I’ve missed 20% of the blogging/work week. I tried letting everyone know that I was driving back from Raleigh yesterday by posting a lunchtime update from Spartanburg, SC, but I failed to successfully publish my quick post.

Thankfully I made it 100% of the way from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA yesterday without incident. It was a good drive with only a few startling moments with state troopers camped out on I-85 (note, I rarely speed when I drive long distance — Saturday morning being the exception — but I am still nervous when I pass police camped out waiting for speeders).

Discoveries made along the way:

  • South Carolina has really cheap gas
  • South Carolina (Anderson) has Jack In The Box! I smell a future road trip! If they also had White Castle I’d consider moving there…
  • South Carolina has QT
  • North Carolina does not have QT
  • I-85 is continually in a state of repair, which naturally causes traffic snarls
  • The Jackmobile can almost make the entire Atlanta <-> Raleigh trip on one tank of gas
  • I chose podcasts over audiobooks and Christmas music

Another Fun Time In Raleigh
I left Atlanta after the acoustic set done by Chatham County Line with designs on making it to Anderson, SC where I’d made a hotel reservation. After stopping for gas and coffee at QuikTrip at I-85 and Chamblee-Tucker I made a longish, somewhat sleepy drive arriving in Anderson around 1am.

My short night in Anderson was fantastic, getting a good night’s sleep (thirty minutes more than originally intended) and a shower before pushing off for Raleigh at 6:45am. After navigating traffic at speeds which easily should have earned me a speeding ticket, avoiding the deer carcass which had been created by the car which then sat on the side of the road I pulled into Raleigh around 11:30am.

My arrival in Raleigh provided plenty of time for me to join in the birthday party for ITP-Readers Lisa and Randy’s eldest son. Did I mention the party involved going to see the new Chipmunks movie? With nine other children? I really had low expectations for the movie, but in the end thought that it was okay.

On Sunday we went to a park and made some Mentos/Diet Coke fountains, made our way to Village Draft House where we unfortunately watched the Packers lose their first game of the season (and thankfully couldn’t stay around to watch my Jets get pummeled by the Eagles). Sunday night’s activity involved driving out to Saxahapaw for the Chatham County Line show. Prior to the show we ate at a restaurant called The Eddy, which on a slow night probably provides an excellent eating experience, however they where overwhelmed on Sunday night and we had to scarf down our food (I broke my “eating vegetarian with Lisa and Randy” effort because the vegetarian options were scant and the thought of bbq pork was overwhelming) so that we could go to the show. The show itself was a blast and not a carbon copy of Friday night’s show.

Yesterday morning I stopped at Harris Teeter and loaded up with three six-packs of beers which cannot be purchased in Atlanta.

I may whine a lot about my station in life, but not to get to mushy on you all, I really do have a wonderful core of friends — including many of you ITP-Readers.

The Return Of Captain Sleepy
I think I nodded off at 9pm last night. Seriously, I need to avoid hanging out on my bed because it makes me too sleepy. I was watching “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” when I passed out. I have five (perhaps six) days to watch all of my Christmas movies…

What Am I Waiting For, Christmas?
With Christmas I remind myself that it’s time for year-end planning. This week I’ll be making my annual financial, tax-deductable financial contributions. The short-list thus far is:

  • NPR
  • This American Life
  • The Story
  • KEXP
  • High Museum of Art
  • Horizon Theatre
  • Trees Atlanta

I am always willing to hear arguments/suggestions for other entities who are worthy of some financial support. Please feel free to leave comments for organizations you feel are worthy.

Going to try and cruise through this rainy week in Atlanta, hoping no major CES fires arise…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to 80%

  1. Barb says:

    Glad to hear you are alive & well & had a good time.

    I met up with Red Eye last night after work to get my wedding album – it isn’t his fault, it is totally ours, we never picked out the photos we wanted. So, we just put it in his hands -it came out awesome! It was fun looking at all those pictures, and it is good to know the majority of the people that attended I’m still good friends with.

  2. Wow, nearly ten years after. I bet most of us looked better (and younger) in those photos. 🙂

    And Barb, I got your Christmas card; it’s another winner.

  3. Steve says:

    Your comment about good friends is not a surprise to us, and if you are just now realizing this, you truly are clueless.

    A fairly quiet weekend was had at the day spa. We attended the wedding of our neighbor Tracey and her new husband Mike. In mid-ceremony they played a video of photographs from their lives.. a little bit odd especially when it had the groom and his 1st (?) wife at the altar! Perhaps he is widowed, which would make that alright- otherwise, no.

    Both my ride Saturday and run Sunday were less than inspirational. The legs felt like dead weight.. maybe a little Sufferfest tonight will put some snap in them.

    I hope to catch up on my charitables in the next couple of months. When I do, they will include the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (formerly Samaritan House). Years ago, a bunch of hashers went to a party/fundraiser for them hosted by a hasher whose last name is Brady (no kin, he owns the carwash on Glenwood.) Anybody else remember this? Anyway, I’ve been donating to them ever since. The charity helps get folks off the streets and into jobs.

    And of course NPR, and maybe the Union Mission or whatever they are calling themselves now.


  4. Barb says:

    I remember that other Brady – his parents live right outside Fernbank. HE & his sister hashed back when I first started in the early 90s.

    Glad you liked the card – I’m sure if we had a real photographer (aka Paulie) it would have been even better, but with no prior planning……… you get what you get.

    Yes- definitely younger (but not necessairily better 😉

  5. My friends statement is a reiteration, not a revelation. I know that this space contains much negativity and complaining about my life (I’m working on changing that). I just wanted those who read it to know that they are valued friends. And if my brother reads this comment, yeah, you’re alright too. hehe

    I recall the carwash being owned by a hasher, but I cannot recall who it is/was.

  6. Martha says:

    It was another lazy weekend for me. I really need to start training again, my liver, tummy and brain will all thank me.

    So far Atlanta Community Food Bank and Toys for Tots have received donations from me. Planned Parenthood, it’s been a rough year for reproductive rights, the Red Cross, probably Girls on the Run…not sure who else. I feel like I’ve been very lucky this year and want to give back.

    My neighbor came over last night, we spent a little time catching up, I realized I haven’t been a very good friend to him the last couple of years, I plan on changing that right now.

  7. Steve says:

    Barb, you are correct. I seem to recall the house was right next to Fernbank. Old family money.. but for the life of me, I can’t remember his hash name. Bing- it just came to me- Wonder Bra!

    I plan on running at Jorges tomorrow evening- a little tacky light tour of my own, and considering how badly I ran Sunday, all of you should consider joining me- you will certainly be able to keep up. And perhaps we my enjoy a delicious malted beverage afterwards!

  8. Martha says:

    I’ve ran twice since Pine Mountain, today was the longest 1200m…thought I was going to freaking die. I need to get moving, I’m planning on doing (part of) Fat Ass next month and the full at Alabany in March…I may even train for that one.

  9. Lisa says:

    We certainly enjoyed having you! I know the boys loved it too! I don’t think camping on your bed had anything to do with you’re being tired yesterday, I think it was the late nite (at least it was for me!).

    Can’t wait to see everyone for Cheddarhead!!

    I want to use your blog for a short personal statement: SHOUT OUT to Cooper, 6 years old today!!! You make our life FUN sweet boy!!

    Thanks 🙂

    PS-he asked Paulie what a blog was this weekend, so I figure I’d let him read a post.

  10. Steve says:

    COOPER!!! Happy Birthday from your Atlanta Fan Club!!

  11. Stacy Fox says:

    Happy birthday, Cooper!!! 🙂

  12. Randy says:

    Happy Birthday, Cooper!!! I’ll see you in about an hour when I surprise you for lunch.

    Thanks for coming up this weekend, Paulie. We always enjoy your company – and your willingness to hang out with the entire Beebe bunch (Chipmunks and all).

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Cheddarhead!

  13. Barb says:

    wow – Cooper is 6! Happy birthday Cooper!

    Lisa – we just got a wireless U-verse box, so we can have a TV out on the deck for Cheddarhead for the game, plus the one in the garage. The new TV isn’t huge (22″), but at least we can have the game playing in 2 places this way.

  14. Cooper is alright at least when he’s not referring to me as “Grandpa Paulie.” 🙂

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