Starting Over

If I told you that the best thing that happened to me in the past several days was that it cost me $50 to change my flight home on Saturday would you believe me?

What A Lousy Weekend
The Significant

  • One of my aunts, one of my mother’s younger sisters, passed away on Saturday night and my mother is distraught.
  • Alpharetta’s NetBank, my main bank, went out of business thus leaving me in financial upheaval. To make matters worse, I was trying to get my money out last Sunday but errantly answered the “security” question and got my account locked. On Monday I called to fix it but it couldn’t be handled that day (now I think I know why) and since I flew out of town for the rest of the week, I was going to handle it today. Now I have to change my direct deposit, and make sure that the money which is Federally Insured gets handled properly. This couldn’t have happened at a worse fucking time.

The Mildly Significant

  • I may have lost a few thousand dollars this past week because of the NetBank fiasco.
  • I got a $25 parking ticket at one of the universities at which I was recruiting. Full explanation when the appeal has been resolved.
  • I missed the Rilo Kiley concert on Saturday night because I was spent.
  • I didn’t hash on Sunday because I needed to get prepared for this week, therefore I missed time around being with friends.
  • I have a shit-ton of work to do at the office and I fly out again for another recruiting effort tomorrow night.
  • My car is in for an overdue oil change. I need to bring it in for routine service but I have had not time to do so

The Insignificant

  • The Gators lost, at home, to Auburn (again!).
  • I scored 92 out of a possible 253 points on my college pool picks. My total was next-to-last.
  • The Mets completed their fall from grace by giving away a seven game lead since September 17th, thus missing the playoffs.

America Is Fat And Ugly
I chose to change my flight home to an earlier flight on Saturday. While I sat at the airport I continually noticed people who were disgustingly overweight and not attractive. While I complain about weight, I am svelt when compared to the majority of the people I saw on Saturday.

As For South Florida, You Can Keep It
My trip was hectic and wore me out. Not having planned for any activities because I was uncertain of my co-workers’ plans, I wound up spending more time in a hotel room than I had anticipated. On Friday night I considered driving to For Lauderdale to see The Apples In Stereo, but chose not to.

The one thing I did enjoy was the Cuban food and coffee.

This was my dinner on Friday evening

Dinner At Versailles

On Saturday morning I stopped in to the Airport Diner for breakfast before I decided to fill up the rental car and head to the airport.

ITP Flickr Pic
I’ll be in another one of these tomorrow.

Welcome Home

At least I’ll be headed to a city in which I have friends this time.

Here We Go Again
Dear RealiTV producers…. If you continue to cast Christian bible thumpers who think that all is woe without their bible, talk that God has put them in their situation for a reason, and spew that God has given them a gift when something good happens, I will drop your show instantly.

Introducing, Leslie, the Christian talk radio host on Survivor: China. You may remember her from the first episode when she couldn’t remain in the Buddhist temple during their welcome ceremony, and then declared that she wasn’t a religious person because she couldn’t bow to another’s lord. On this week’s show she cried about getting sick and said that all would be alright if she just had her bible to read. Then she said that God had given her a blessing because Jamie chose her to get the first clue for the hidden immunity idol.

Jamie identified Leslie as the weakest link on the opposing tribe. Is it coincidence that they both live in South Carolina?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – like I am going to explode or that I am one step away from a breakdown
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Feist — “1-2-3-4”
Website Of The Day – I am going to look for some calming art at 20 x 200 — another concept for selling art.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Mileage – 0 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car and the shuttle from the car dealership

October Goals
1) Find happiness

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Starting Over

  1. Ray Swords says:

    I love! cuban coffee… I love coffee…


  2. Ray Swords says:

    Warm in the wake is at the clairmont this month…

  3. Barb says:

    Survivor – have you noticed that the challeges so far this year are pretty brutal? Gives everyone a chance to beat the hell out of each other………. I still don’t know who I want to win, besides the burly grave digger that they never have doing the spotlight statements.

  4. Stacy says:

    Did you see how they’re promoting the gravedigger (my gravedigger digs graves for your cows!) for this week’s episode? Hmmm. Wonder what that’s all about?

    And dude – seriously? A few thousand dollars for real? That’s crazy! Not FDIC insured?

  5. I realized that there there is no Exile Island this year. Too bad, I used to like watching those people suffer. I think Mr. Gravedigger might be making his exit this week.

    Seriously.. It’s a loooooong story not fit for public consumption.

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