Is Music Buying Dead To Me?

It’s another Tuesday (although for some reason I thought it was Tuesday last night because I waited around watching the tv for Hell’s Kitchen to come on) which means that there is a slew of new music releases today. Per my Media Purchasing Plan (whose proper name I cannot recall, but have been following religiously regardless) the I will not be buying any of these new on plastic. And as has happened in the previous weeks I am dismayed by the amount of money being charged ($9.49 in this case) for digital downloads. Like most Americans (people?) I only have so much disposable income and I am choosing to spend it elsewhere on products from which I expect to get more bang for my bucks. In fact, I’ll tease you by telling you that tomorrow’s blog will be all about my disposable income…

Read Along With Me
Today’s passage from Notes To Myself.

“Talking at” and “talking about” appear to be communication but are not. Gayle and I “talk about” when we go over to another couple’s house and all evening the only thing said is, “Yes, and isn’t it so,” as if the rule were to quickly find something outside ourselves to talk about that we can all agree on is terrible. The only personal comments are made while we are driving home.

Two ways I have talking “at” the other person instead of “with” him are: Taking in order to seduce him into thinking I am right, and talking in order to sound right to myself.

To all who have helped me — Thanks.

The Jackmobile Got A Clean Bill Of Health
One of the benefits of driving to work is that I get to take care of some necessary errands without having to plan ahead well. With my birthday coming again in July (22nd for those planning to lavish me with gifts) it’s that time of year to give the State of Georgia a ridiculous amount of money for the benefit of driving a car on the roads. However, before I can do that I must get the emission checked.

While I think emission checking is a valuable thing for us to do the process is flawed, and the regularity at which it must be done is a political scam. First, cars that are more than twenty-five years old are exempt. Wouldn’t they be the most likely to pollute? Then, a few years ago politicians played a game of Three-Card Monty with us.

  • They made it so that you only have your emissions checked every two years
  • In doing so they upped the charge of emissions testing from $10 to $25
  • Within a few years they returned the process to an annual one and left the price at $25

On my ride home last night I stopped at QT for some gas and money out of their Wachovia ATM. A block further down Briarcliff I pulled into an service station cum emissions checking center where the Jackmobile got its emissions seal of approval. Now it’s time to write my check to the State so I can get that expensive sticker…

ITP Flickr Pic
It’s rare that you walk through Oakland Cemetery and see a freshly-planted body.

Fresh Meat

Living Without Air Conditioning Doth Suck
It’s not that I don’t want air conditioning in my house again, it’s just that this is another one of those tasks which seem to linger for me.

  • It requires me to call someone and follow up with them
  • It requires me to schedule a meeting time at my house, which may mean that I have to find time to take off from work
  • It will be expensive to complete
  • I get just enough cool(ish) nights to help me procrastinate

I really need to outsource my life.

For shits and giggles I might set up my small tent on my deck and do a little urban camping. I want to do more camping, and if the Wizard Of Oz taught me anything, it’s that there is no place like home.

(If I Were To Buy Music This Would Be My) Digital Download Pick Of The Week
There is one release today that would already be mine if not for the $9.49 digital download price at Amazon (fwiw- it’s $9.99 on iTunes); that virtual disc is Alejandro Escovedo’s “Real Animal.” I’ve seen Escovedo in concert a few times, and his concert at Variety Playhouse will be the reason that I will be missing Grammar Girl‘s book signing in Decatur on July 16th. As you can tell, I really dig Escovedo’s music.

fwiw- Another disc that intrigues me is Less Than Jake’s “GNV FLA.” If you know me and understand airport codes then you’ll understand why.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fair — the ankle seems to be coming around
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Morrissey — “First In The Gang To Die”
Website Of The Day – With all the talk of Amish Friendship “bread” I started thinking about measuring units. Luckily at the same time someone pointed me at a neat website called Sensible Units.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing, I was lazy and giving my ankle a break
Monthly Foot Mileage – 22.75 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 38 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car
Monthly Marta Rides – 22
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 83 (83)
Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 5

June Goals
1) Run no fewer than 75 miles
2) Ride no fewer than 100 road miles
3) Ride Marta no fewer than twenty times (ten round-trips)
4) Read at least one book
5) Make my bed every day
6) Eat out at a bar/restaurant no more than twice in one week

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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18 Responses to Is Music Buying Dead To Me?

  1. @Willy: I will be at George’s tomorrow night. If you bring the cash, I’ll bring the camera!

  2. willy says:

    Paulie, Consider it done!……….Willy

  3. Martha says:

    How’s the ankle? I was really glad I took the night off last night.

    Speaking of ‘stuff that needs done around the house’, yesterday afternoon I finally got around to checking out the leak under my sink, went to Lowe’s, got some parts, and well now the plumber is here fixing what I couldn’t do… 🙁

  4. The ankle is “fair” — it’s still sore, has limited motion, and I am keeping in an ankle brace for awhile. On a positive note I am able to do stairs with only a little pain and I should be able to ride on Saturday (of course my butt won’t be ready either).

    Good on ya for getting a plumber in. If I could only get my act together.

  5. Martha says:

    Well if you think no AC is tough, no water will get you on the phone fast.

  6. In my nine years of owning my house I’ve gone without electricity, water, and air conditioning. I must say that, while it really sucks, it’s been the easiest to go without air conditioning.

  7. sal says:

    I have plumbers here today as well. A leak between the house and the meter….5 nice looking guys out there digging…..need to get a chair and a glass of lemonade and go outside and watch them dig!! Woohoo!!

  8. Martha says:

    Sal, I’m jealous, my guys were not “eye candy”, but they got the problem fixed, it cost less than $100 and they finished before they were even suppose to start.


  10. Martha says:

    Paulie, you’ve met many of the boys I’ve dated and you know that just isn’t true 😉

  11. sal says:

    Well the eye candy comes with a high price. 🙁 But at least I’m getting an added bonus!!

  12. Stacy says:

    Of course you’re not *just* eye candy, Paulie. Y’all are there to kill our bugs too.

  13. Don’t forget opening jars. 😛

  14. Barb says:

    Damn Sal – no I’m going ot have to do a drive by at lunch time to check this out……..

  15. Speaking about hot men… I am one because the air conditioning in the office is not currently working. What is it about me and air conditioners malfunctioning?!?!

  16. willy says:

    Plumbers as eye candy!? PLEASE!

  17. Gentri says:

    Can be!

    Paulie, you’ve met many of the girls that I’ve dated and though they may have been smart, they certainly weren’t eye candy…….. 😉

    Wait a minute…… doh!

    /thank Zeus winking makes everything OK! 😉

  18. Steve says:

    And don’t forget the manly job of taking care of the snakes!! (right honey?).

    And I’m sure if I’d been home yesterday morning, I’d have been called out to stop the frog orgy going on in the water trough.

    (There is another joke around here… but I’ll just let it go)


    Once again circumventing FRB security…

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