Alive And Kicking

Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern.

I am alive and well. I have past the thirteen hour mark of being without phone and electricity. That’s mildly frustrating…

Cheers and best wishes to all!
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Smoove D says:

    Bummer dude. Went 24:45 in Ghettoberry Hood with no electric, so I feel your pain. I’ll be coordinating a letter writing campaign to PSC next time our friendly power monopoly requests a rate increase. Their performance was below expectations to say the least. It was one tornado, not Hurricane Katrina.

    The worst part was being able to see the lights of downtown less than a mile away mocking me from my balcony. I did have internet and cell service for as long as my laptop and Iphone batteries lasted. Big ups to Sprint, the wireless card worked flawlessly. Comcast would have been down like the Emporer’s Club VIP.

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