I’ll Let The Pictures Do The Talking

I was in no condition to wake up early to blog this morning. I’ve just now made it in to work after physical therapy and showering.

Welcome to the second “half” of 2011.

FakeDR (Look Homeward Angel)

Thanks to ITP-Reader Barb and her husband Allan for providing me with a wonderful dinner last night.

I Confess

Anyone know what this insect is?

What's This Insect? (A Closer Look)

Happy Canada day to all of my Canadian friends. I wish that I were up there celebrating as I did two years ago.

Another Hearth For My Collection

I hope that everyone in the United States has a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Working Hard For The Honey

I plan to have many stories and photos next Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to I’ll Let The Pictures Do The Talking

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  2. Randy says:

    I’ve been “working” on identifying the insect while we’ve been on vacation. It’s been on-and-off, so I don’t have a definitive ID yet. There are a bunch of flies and moths that mimic bees and wasps – and this particular one has proven quite difficult – I’ve not seen the pattern on the abdomen before and it’s been difficult to find online this week. With me starting back to work on Monday, it might be even harder. I’ll let you know if I find it, though. You know me – it will “bug” me every once in a while and I’ll look for it every now and then.

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