixie Tavern, Jellyrolls (when desperate to meet women), Bellbottoms (when even more desperate to meet women), World Bar, Rose and Crown, and a few more I can’t remember).

I understand that Buckhead changed both in the days in which I picked East Atlanta over Buckhead as a drinking destinationin and then further the days following the 2000 Super Bowl (think “Ray Lewis”).

When I read yesterday that Tongue and Groove agreed to be bought out of the last eight years of their lease to pave the way for the destruction of that block to make way for million-dollar condos and boutiques I suddenly became angry. Even though T&G is one of the few places that I did not inhabit (no blue jeans meant no Paulie) they were one of the remaining links to Buckhead’s recent past. I am tired of Buckhead whining about the drinking days, their pretentiousness, and their desire to be like Rodeo Drive. Buckhead I’ve got news for you — you are not Beverly Hills nor will you ever be.

Home Base For Seattle Has Been Located
I’ve booked my hotel for my Seattle trip next month. Hopefully learning from Arizona I have ponied up a little extra for the hotel room in order to stay closer to the action. Oh, and you can bet your last dollar that the hotel I booked has the internets.

I am going to try and stay in Seattle without renting a car because the cheapest car rental deal I can currently find is $50-a-day (pre ridiculous-car-rental-taxes) for a compact car. I may attempt to rent a car for a day or two if I find it necessary to escape the city.

ITP Flickr Pic
I went back to the proverbial well last night and reworked a dish I made last week. This time I tossed in a half of a red onion in with the tilapia, tomatoes, garlic, capers, and basil.

Recipe Redux

The dish was visually more appealing to me than last week’s effort, but last week’s taste was better. Looks like I still have some work to do on this.

Talk Nerdy To Me
This summer I want to learn the programming language Ruby and the developmental framework Ruby on Rails. Any nerds out there have pointers on the best way to do this? Consider this a Life Redux for me.

CD Pick Of The Week
It’s another lean week in the world of music for me. Other than Toby Keith the only name I recognize on the list is Queens Of The Stone Age. Frankly, I not a fan of either.

Instead of buying a new disc this week why not head out to a local CD store and pick up something used? If you go somewhere like Decatur CD you can even put your name on a list for a future new release (The Polyphonic Spree? The Mooney Suzuki? White Stripes?) and save a few bucks when it’s released.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – frustrated, but not miserable
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Beirut — “Postcard From Italy”
Website Of The DayFind By Click is an interesting Google Maps mashup that will map out the locations of a handful of coffee and donut shops. I wonder if there are any Starbuck’s in Seattle???
Exercise (b)Log – none
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Sleep Should Be A Four-Letter Word

Since I’ve just gotten out of bed, two hours later than planned, today’s post will be written at lunchtime.

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the hash. Maybe it was the beer. Or maybe it was the combination of all three, but there was no way in hell that I could have gotten out of bed on schedule this morning.

STOP! (for pedestrians)
You know those crosswalk signs which have sprung up in the middle of the streets like weeds over the past few years? Those signs that have a little Stop sign painted on them, and some statement about “pedestrians in the crosswalks” below it? I contend that they must be removed.

For some reason people continue to be confused by these signs and come to a crawl, or worse yet come to a complete stop, when pedestrians are nowhere to be found. On Saturday I nearly plowed in to the rear end of one such idiot as he came to a complete stop right in front of me.

Bag Me, Bag Me Not
I’ve been searching all over for some specific bags recently. In fact, on Saturday I visited no fewer than five Targets looking for something.

First there has been a search for a messenger’s day-bag in which I can carry a subset of my camera gear. The bag should not look like a camera bag because the purpose of this bag is to have it as I go to places where I don’t want to advertise that I am carrying camera gear.

Then the is the issue of some water-proof pouches that I bought at Target. Last year in Target’s luggage section they sold a pack of two water-proof, zippered pouches from a company named Embark. Because of the questionable weather forecast on Friday night I used the ones I bought for the first time and was quite pleased. So Saturday I went to buy more. Not a single Target in a ten-mile radius had them in stock, nor was there any indication that they planned on re-stocking them. Bummer. This may take me in another direction however. Today I might swing by REI and look at their dry-bags. Anyone have much experience with them?

ITP Flickr Pic
On Friday night I went to the Braves game

Not The Vendor I Was Seeking

IMO there should be fewer vendors of cotton candy and more vendors of beer.

Learning The Hard Way
On yesterday’s hash I learned (thankfully) that I am not allergic to the sting of a yellow jacket. Unfortunately to learn this I had to be stung by a yellow jacket. I suppose that if I had an allergic reaction I could have tried to convince the sweetest person in the world, my friend Betsy, to let me use her EpiPen, but that would have meant that I would have had to run much faster in order to catch up with her.

Also yesterday there was a supposed coyote sighting on trail. And here I thought that I had to travel all the way to the Grand Canyon to see such a beast. I didn’t see the coyote, however, because that would have required me to run fast and be up at the front of the pack — something that I could not do if I even wanted to.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – lethargic
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The National — “Squalor Victoria – #1”
Website Of The DaySplendAd collects tv commercials and allows you to view them. It seems odd that I would watch the same commercials on the internet that I skip on tv, but I do.
Exercise (b)Log – hard Black Sheep hash yesterday
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Get Ready For Some Rain

This morning I had to gas up the Jackmobile. The car needed a serious windshield cleaning, but when I saw that the gas station’s car washing machine was on I quickly decided to give it a good washing. This is a sure sign that rain is on its way. It’s been sometime since I’ve sat in my car as it is being washed because I have always been concerned about taking it into a car wash when the bike rack was attached. This might come as a surprise, but while sitting in the car as the water was sprayed and the car gently rocked from the jets of water I was completely at peace. While sitting in the car I didn’t even care that I had just spent $44 for a tank of gas and $9 for the car wash.

Another sure sign that it will rain tonight is that I am going down to the Braves game tonight for a company outing.

ITP Flickr Pic
Okay, one more vacation shot, but only because I like it so much and I finally got around to uploading it.

Old Route 66

This was Route 66 back in the Olden Days. Now these are just reminders of what used to be.

Hey I Know You. And You. And You…
I briefly crashed the ending of last night’s S.L.U.T. hash. For reasons far too old and trivial now I’ve boycotted this since its inception so going to the end of it was a little surreal for me.

However, when I got there I was pleased to see all of my friends. It was comforting, although admittedly not as comforting as sitting inside your car as it is being washed. It seems like a long, long time since I’ve hashed. That will all change this Sunday when I hash with the Black Sheep Hash, which will probably knock the living daylights out of me.

It’s Gotten Hot In Here
People in the 1950’s were smart. Back then they built practical housing with cross-ventilation, whole-house attic fans, and air conditioning. People since the 1950’s have not been as smart. When I purchased my house the windows had long-been “painted shut” (which eliminates cross-ventilation) and the whole-house attic fan was broken (I looked into replacing it a few years ago, but I had air-conditioning so I didn’t). As I’ve mentioned before, the air conditioning is now kaput.

Luckily for me south-facing half of my basement is built against Earth which allows it to stay approximately ten degrees cooler than the main floor in the summer. Last night I really needed this because the coolest I could get the main floor was 82 degrees.

There are currently few options
1) Spend a long, hot, miserable summer in the house.
2) Spend a shitload of money to get the air-conditioning repaired / replaced.

Since I have another majorly-expensive trip planned for this summer I have been leaning toward option #1. After last night I am quickly shifting toward option #2.

Psst – Wanna Know A Secret?
I am working on a new website. No, not a new look to this (although it is overdue for a makeover), but rather whole new a photo-a-day blog. I’ll give you the URL if it ever launches.

Don’t mind me, I’m probably just crazy from the heat.

Call For Help
Anyone out there know a wonderful massage therapist? Sitting in a car wash for five minutes is nice, but an hour having someone work the knots out of my body would be so much better. If you would either leave contact information in a comment, or shoot me an email at itpBlogBox [at] gmail [dot] com that would be great.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – meh, it’s been long and trying week
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Elliott Smith — “High Times”
Website Of The Day – It’s Friday, forget about work and catch up on all the Hollywood Trash news at Reality TV World.
Exercise (b)Log – I watched people finish a hash. That has to count for something.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My (now clean) car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

What’s The Point Of Setting Alarms?

There are now three, count them three, alarms that go off each morning and still I manage to go back to sleep. I need a good three-day period where I am completely tired and not able to take a late-afternoon nap so that I can get back on to my desired sleep schedule.

My life has been extremely boring this past week, that’s why the daily blogs have been rather bland. Tonight I hope to concentrate on event planning for the near future so that I feel like that I am doing things again because right now I feel like I am just going through the motions.

ITP Flickr Pic
I eat out a lot, too much in fact. Everyone always talks about how much cheaper it is to eat at home so I thought I’d make a stab at it. This is a pan-seared tilapia dish. It is served with cherry tomatoes, capers, garlic, basil and a sauce constructed from white wine, butter and lemon juice; this was all served over a bed of linguine and garnished with freshly ground pepper.

Portrait Of Dinner

With the exception of the garlic, butter, and pepper I purchased everything for the dish from Kroger last night. Here’s the breakdown.

tilapia – $2.05 (half of a package which cost $4.10)
tomatoes – $0.75 (quarter of a package which cost $3.00)
capers – $0.50 (fifth of a package which cost $2.50)
basil – $0.50 (quarter of a package which cost $2.00)
white wine – $1.00 (half of one bottle from a four-pack which cost $8.00)
lemon – $0.35 (half of one which cost $0.70)
linguine – $0.33 (third of a package which cost $1.00)

For a grand total of $5.48, which is cheaper than eating this in a restaurant. The price difference is not as great as I would have imagined, but I guess if I throw in the price of drink(s) and a tip the gap increases considerably.

Apparently Legs Are Easier To Replace
Last night I got around to attempting to install new memory into my old Windows laptop. You may recall that the heart transplant (new hard drive) ran afoul last week when the laptop rejected it so I wasn’t overly confident about this operation. As soon as opened up the memory door I was even more concerned when I saw only a 256MB (yes, this was indeed MB) stick in the laptop. I knew that the machine previously reported 512MB and I thought that I had read that it could only recognize 1GB. I extracted the 256MB stick from its holder, stuck in the new 1GB stick I had purchased, turned the PC back on, and hoped. Much to my surprise everything seemed to go swimmingly. Even better the machine recognizes all 1.25GB of memory now installed. Most excellent!

Seattle Is A Car City?
I am starting to do research for my trip to Seattle. For some reason I always considered Seattle to be a progressive city and that I wouldn’t need to rent a car to get around. Right now it looks like I have been completely mislead. Does anyone have pointers for Seattle?

Seattle is a Flexcar city. Maybe I will look into this service.

It also looks like I’ve managed to plan my trip in such a way that I will miss all of the Seattle-area hashes. Bummer.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – frustrated
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Avalanches — “Frontier Psychologist”
Website Of The Day – Flying somewhere soon? If so you can check on flight delays thanks to the FAA’s Flight Delay Information – Air Traffic Control System Command Center. Just don’t tell The Terrorists about this, okay?
Exercise (b)Log – none (seriously, this is stupid)
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car (this isn’t so bright either)

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Days come. Days go. I’ve just realized that I’ve forgotten a few milestone dates recently and today marks another.

– Monday May 28th, Memorial Day, marked my eighth anniversary of hashing. I’ll always remember the day because I started on a Monday night, specifically the Monday night following the hash’s annual Hedon camp out in Newnan, Georgia. I used to run my anniversary hash every year, but have trailed off in recent years. At least I have a good excuse this year — I was in another state.

– As of last Friday it’s been an entire year since I’ve been on a date. Wow, time flies when you are beating yourself up constantly for being a loser who cannot manage to convince a woman in whom you have interest to spend a mere few hours with you eating dinner and having drinks.

– Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the first day that Apple computers went on sale. I was a proud owner of an Apple //e, as my first computer back in 1985. That screaming machine was equipped with a 1MHz 65C02 processor, 128KB of RAM [edit: corrected from MB’s — we wish we had Megabytes in the 80’s], two 5.25″ floppy drives, and a green screen monitor. That machine cost me about $1500 and was purchased from Ray’s Computer Center in Clearwater, Florida. (I found the receipt in a file at home last night but was too lazy to snap a photo to upload)

– Today marks the one year anniversary of my food poisoning. It’s a day that is really easy to remember since it occurred on June 6th, 2006 (06/06/06). I’ll never forget the feeling. I do try to forget that it was also the night that I was booed by a bevy of female hashers when I entered the bar in which their “Chicks No Dicks” hash ended that evening (even though I was asked to show up).

And One More Reason To Mark The Date
Because it may be the day after I made a really stupid mistake. I received a call from a collection agency here in town. Confused as to why I would be receiving such a call, I returned their call. The woman could not find my phone number in her database, and after hearing that she dealt with the medical field I was certain this had to do with a bill dispute I’ve had with Virginia Highland Primary Care I gave her my social security number over the phone. Yes, I said I gave her my social security number over the phone! WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. I. THINKING!?!?! That might be the dumbest, fucking thing that I have ever done!

She still could not locate any record of me. Then, the woman told me that it was her last day on the job, but that I would most likely be receiving another call from them later in the day.

I’ve since verified that the phone number I called was for National Asset Recovery, but am still extremely concerned and angry that I would do something as stupid as willingly divulge my SSN in this age of identify theft.

Learn from my stupidity. Hopefully, I will not have to as well.

ITP Flickr Pic
Right now my confidence is about as big as the people in this photo.

It Sure Is Grand

I need to go out and shoot. Perhaps that will take my mind off of everything else.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – grumpy
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The White Stripes — “Icky Thump”
Website Of The Day – Have you ever wondered what the ratio of residents-to-Waffle House is? Thanks to Mollie for supplying this link which maps out the ratio across the country.
Exercise (b)Log – none
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

My Internet Tubes Have Clogged Arteries

Man things are moving slowly today. Could it be that our lack of rain has caused the internets to start dying?

Hello Governor, Is That You?
Rarely does procrastination pay off. Yesterday was one of those rarities. For a few weeks I have been scheduled to give a presentation on Thursday of this week. For one reason or another, be it interruptions at work or a week’s long vacation the presentation didn’t write itself, so I planned to knock it out yesterday. Before I could even start I received a phone call from the person who scheduled the presentation and he canceled the meeting. I like it when things work out in my favor.

It Was Like Finding An Old Friend
Remember that Toenut CD I found in a thrift store in Williams, Arizona? I finally got around to playing it and sure enough it was the same Atlanta based Toenut that I remember from the mid-90’s. In doing a little more research on Toenut I found out that the CD I purchased, which was titled “Information”, was the predecessor to the CD “Two In The Pinata” disc that I possessed. It turns out that Toenut released three CDs in total, the last of which was under the band name Tyro.

This has been your Mid-90’s Indie Rock Minute.

ITP Flickr Pic
I liked the way that the moon was rising over the cliff.

Moon Rising Over Sedona

I promise to stop boring you with vacation photos very soon.

There’s No Crying In Hell’s Kitchen!
Casting directors for today’s RealiTV have really hit their peak. On last night’s opening episode to season three of Hell’s Kitchen they managed to get a 48-year old man who cries at the drop of a (cowboy) hat, and a Waffle House line cook who gets shunned by her all-female team. I don’t expect any groundbreaking RealiTV out of this series, but I will enjoy watching it.

With the opening of each season Chef Ramsay has each contestant prepare their own “signature dish.” Last night I started to wonder what I would prepare if put in that scenario. I still haven’t figured it out. What would you whip up?

CD Pick Of The Week
I have to be honest, nothing on the new release shelf really thrills me today. Artists such as Paul McCartney, Chris Cornell, and Marilyn Manson were once relevant, but have no relevancy in my current world. I’m certainly not going to pick the new release from Big & Rich. And I have never heard of any of the other bands / people releasing discs today.

I guess that I’ll be giving that new, old Toenut CD a few extra spins this week instead.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – meh
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Idlewild — “No Emotion”
Website Of The Day – Wine, meet Web 2.0. Web 2.0, meet Wine. What do you get? The Winery Channel of course.
Exercise (b)Log – nada
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Fat Is Where It Is At!

Do As I Say, Notsomuch As I Do
It was great that I woke up yesterday morning and headed over to my friend Bill’s house for a run. Every other week the SAC (Sunday Athletes’ Alcoholics’ Club) gets together for a run followed by breakfast and “drinks.” It was not so great that from the time I completed my poorly-executed run/walk that I consumed enough food and beer to counteract the exercise at least three-times-over. Bad Paulie, very bad Paulie…

ITP Flickr Pic
I have the sense of humor of a seven-year-old.

Sometimes The Jokes Write Themselves

That’s the only reason I can give to explain why this picture always makes me laugh.

I Have Rebuilt It; I Have Made It Much Like It Was Before
I spent the majority of Saturday attempting to rebuild my Windows laptop. As you may remember, the hard drive crashed and I had ordered a new drive and additional memory prior to my departure to Arizona. I believe I also mentioned that the hard drive has been delivered, but that the memory has been back-ordered.

Even though I attempted to match the hard drive specifications, I purchased a larger-capacity, and speedier drive. Unfortunately the laptop kept rejecting this piece of hardware like an organ-donor recipient rejects a foreign kidney. Changing jumper settings, attempting to alter BIOS settings, attempts at formatting the new drive and then inserting it into the laptop all failed.

After hours of frustration I decided to bite the bullet and attempt a reinstall using the old hard drive (which was still functional, if not corrupted). I knew that this would require a reformatting of the drive, and that I was about to lose any unrecovered data from that drive. And that’s what I did.

After a few more hours of loading Windows, locating and reloading device drivers, configuring Windows, downloading security patches, installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software, I was finally back up and running. I am happy to say that I was able to recover the most important data that formerly resided on the older version of the laptop.

If the memory ever arrives I’ll be interested to see what the laptop thinks of it.

I Want My SummerTV
And starting tonight, I will get some.

Two series are starting their runs week and I’ve got my DVR all set up to record them.

Hell’s Kitchen : Gordon Ramsay is back to punish wannabe chefs. My only problem with this series is that it doesn’t contain some of the curse words that get through on his BBC America series.

Top Chef 3 : Top Chef is back again. In this pseudo-reality show chefs compete against one another for a cash prize which is to help them start their own restaurant. There is also discussion of some “Season 1 v. Season 2 Showdown” to be aired as well

Coming soon to a satellite tv near you are also Lil’ Bush and the return of Big Brother (CBS has yet to update their website).

You might as well throw away all of your books because there will be no time for reading.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – sore, both physically and mentally
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Kings Of Leon — “Knocked Up”
Website Of The Day – Want to be the first to go cross-country on a Segway? Too late, it’s been done. The guys at 10mph have even documented it on film.
Exercise (b)Log – running / walking, 4.25 miles on Sunday
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

May Goals
1) Lose five pounds. (starting weight 200+ lbs)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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