Fuck You, FAU!

The time has come.

Getting My $25 Worth In Retribution Venting
On September 27th I was in Boca Raton, Florida to do some college recruiting at Florida Atlantic University. My companions and I were given a parking pass for the day and I proceeded to drive to the Visitors’ Lot. After circling the small lot and not finding any open spaces I parked along a curb behind a few other vehicles who had done the same.

When my companions and I emerged from the building to drive to lunch I found a parking ticket under the windshield wiper of the rental car. Miffed, I took the ticket to the Coordinator of Employer Relations to see about getting the ticket “taken care of.” I was quickly blown off by this man who told me that there was nothing he could do and that I would have to appeal the ticket at the police department on campus.

Going back to the parking lot I surveyed the area for indications that parking along the curb was illegal, none were found, and then checked out the parking pass to see if it indicated that parking was not allowed along a curb, it did not.

Here are two pictures of my parking.

Where is the “No Parking” signage?

Why isn’t the curb painted yellow?

I went to the police department where I was fed a line about how parking along a curb is not allowed anywhere on campus. When I asked how I, a visitor, was supposed to know this and that there was no signage in the Visitors’ Lot alerting me of this rule I received a blank stare and a form to fill out.

Yesterday I received a decision to my appeal, not surprisingly it was denied. In my mind this is bullshit.

Here is the email that I sent to FAU following the declination of my appeal

During my last recruiting trip to your university I was issued a $25 parking that I felt was in error. I was parked in the Guest parking lot on your campus along a curb. There was absolutely no indication that parking was not allowed along the curb, nor was this restriction mentioned on your campus’ hanging parking tag. I have included pictures of my parking “violation” for you to reference.

On the day of the citation I asked for Mr. Watson’s help in correcting this matter, but he stated that he could do nothing. I then headed to the police department and entered an appeal. Today I received notification that my appeal has been denied.

Tonight I will pay my $25 and, as a result, will NEVER return to your campus because I think this citation was complete CRAP. I cannot bring myself to support an organization that abuses its guests, especially guests who are attempting to improve their university’s employment efforts. My company may choose to return to your university but I guarantee that I will not be among the representatives.

In the future you may wish to advise your guests of the parking restrictions so that they may avoid the hassle and financial punishment that I have undergone.

I feel that I have no other recourse. I’d go argue with them in person, but since FAU is a good 625+ miles away from Atlanta that just isn’t financially feasible.

Even after writing this I’m still not happy, but I do feel that I finally got to sufficiently air my grievances.

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