Are We There Yet?

No, but I am starting to see a small, dim light at the end of the project (for CES) tunnel. I only can hope that the light is not from an oncoming train (transporting people who’ve lost their ticket but somehow manage not to get caught).

In unrelated news, the hot water heater at the ITP-Estate might be on its last legs; its making a knocking sort of noise as it heats the water enclosed. It was the first thing I had to fix after becoming a homeowner back in 1999, so it may be time for yet another (expensive) replacement/repair.

In unrelated news to the last unrelated news, I’m going to try and take the Jackmobile into Peach Auto today. I blinked twice yesterday and it was 6:30pm. I plan on spending the night at work tonight, and hope to find out tomorrow if any repairs which need to be done are disastrous enough to force me to rent a car for the long Thanksgiving weekend/workend.

Workend? Hey, did I just coin a new term? I could go check Google or Urban Dictionary, but I just don’t have the time.

In unrelated news to the last two unrelated news items, my hip has started bothering me again. Since the accident it has never stopped “popping”, now it feels as if I have some sort of pinching. Part of me hopes that this is a step toward complete recovery, but the “realist” part of me believes that this is not good, that I am going to have to revisit at least one doctor, and need to notify my lawyer about this.

It only gets better from here, right?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Are We There Yet?

  1. Martha says:

    Could your hip be having issues because you’ve been spending too much time on your butt? If I sit too long (such as tomorrow’s 8-9 hour drive) my hip/lower back is a mess, with shooting/radiating pain.

    Do some stretching at your desk, make sure you get up and walk around every hour or so, adjust your chair…

    I keep wondering when our hot water heater is going to go out, it was about 8 years old when I moved in, that was almost 10 years ago. When it goes out, I may splurge on a tankless model. We just got an estimate for one, included in the estimate we got for weatherizing the house. For now we are just going with the insulation and other attic work.

  2. Sitting could be part of the problem, though I try to get up an walk around “get drinks”, “return drinks”, and stretch/move my hip/legs when ever standing around.

    We’ll see.

  3. Steve says:

    We have a tankless and really like it. What’s the point of having a big pot of water constantly “on the stove”? One of the few drawbacks is if you don’t have electricity, you also don’t have hot water- gotta have juice to start the burner and control the box.


  4. Martha says:

    Steve, do you guys have a generator at the Farm?

    I saw a set up once (on This Old House or such) where they installed a generator (a big one, hooked into the house eletrical system) that ran on natural gas. Of course it was located in the NE, where the risk of a winter storm knocking out power for days at a time is much higher than here in the south.

    We had a tankless heater in London, never had a problem with getting enough hot water.

    So has anyone else ‘checked out’ mentaly at the office???

  5. Steve says:

    A whole house generator is on “the list” but our power is pretty stable. I don’t know that the HWH would take that much power, so I think a little UPS might be enough.

    Unfortunatly, checking out isn’t an option, but I do get “blog intermissions”!!

  6. bob says:

    I checked out yesterday, just going through the motions now. Unfortunately I have meetings till 3 or I would “work” from home after lunch today.

  7. Barb says:

    I wish I could be checked out…. but I’m still too damn busy.

    Hopefully nothing is really wrong with the car….

    Allan wants a tankless water heater, so I pray ours doesn’t break any time soon, I’m tired of spending all of my money on the house.

    New doors look awesome, and painting the mud room is a pain, I bet it hasn’t been painted in 30 or more years.

  8. I just returned from Peach Auto. I’ve told them to look over the brakes, hopefully I just need new pads.

    I’m not checking out, in fact I’m checking in all night tonight. Oddly, I’m not the only person hanging in the neighborhood, I saw a guy camping near our office today. Perhaps he’s starting Occupy Dunwoody?

  9. Martha says:

    I forgot to mention this yesterday but LivingSocial has a deal @ Sun in my Belly today, a four course meal and specialty cocktail for $22. Upon closer inspection it is for their Thursday night super club?

    anyway, I know SIMB has been mentioned a few times on this blog.

  10. Huh. I doubt that SIMB coupon would do me much good. Additionally, I’ve decided to stop buying Groupon / LivingSocial. I still have a Groupon for East Atlanta Thai & Sushi to use in the next few weeks.

  11. Steve says:

    We would love to help you with that coupon Paulie. We miss E.A.T.S.!

  12. Stacy Fox says:

    Steve, I saw your comment and got excited for a second! Groupon at EATS??? I love me some jerk chicken! heehee 🙂 Hmmm….it has been far too long since I’ve been to EATS….

  13. Woo Hoo! I just eliminated a big bug!

    Stacy, my first thought was Eats as well. I’ve not been there in years and need to go back. We should go to Eats (on Ponce) on one December night.

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