2009 : The Bad

Before I start my whining / self-deprecating for the next two days let me mention one glaring omission from yesterday’s “The Good” entry. Yesterday I failed to mention my friends and family, and the fact that they treat me better than I could possibly ask.

Without a doubt the worst thing to happen to me this year was having my house burgled back in July.

Gone is my kitchen window (and is still).
Gone is my iMac, the machine I used to edit photographs.
Gone is my Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet.
Gone is my faith in humanity.
Gone is my freedom to own nice things without fear of people stealing them.
Gone is my desire to remain in my house.

$2700? You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me!
Before taking a trip to Raleigh, NC I decided to take the Jackmobile in for some “routine” scheduled maintenance. The Jackmobile was nearing 100,000 miles so I knew that this was going to be an “expensive” trip, but I never imagined that it was going to cost me about $2700.

Now before you jump my ass again about taking it to the dealer, don’t…

Since that trip to the mechanic the Jackmobile has never quite been the same.

To this day the ignition will occasionally lock up, forcing me to jiggle the gear shift in order to get it to release the key. In fact, this happened again this morning.

A couple of weeks ago the SRS light came on. I know that this is important to have investigated, but as has always been the case in my life I’ve not been able to find a convenient time to take it in for service.

2009, The Year Of Female Remorse
This year started out as if it were going to be grand. I seemed to have possibilities for dating a few women in whom I had much interest. By February each of these young ladies had secured a boyfriend, not me, and I was literally left out in the cold. So began a downward slide of confidence (who knew mine could get lower?) and luck.

At mid-year I was hovering at all-too-frequent lows when I was asked by someone with whom I have never met to meet up. Due to my confused mind and incredibly busy schedule at that time I all-but declined flat out. I’ve since heard that she too has acquired a boyfriend.

I’ve had nary a drop of hope since. Another year, another year alone.

A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind
Even with my lack of running I actually thought that I might actually lose weight this year. In August I had convinced myself to get back on to my bicycle and I was riding again!

Unfortunately, because of the flu, bothersome knees, massive amounts of rain, indifference, and a Christmas trip to mom’s I’ve actually gained weight. DANGEN! Even worse, my waist has grown so large that my (already too-large) pants are tight. DOUBLE DANGEN!

I’ve noticed that even with “taking it easy” my knees don’t seem to be getting any better. Next year may see me visiting a doctor, and may actually force me to undergo the first surgery of my life.

Ich Bin Kein Photographer
While I did manage to sell a photo for profit this year, the theft of my iMac and the lack of time and desire during the second half of 2009 has left me less than a photographer. During the last five months, those months sans iMac, I’ve had no gumption to go out and shoot since it’s such a pain in my ass to post-process them.

I’m hopeful that with the beginning of 2010 I am going to restructure my life to return to a photographic life.

Tune in tomorrow for “The Ugly.”

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15 Responses to 2009 : The Bad

  1. sal says:

    Hard to comment on that.

    2010 can only get better…right?

  2. Martha says:

    2009 was a tough year for a lot of folks, I’m sure you are not the only one looking forward to 2010. I’m very thankful Jerry and I both start the new year employed.

    I haven’t looked back at my goals for 2009 but I know I didn’t hit my target weight…damn relationship gut! It doesn’t help that Jerry still eats like a 15 year old boy and never gains a pound.

    So I’m starting over on Jan 4th. Our trainer will be back in town, regular workouts will start again. I’m also setting a goal of adding at least one serving of veggies a day to the diet.

    If you ever want to try CrossFit, Toby is great, its not far from your house and I think he will be adding a 5:30 am class after the first of the year.

  3. Barb says:

    hey – if anyone is bored tonight & wants to get out, my friend Jeff Pike is singing at Downwind restaurant at Peachtree Dekalb airport. Food is rumored to be good, company will be awesome, since Allan & I & some other Parrothead friends are going.
    7pm-10pm – so it won’t be a late night (I have to work a half day tomorrow)

  4. Martha says:

    I’m only working half a day tomorrow as well. I was going to just take the day off but we don’t have any big plans tomorrow night and I might as well save a little of my PTO.

    I’m planning on attending Chedderhead and the ballbuster trail on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun but really cold!

    I still have about $60 in my FSA…anyone need anything???

  5. Barb says:

    I need a thermometer – and maybe some plain old aspirin.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing most of you on Friday.


  7. I just ran in to some wankers — BWanA, One Ball, and Niplets — at lunch at the Chinese Food Court on New Peachtree Road.

  8. Steve says:

    No good can come from that gathering.

  9. Martha says:

    Ha! Thanks for not telling me you where going there for lunch, I’m so busy and it’s so far from my office 😉

  10. Barb says:

    I went ethnic as well for lunch, but I went to The Cuban Diner over here in Marietta, very authentic Cuban food. Yummy!

  11. sal says:

    I met 4-inch and a friend of ours from Chicago at Mo’s!!

  12. Martha, I headed there with three co-workers. Running into those guys was complete coincidence. Btw – I was wondering why they no longer call me to join them…

  13. Barb says:

    the three guys that came to Tasty China with you?

  14. One of the guys was, the other two were different.

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