Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Today’s the shortest day (in terms of daylight) of the year. This is correct, right? Whew.

Last night I bugged out of work around 4:30pm — early enough to beat much of the traffic to midtown. My target was Strongbox West for the monthly iOS Developers Meetup.

Prior to the meetup I made my way over to HopCity Beer to fill up two of the growlers I had sitting around the house. Happy Holidays!!!

From Hop City I dropped into K&G Menswear (a place I wish I frequented more often because it’d mean that I’d have an excellent wardrobe) to buy a new (read “larger”) belt. Unexpectedly I also purchased my very first set of long underwear while there.

The Power Of Mind Mapping
Last night’s iOS Developers Meetup topic was planning for an upcoming self-produced (un)conference called “Cocoa Camp.” Initially planned for early March there was agreement to move the event to late February — exactly when I’ll be out of the state. 🙁

The planning was tracked by the meeting’s leader using a mind mapping application. While I have used mind mapping techniques for some work recently I was completely blown away by the ease and completeness in which the mind mapping tool (FreeMind in this instance though I’m also a fan of MindNode).

Amazingly, I’ve been struggling with writing documentation for the project I’ve been working on at work and this morning I realized that mind maps for the objects I’ve created will be the perfect way to convey the information I’ve been trying to structure into an html document. Woo Hoo!

The Great Domain Debate
I have a few internet domain names about to expire. Admittedly I am not using any of them currently, though some of the ones about to expire are very personal to me and may be more beneficial if/when I decided to give up the InsideThePerimeter moniker. Yesterday I went to extend the registration for all of the domains I have registered and was staggered by the cost (six domains; registration extended for two years for most, five years for others; $210; yikes!). Even though it’s a costly upgrade I may extend my registration this time and then start determining which domains I really need, and those I can live without.

Moving My Calendars
For too long I’ve been keeping dual calendars (actually, many calendars in two systems). One of my pre-2012 goals is to migrate the data I’ve been storing in Google Calendars into Apple’s calendar system which gets synced to my iPhone/iPad/Macs via Apple’s iCloud.

Some Weight-loss Mantras
Yes, I’m whining about my weight. I can’t help it, the pants I’m wearing today are tight, but they are also one size larger than the size I really want to be wearing at this time. In order to correct my thoughts I’m putting some mantras in “print.”

* The body is a caloric checkbook. Your goal is to spend more calories than you save.
* The amount of exercise performed should be proportional to the amount of weight you want to lose.
* The amount of food intake should should be inversely proportional to the amount of weight you want to lose.

These are the things I need to start repeating to myself in order to start marching toward my goal.

Top Chef Tonight
Hoping the rain clears a bit to guarantee satellite signal. Trying to decide what food prepare for the evening. ITP-Reader Betsy, have any suggestions?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Happy Winter Solstice!!!

  1. Stacy Fox says:

    Welll….technically? The Solstice is tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning. It can occur anywhere between Dec. 20-23 but most frequently does on the 21st, then followed by the 22nd.

    Yup. Lookit me getting all geeked-out on you. 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    I’m sure this won’t help, but we are cooking a london broil that has been marinating for a few days on the Egg tonight. Looks like a couple folks are coming over to work on a couple bikes.

    Today is the white elephant gift exchange here at work – I wonder what crazy gift I may get ths year, and if I will keep it, or use it for the next re-gifting party.

  3. Steve says:

    Depending on the amount of rain this evening, I may run, or I may just drink at Jorges. Today is my last day in the office this week, so it’s FRIDAY!

    If I can determine there is still a need, I may be at the Toys for Tots warehouse tomorrow doing bike assembly. A friend was up there earlier in the week and it sounded like fun. It’s all the way in Suwannee, so I can’t just swing by.


  4. Barb says:

    years & years ago, Allan worked very part time at Toys R Us assembing bikes, the mgr told him that year they had less returns, because all the bikes were built right. Now for fun, whenever Allan is in any store like that (WalMart, Target, etc) he goes past the bikes & points out all the parts that are on backwards, etc.

  5. I was a stock boy / bike assembler at Toys ‘R’ Us in the 1980s. However I rarely enter those stores any more and when I do avoid the bicycle section like the plague.

    I’ll be working each weekday except for next Monday until year’s end. I’m actually hoping that few people are in the office so I can get some real work done.

    Barb, from the Christmas card I can’t figure out where the hottub went. It appears that the new french doors open up to the penalty box, where I thought the hottub was destined to go.

  6. bets says:

    suggestions for tonight: Roasted Goose and Figgy pudding! Paulie whatever works best for you. I’ll give you a shout later on.

  7. Barb says:

    hot tub in on the patio on the far left side when looking at it from the backyard. Directly under the bedroom, by the small door where the bike shop used to be. (that deck is over engineered, but still don’t want something that heavy up there). Plus – you will see how great having those doors are, no having to go thru the garage to get outside.

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