Cold + Rain + MidApril = UnhappyPaulie

For fuck’s sake will the real Spring hurry up and arrive? High today of 49, a low of 33, with rain? Hey Mother Nature, April Fool’s Day was two weeks ago, this shit ain’t funny any longer.

I should also interject here that I am also very tired of our current weather pattern where rain is predicted for Friday and Saturday of each week, while Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are perfect weather.

Read Along With Me
Today’s passage from Notes To Myself.

Now that I know that when I am criticizing another I am seeing my own fault I like to be very honest and very specific in my criticism. After I get it straight how I think this fault works in someone else, I can then look at my own behavior with a surprising new clarity. (This way of criticizing works best when I do it silently.)

To all who have helped me — Thanks.

Old Age Or Wisdom, Which One Was It?
I decided with the weather forecast that my weekend would be best served in one of the campsite “bear pantries” instead of my new tent. By and large I think that I was right, however I wish that I had not picked the pantry whose tin roof’s corner was not secured because the wind periodically lifted it and slammed it back down. If not for my ability to sleep heavily (especially when drunk) I would have had a horrible evening on Saturday night.

I found myself snuggled in my sleeping bag rather early on Friday and Saturday nights. There was something about me, the amount of beer I consumed, and the cold weather that lured me into bed early. I’m sure that my demeanor was a little nicer sans hangover, but that’s really not my call to make.

Saturday’s trail, my sixtieth Black Sheep Hash, was short in distance but long in descending / ascending. While I really like hashing up in the mountains it is not a conducive area for getting a good long run in.

The weekend did provide me with a renewed annual parking pass for Georgia State Parks which should get much use this year. Already planned is a trip to James H. (Sloppy) Floyd State Park in May. I am sure that I will be making at least one trip to Sweetwater Creek State Park and I’ll be taking a couple of last-minute camping trips to some of the state’s other facilities this year.

ITP Flickr Pic
Pig Iron Chefs…
220, 221... Whatever It Takes
Niplets and Rat’s Ass assessing the progress of the pig cooking.

I have a lot of shots of pig preparation most of which would probably turn your stomach so I’ll be kind and not use these in future blogs. Ah, drinking and photography make for interesting results.

Yard Waste
There are many days that I wish that I hadn’t bought a house with a yard; yesterday was another one of those. Unfortunately for me I was so whipped from the weekend’s festivities I didn’t get out to start Yard Cleanup 2008. It may be time for me to finally throw in the towel and hire someone to come out and do my yard work — I certainly have proven to myself that I don’t enjoy it.

If You Are Looking For Me Tonight
There is a good possibility that my arse shan’t be braving the elements in order to run. I’m over exercising in the nasty weather and I just might make tonight the night that I take care of the chores that I should have completed last night.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – meh, and like I am way behind on everything
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Postal Service — “Such Great Heights”
Website Of The Day – I plan to visit a handful of Georgia State Parks I’ve never seen before. Have any suggestions?
Exercise (b)Log – Saturday: hashing, 2.5 miles
Monthly Foot Mileage – 24 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Monday Morning Weigh-In – 197 pounds (argh, time to stop this increase)
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car
Monthly Marta Rides – 0
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 14 (14)

April Goals
1) Run no fewer than 75 miles
2) Ride no fewer than 100 road miles
3) Ride Marta no fewer than ten times (five round-trips)
4) Read at least one book
5) Make my bed every day

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Cold + Rain + MidApril = UnhappyPaulie

  1. Gentri says:

    Oh, post the pic where Rats A** is “helping” the pig get on the rotisserie… that one’s gotta be funny! I slept well in the bear pantry this year and also think it was the right call… and found out yesterday that I have a nice case of windburn… thought I was working on a tan, but don’t think so! Thinkin’ about hittin’ Moonlight tonight, but am also done with Mother nature foolin around with our weather… I’ve got my garden planted and am PISSED about the sub-zero temps… herbs are not happy when that happens!

  2. Windburn, I didn’t think about that. I think that I am suffering a bit of that myself.

    I have a few *great* pictures of the pig preparation… I hope Rat’s Arse never tries to run for office. 😉 I also have a lot of great closeups of the pig pre and post roast — most of which made me wince when I looked at them.

    I’ll reconsider my plan when I get home from work. I need to swing-by Niplet’s and drop off the cooler of beer that I brought home for BWanA yesterday.

  3. Barb says:

    Pollen count is over 3000 again, so the fact you didn’t do yard work is probably for the best. I decided to go for a road ride at the Silver Comet Saturday, and I’ve been suffering for it ever since.

    As for Black Rock, it was cold, but it didn’t rain?

  4. I rained fairly heavily on late Friday night and early Saturday morning. The wind kicked in and made for really cool temperatures once the rain stopped though.

  5. Martha says:

    I’m so excited that you slept in the bear pantry. I can’t wait for twist ankle, I’m going to kick back in a camp chair with a cold beer and be entertained by you putting up the tent for the first time!

    I was able to get tons of house/yard work done this weekend. With all the bad influences out of town and no hashing, I had lots of free time. I feel so much better with a clean house and some yard tasks accomplished. I even got some shopping in…IKEA and REI, great places to go on a Saturday afternoon, yikes!

  6. I’ve got a month to practice for Twisted Ankle. I’ll probably be more prepared to put up my tent than I will be for the run. 😉 To further enhance your pleasure I don’t have much unclaimed time off left from work so I’ll most likely have to work no less than a half-day on that Friday.

    Sorry I didn’t make it over to your place last night. I had an awesome nap and then surfed the internet on the couch once it came back after hours of being down.

  7. Gentri says:

    Rained Friday a bit then mostly overnight. Weather Sat/Sun was windy but glorious! Sun, clouds, wind, rain, we had it all! It was a really fun weekend, as usual!

  8. Martha says:

    >To further enhance your pleasure

    God I love it when men say that to me!!!

    I think we will only be taking half a day off also…I guess it will be a race to see who gets up there first.

    Last night was fun…mostly ended up a girl gossip session, but a lot of fun. When I woke up at 4 am, on the couch…it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

    Like I said, I got tons of yard work done over the weekend, I’m thinking lawn party sometime in May…if my schedule permits.

    I did NOTHING active this weekend (except pulling weeds and throwing stuff away)…I need to get back into shape or May is going to be one bad month.

  9. stacy says:

    I will take the blame for the weather today.

    When I went to Pennsylvania on Wednesday, I apparently brought them OUR weather (70 degrees and sunny – unheard of for Lehigh Valley in April)…. when I came back yesterday, apparently I brought home theirs. 🙁 My bad!

    And YES! Post more pics from Black Rock!

  10. More photos will appear. What happened yesterday was that my internets were dead for most of the day so I lost all desire to work on my photos knowing that I couldn’t upload them anywhere. I’ll get around to it tonight unless the spirits inspire me to ruin my liver some more by running BWanA’s trail.

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