2011: The Ugly

Forgive me for starting with a few non-related things:
1) I’m taking artistic license and going to go “The Ugly,” “The Bad,” then “The Good” so that I can end 2011 on a positive note.
2) I realized this morning that by deleting my Twitter and Facebook accounts I no longer have a quick outlet for posting things like “OMG! I saw a coyote running across Perimeter Center Parkway this morning!” because, I did see a coyote running across Perimeter Center Parkway this morning as I drove into the office.
3) I tried a new-to-me barbecue restaurant yesterday. It’s called Dickey’s BBQ Pit, this location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. The food was okay, definitely not Fox Bros BBQ mind you, but I might return to give it another shot.
4) Top Chef night. ITP-Reader Betsy, are you feeling better? Well enough to participate tonight? Tonight’s menu consists of garlic-herb roasted pork with roasted winter vegetables. Seriously, it is.

The Ugly
It sounds like a cheap-shot to whine about my appearance in lieu of the bad thing (tomorrow!) which happened to me this year. However, perhaps I could have used my misfortune as an opportunity to rejoin a gym and attempt to rebuild my body. But I didn’t. As I sit here with a waistline which challenges the pants which constrain it I know that 2012 will have to be different.

If only my body had healed completely; it’s still broken…

Goals? I Managed To Accomplish Fewer Than Those Scored In A Soccer Game
Again I can give myself a pass thanks to the occurrences on February 27th (tomorrow!). I’m accused of being a pessimist, but in fact I’m a realist. I was in the process of training for a half marathon, and had I been running instead of cycling that warm February day things could be much different today.

Dating, Or Lack Thereof
The year started out promising. However, by mid-January my social life returned to the non-existent state it has been in for far too long. I do know one thing for certain, I’m “different” and because of this I will most likely have to change my ways in order to obtain what I seek.

Work killed the blogging star; that and Facebook and Twitter. I vow to get better at blogging again in 2012. Hell, I’ve started out on the right foot by ridding myself of some of my other distractions.

If A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words, My Flickr Stream Sat In Silence
A few weeks ago I realized that the last non-iPhone photo I posted to Flickr occurred on July 31st. Ooof. On a positive note last Saturday I joined a group of Flickr friends and learned how to clean the crap from my camera’s sensor. Care and attention to one’s tools often leads to the use thereof.

Groupon No More
After allowing too many Groupon coupons to expire without being used (read “money wasted”). I decided to delete my Groupon and Living Social accounts.

Sharpened Stone, LLC
The dullest company in the world. This year I got better at filing tax reports for non-existent income, but in the end the business has done nothing but cost me money. I’m going to refocus in 2012 (hell, I just reupped my domain name for a few more years) and attempt to make a business out of my business. [note to self: now is the time to renew your SquareSpace account, as well as all of the paperwork with the Government]

Tomorrow — “The Bad”

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to 2011: The Ugly

  1. Stacy I says:

    Even tho this was The Ugly, There’s a lot of positive here in your attitude and approach to it. Acknowledge The Bad tmrw, then kick it to the curb and think about The Good. And let’s try some “alternative” workouts when you’re ready! I’m game to try- remember we used to meet up for 6am spinning class in Buckhead??

  2. Oh I remember those days. Who could forget Johno and his Van Halen. 😉

  3. Steve says:

    I don’t consider “work” getting in the way of “blogging” a bad thing. Yes, we all suffer when you don’t blog, but we would really suffer if you lost your job. Until blogging can pay the bills (you’re good, but…) consider your priorities in order.


  4. If it were bad it’d be in tomorrow’s blog Steve. 😀 You’re right on all accounts. However, I do think that I’ve been burning the work candle at both ends as well as the middle for the past few months and it has made the blog a bit ugly and barren.

  5. Barb says:

    so (totally off topic) – small world story-

    Last night my friends that moved to Houston were in town & threw a party at my house to see a bunch of old friends (only night they had free to see any friends)

    One girl sees Laura (Trick) & Bob’s picture on my fridge & says – I know that girl. She was Laura’s roomie many years ago.
    Then – a guy asks about hashing – and he tehn tells me he used to be roomies with Brenan (Squid) long ago.

    Small, small world………

  6. Haha, that is funny, Barb.

    Very much like the time I was at the East Atlanta Beer Festival talking to Kitty Kitty Gang Bang who was volunteering at a table, not knowing she was a hasher, and a girl I’d gone out with for a few weeks (years previously) walks up, and I find the two of them were roommates in college at William and Mary. *mind blown*

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