Four Hours Of Sleep. Heat In The Office. TGIF!

My home’s a/c is still functioning -> YAY!
The office a/c is not again -> BOO!

Sometimes Less Is More, Sometimes More Is More
Four bands? Four bands? Aye Carumba! The cost to get in was only $10. Seriously, I’ll gladly pay $5 per band, or $3.33 per band; there is no reason to give me this much of a “bargain.” Perhaps giving the people bargain music is a good business plan because The Loft had a good number of people in it for a Thursday night.

I packed the D50 with my Tamron f/2.8 28-75mm lens. I should have also packed my spare battery. While fucking around I realized that my battery was getting low and I had to shut it all down and take no pictures until Manchester Orchestra took the stage.

In case you don’t remember, I really like Manchester Orchestra’s music but have come down on their live shows. My only complaint about last night’s show (that they could fix) was that I wanted more. I realize that the band only has two releases, but I thought they could have added a few more songs to the set. The band was tight and energetic. I still think that these guys possess something that most other locals do not. And, if you guys are reading this (because I know that you have in the past) I’d like to thank you greatly. I’ll also ask for you to keep me informed about shows in the Atlanta area, and if I could get a wrist band to get me better shooting locations that would also be awesome. Keep up the good work.

The sound really left something to be desired. The Loft is a relatively boxy room with concrete everywhere. I’m no sound engineer but my ears tell me that this is a horrible setup for music. When I saw Badly Drawn Boy there it didn’t seem to be that crucial of an issue, but his music is vastly different as well.

ITP Flickr Pic
More test shots from the new p&s.

I Need To Clean My Keyboard

I took many pictures last night and will be sorting them out this weekend.

Something I Didn’t Need To Find
[WARNING: Big Brotherness 411 Follows]
I had heard mention of Big Brother After Dark being on Showtime Too but until last night had never sought it out. Last night I did and I am going to wish I never had. I’ve gotten ahead of myself…

Note to CBS’ editors: You suck!

On CBS’ rendition of the show we got to see yet one more recap of the past days’ events as well as seeing Amber go off on Captain AmERICa for bragging about having some juicy dirt on her (Isn’t this how most petty thieves get caught as well?). Just as her internal programming dictated Chenbot lead us through the buildup to the outburst. Along the way we were treated to information about Oregon’s Queen of Commerce (Kail). Lookout Google, she employs half of a town! We also got some information about Erectile DICKsfuntion from some has-been rockers and their equally rode-worn groupies dressed in shirts with clever slogans such as “I *heart* Dick” and “I am a Dick Supporter”; I am sure you are ma’am. Those shirts were pure JENius. My memories of this segment of the show are blurry because it was 1am when I watched and I skipped through most of this garbage in order to get to the voting.

We return to the “live” part of the show to meet Playboy Bunny Dani and her smugness (obviously a family trait) wearing a homage to Nicky on her head. Eric is going home, my dad said so, and because he is the biggest asshole in the show we all know that this is going down. But wait! Don’t order yet!

Five collective brains have sparked and idea…. Four votes are more than three votes! Eureka! If we all vote together we can out-slime the slime ball Double D’s and their minion Zack!

I wonder what “Bring your daughter to work day” was like when Erectile DICKsfuntion brought Lil Dani into the bar?

However Amber, whose hair is braided tight in order make her even more high-strung has now become a wild card. Okay, she has always been one, but play along with me. The votes are 3-3 with Amber vote remaining (How does RealiTV get these votes to work out like this?) and she’s slays Kail as if she’s on a Christian Crusade (a metaphor which makes no sense because Kail is a Christian Eric is the Jew and The Internets have proven that Amber hates them Jews).

Uh Oh! This outcome is going to make the normally-level-headed Erectile DICKsfuntcion angry!. CBS launches into “Kail, Kail, You’re Outta Here” and all is once again right with the world.

Now it’s time for the HoH competition. Jameka looks sad because she screwed herself over on the last episode giving away the chance to become HoH for the next five competitions (dumb). During the competition Chenbot encounters a memory-exception error by blurting out the answer “Nick” when calling on AmERICa’s Pawn. D’OH! D’OH! After rebooting Chenbot askes another question that costs AmERICa’s Pawn and he is eliminated. I think Amber smiles, but it’s hard to tell because her face is puffy from forty-days of crying; I also thinks that he will now sue CBS because he is Jewish — and that’s what those people do. Inexplicably, Jessica wins HoH and the reign of terror that is D&D seems to be weakening.

And then there was more….
I found out last night that I have Showtime Too. I stayed up until about 2:30am watching unedited, uncensored live feeds. OOOOOOH FUUUUUUN! Last night Amber and Jameka show a collective backbone by railing on Erectile DICKSfunction as he prepared dinner for himself and Daniele (and people say he was a bad parent). For the first time that I’ve seen people have started to fight back at E.D. using his own mean-spirited tactics. Why doesn’t CBS show this shit? It was awesomely juicy and may cost me any hope of sleeping in the near future.

Play Me Like A Fool
Tonight I will be meeting my friend Stacy at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club for dinner and then we are headed over to the Horizon Theatre to see “The Bluest Eye”.

It’s early in the morning and I am already salivating at the thought of the Yacht Club’s brisket. It feels so wrong, but yet so right.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – good, but hot again because of the office’s a/c malfunction
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Kings Of Leon — “Knocked Up”
Website Of The DayFootnote is a site bent on setting the records straight.
Exercise (b)Log – nuttin’
Monthly Mileage – 7 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

August Goals
1) Get my first Ruby / Ruby on Rails program written
3) Lose 5 pounds (if at first, second, third, fourth, you don’t succeed….)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Four Hours Of Sleep. Heat In The Office. TGIF!

  1. Martha says:

    No a/c at work? Sounds like a perfect excuse to ‘work at home’ today. Wish that was what I was doing today.

    I’m out of here at 2 today…I might have time to take that nap before SoCo.

  2. Cory says:

    Don’t know if you caught this yet:

    Team Discovery Channel Disbands:

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Didn’t hear that they had disbanded. I knew that they were in need of a sponsor and I thought Google would step in a the last minute (yes, I am serious). They estimate the cost of ownership around 12M per year; that much money can probably be found in the couches at Google.

  4. Stacy says:

    It’s never a wrong time to covet brisket!

    Oh, and you’re going to regret telling me you have Showtime. Guess who’s camping out on your couch tonight after the play? 😉

  5. Barb says:

    I read somewhere that Johan & the team wanted/needed 45 millon…… that is a TON of money.
    Have fun at the play tonight, hopefully their A/C is working correctly as well.

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