Too Busy To Blog (Thoroughly)

Though I must thank ITP-Reader Betsy for coming over to the ITP Estate last night to watch Top Chef. And with her arrived a wonderful chicken pot pie. I have leftovers that I will eat for lunch today prior to going to my dental appointment. My contribution last night were salad and wine. There is still some salad left over. 😉 I’ll eat that tonight for dinner, or perhaps use the green/yellow/orange peppers as part of a pasta dish.

Unexpected Free Night
Last Thursday night I was asked to join someone at an outing tonight. I never heard back from her about this since then, and assumed that her inebriation caused her forgetfulness. This morning I checked her Facebook status and saw that her day was made by a call from another guy (I’m actually very okay with this). Looks like I have a free night tonight! Which, is the best thing for me as I need to do Christmas cards and gather the things I plan to take with me on this weekend’s excursion.

Moment Of Creativity
There is a ten-ish minute window each morning where I attain clarity. Lately I’ve been using this time to write software, or take notes which help me later write software. This morning’s creation was the germination of an The Onion-style article about a new Facebook feature [that’s not the one which started the germination of my joke]. I’m going to do a little research to make sure that no one has beaten me to this joke, and if not, you’ll be reading my fictional piece tomorrow.

Okay, putting a final push on this CES release…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Too Busy To Blog (Thoroughly)

  1. Barb says:

    Chicken pot pie – one of my favorite foods, though the few times I’ve tried to make it, it just hasn’t come out that great. I really don’t know why, it doesn’t seem to be that tough of a recipe.

    We had spaghetti last night, one of my father-in-law’s approved foods. We spread a truckload of mulch in about 2 hours, it went so much faster with 4 people & 2 wheelbarrows. Half was pine mulch, half was cedar. Damn that cedar had some aroma.
    Also – Sam’s now has some “nicer” breads, went there for something else at lunchtime yesterday, and bought some garlic bread that was really tasty. Though 5 small loaves is a bit much, but I’ll freeze a couple.

    And – the majority of my Christmas cards are in the mail……… just waiting for Allan to get me some fire dept people addresses – that list gets longer & longer with all the different Captains, etc. he’s had now over the years.

  2. Stacy Fox says:

    You know, I don’t think it’s wrong if you contact said person and asked if you were still on for the outing. Just because she got a happy contact from another man doesn’t mean she might not still be interested!

    I’m a huge chicken pot pie fan myself! I can’t remember the last time I had it though. Hmmm…maybe I’ll attempt one over the holidays.

  3. Very true Stacy. In this case I have history including to having gone out on a couple of dates (around this time last year as a matter of fact) with this person only to lose out to someone else. I have no desire to put myself in that situation with her again.

  4. Stacy Fox says:

    Ah, gotcha! That does make a difference then, especially if it’s the same person!

  5. Damn, I just remembered that the Falcons play tonight (at home even). I no longer get NFL network at the house, pity there’s not a clause in the television contract which allows one of the over-the-air networks to broadcast in the home town when it’s a sold-out Thursday/Monday night game.

    Maybe I’ll use this as an excuse to buy more Christmas cards after my dental appointment and go to The Fred to write them out while I drink beer watching the game. 😀

  6. Barb says:

    I have a friend that was trying to sell her tickets for tonight – I was not interested in a Thursday night game – getting home at midnight or later just doesn’t interest me. I’d rather watch at home.
    I’m pretty sure we have the NFL network.

  7. I’m too old to go out to a game on a weeknight. Even living as close to the stadium as I do it would easily be 12:30am before I returned home, making the next morning really miserable.

    Dish Network offers the NFL Network, I just don’t subscribe to that level of programming. And since I gave up being on the beta program which gave me all of the channels I’ve had to get creative with my television watching.

  8. Barb says:

    because of a crazy converation with a guy in Green Bay today, I just ordered 2 Happy Schnapps polka CDs. Since I never got to hear Please pass the Schnapps when we were in Savannah, I decided it was time to buy the CD.
    If you don’t know the song, you are so missing out 😉

  9. Steve says:

    Sounds like some background music for Cheddarhead?


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