About Last Night…

Scenes from “It’s A Wonderful Life” were played out late last night in my kitchen. Two amazing friends, who have requested anonymity, woke me from a drunken slumber to ensure that I was alright after I posted good-bye messages on Twitter and Facebook. Believe you me, this is not an easy thing to do, never mind my reticence to open my door to unannounced guests. I thank them. I thank them greatly actually.

I also received a heartwarming number of calls and text messages, none of which managed to wake me the way knocking on my door did however. I am sincerely sorry to have alarmed some of you.

Remove That Which Does Not Enhance Your Life
Hey mantra fans, there’s my latest creation!

I will not state that I was in the best of moods, nor had clearest of mind and conscience when I arrived home from another disastrous Taco Mac/Outback afternoon/evening. I was fever-pitched with disgust, dismay, anger, and a smattering of envy. It was the worst I have been in quite some time, actually.

It was not the first time I considered deactivating my Twitter and Facebook accounts. It was the first time I did, however. Both are marked for deletion. Each has a strong password that I do not know. I have removed the password records from my storage. I have deleted the apps from my iPhone and iPad. I will not be going back to either. They are services which are beneficial to others but have proved to do little more for me than consume my time while kindling inadequacy.

Remove that which does not enhance your life.

As of today I am going to start doing battles with other demons which haunt me. I’m drinking too much. I’m eating too much. I’m not exercising. I’m working ineffectively. Reversal of these three misfortunes will not solve all that ails me, but will point the ship back in the proper direction. I’m 46. I don’t know how many more spins around the sun I will have. I need to maximize the enjoyment of whatever time I have remaining. I want to be happy.

Remove that which does not enhance your life.

Stay tuned…

Programming Note
Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday will be my traditional “Good,” “Bad,” and “Ugly” posts. I will be culling the month-end posts I was good at maintaining until about September. I hope that you don’t mind me coasting for another week as I indulge my desire to gain closure on 2011.

While I have closed the doors on Twitter and Facebook this space will remain active. It’s my goal to resurrect the content to entertaining and fascinating levels.

Thanks again friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. Steve says:

    Needless to say, we were worried about last night. Please know that you are loved just they way you are and if you want to change to please yourself, that is certainly your choice. A plan on what it takes to get there is a start.

    It was a fairly quiet Christmas on the farm. Lunch with the Burns clan at her M&D’s on Christmas Eve and dinner with the Brady’s at my sisters on the Day. Went to see War Horse (some grizzly bits) and the new Sherlock Holmes (great fun).

    Hope all had a wonderful day. Safe travels to those on the road…


  2. Shoot, I meant to mention a fun time at ITP-Reader Betsy’s house on Sunday. She was quite the trooper, under the weather and dealing with apparent malfunction of Tweetybird Waffle Maker #3. I jumped in, manned the bacon station, and upon determining that there would be no Tweetybird-shaped waffles on this Highest of Tweetybird Waffle holidays, made closed-mouth Pacman-shaped (read “circular”) pancakes instead.

    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas.

  3. It should probably be noted, that while I was able to log onto to Facebook one final time this morning in order to post a forwarding email address for those whose only contact with me is Facebook, I chose not to read any of the comments posted last night.

  4. Barb says:

    Glad you are okay – I was truly hoping you were just in a “mood” and annoyed with the FB world.

    It was a very unusual Christmas for us -no family around & we just “hung out”. We did make a decent dinner on Christmas Eve after having fun with the chainsaw – lots of nice stumps for people to sit on at Cheddarhead, if they move them from the side of the house to the back yard (hint, hint). I wanted to go to a movie, but Allan was obsessed with finding apps, etc. for the new iPad. And the Dr. Who marathon was on, which distracts Allan as well. I will need help with it eventually, but I’m still too new to even know what to ask.

  5. When you have questions you know how to contact me. 😉

  6. Lee says:

    You had me worried lat night and over the last few days. Keep your head up and all the best.

  7. Sorry about that Lee. And thanks, I’m doing my best to turn things around.

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