This Blog Is Late, Blame The Election

Ramblings of a tired voter….

Another Thing I Learned At Fort Mountain
There is another thing I learned at Fort Mountain State Park last weekend that I forgot to mention yesterday. I learned was how good faux chicken patties can be! I purchased the Boca brand and quite enjoyed the hell out of them. Did I “think” I was eating a real breaded, chicken patty? No, but I didn’t miss eating one either.

Sad To Report, No Brain Power Used Last Night
I tried. Some time around 4:30 pm I started getting stuffy and then that turned into a runny nose with sneezing fits. I tried everything I knew to get the misery to end, but alas nothing worked. I showed up and had dinner and a couple of beers with Maigh and her man, but had to bail well before trivia even started. I was a complete mess.

Instead I headed home and watched a lot of television as I did some laundry while praying my sewage pipes wouldn’t explode.

ITP Flickr Pic
Wish I had uploaded the photo of the “Georgia Voter” sticker I saw plastered on a trash can at Huntsville’s Space and Rocket Center, but I forgot. Instead, enjoy this photo of an illegal immigrant dog.

They Call Her Nibbles

“Nibbles” as she has been named by “Martha” is part Chihuahua, part somethin-somethin.

Let Freedom Yawn!
My ballot has been cast. I was in line around 6:00 am this morning and it took nearly ninety minutes for me to vote once the polls opened. I counted four women in line with whom I had interest; that may be an all-time high for me.

I refuse to mention for who I voted so don’t even ask. The phrase “Bros Before Hoes” comes to mind, however.

The Amazing Race: SONNABITCH!
I thought that this week we’d see the ousting of that annoying biatch Tina. But nooooooo, we’ve not had a leg of the race on which elimination has been spared, so Ken and Tina remain. Sadly too the rules no longer state that they lose all of their money and possessions except for what they are wearing.

What’s the deal with Starr? Why is it that when ever she does a solo interview (confessional) that she looks like she’s gotten into her mother’s makeup kit? Is she vying to be more of a “ho” than the divorcees?

Next week I predict that the frat boys will completely fuck themselves up and finish just behind Ken and Tina.

Digital Download Of The Week
Don’t bother, go vote instead.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – good
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Walkmen — “The Rat”
Website Of The Day – MTV used to tell you to get out and “Rock the Vote.” They also used to play music videos. If you miss those videos you can now see them online at MTV Music.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing, I was feeling ill

Foot Mileage – 12 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 4 (4)
Vegetarian Days – 2
Carnivorous Days – 1
Marta Rides – 0

Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4

November Goals
1) Lose no fewer than three pounds
2) Drink no soda
3) Run no fewer than 75 miles
4) Bike no fewer than 100 miles

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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17 Responses to This Blog Is Late, Blame The Election

  1. debbie says:

    We voted by mail last week and I’m kinda missing the trek to the polls and a sticker, but not 90 minutes worth.

    Nibbles is pure cuteness and I love your photo of her framed against the sky. Reece better watch out, her reign as ITP’s most photogenic pup might be in danger.

  2. I figured in your county you’d show up and vote with no waiting. I really don’t mean that as a slam, but population-wise you have far fewer people, no?

  3. Barb says:

    I cheated on the line waiting thing, Allan went at 3:30 last Thursday, and I joined him at 5:30 (he needed a bathroom break, so I was the placeholder.) Then, I just never left. We then waited about 30 more minutes.

    Amazing Race, I’m with you, Ken & Tina, go away & just get a damn divorce. And the Frat Boys are dumbasses…..

  4. Steve says:

    I think theoretically, you’re right, but with this election, all bets are off. I do have to give props to the mizzus for doing the absentee ballot voting. I faxed the request Thursday and the ballots were in our mailbox on Friday!!

    The Moreland Post Office ROCKS!!


  5. Sal says:

    I thought for sure Ken and Tina would be gone…she is so annoying!! I miss the part about them losing everything they have and they have to beg for money………. And I agree with Barb……..the Frat Boys are just Dumbasses!!

    I have yet to vote. My polling place is across the street from my house….those idiots were camped out all night… the line was aleady around the building……I’ll take my chances this afternoon.

    Did some aqua jogging in the pool last night….finally some exercise!!!! A new outlook on life.

  6. debbie says:

    I think you’re right that the lines in Coweta might not be that long, but I didn’t want to chance it. I almost did a drive by this morning just for kicks, but I opted to get to work early instead. Newnan proper is voting on Sunday liquor sales by the glass; if I’d known that sooner we would have been figuring out how to vote the graveyard for that one!

  7. And Sal, you still look great and appeared to have no problem getting around on those crutches. Glad to hear that you are getting better and exercising. Oh, and you can probably jump the line if you go over there using your crutches. I saw a very pregnant woman, and her not-at-all-pregnant husband, just show up and skip past over 200 people who had been waiting in line for well over two hours.

  8. brenan says:

    An obsession with ho’s today, eh? ? And since everyone else is chiming in about Nov. 4 — Got in line at 5 a.m. (third in line) and held down the fort until Beth and a sleepy-eyed Maggie (still in her pink fleece body-suit pj’s) joined me at 6:30. I think we waited longer, though, for our post-voting breakfast at Thumbs Up. Both were worth the wait.

  9. Always an obsession with ho’s. You always want what you can’t have, right? 🙂

    You know, I’ve still yet to eat at Thumbs Up.

  10. Martha says:

    Thanks Debbie, I can’t believe what a good little dog she is, but she has a lot of work ahead of her before she can take anything away from Reese, I mean she can’t even climb up on a table yet.

    I drove by my polling place at 6:45 and there were at least 200 people in line. I’ve been getting updates and it looks like things are thining out, I’m going to leave the office about 2 and get in line. At least the weather will be nice if I have to wait long.

    Sal you looked great on Sunday, before we know it you will be passing us all on the trails.

  11. Stacy says:

    Cherokee County was a breeze. Deb (House of Boobs) and I decided to wait together in the event it would take forever. We got there about 6:50am; I was through and out by 7:45. Not too shabby!

    That, and they did a FANTASTIC job with parking. I followed Deb in and they directed her to one part of the parking lot; me to another. They staggered people to three different areas to avoid back-ups with cars — SMART! I’d guess we were somewhere around 60-75 in line and still it went that quickly. Bless!

    And weeeeee! Yay for voting stickers! I really do want to see some from other states too. I’ve seen Wisconsin’s and Florida’s now and still like Georgia’s best.

    “Bros before Hos” is the reason why so many Bros are so miserable and alone. I’m just sayin’….

  12. Steve says:

    Paulie, your clock is wrong on your server… or where ever you pick up your timestamp.


  13. Ack, I always forget to change the blog’s time. For some reason I keep thinking it’s automatic. And thankfully Steve you always correct me…. much like Stacy always reminds me to map my photos. 🙂

  14. Stacy says:

    Mmmmmmm…..maps! 🙂

  15. Martha says:

    Done, took 8 minutes…there is almost no one at Ormewood right now.

  16. Barb says:

    Wow – 8 minutes…….. I guess everyone did vote early & maybe even often 😉

  17. Maigh says:

    Hope you’re feelin’ better! We missed you. 🙁

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