It Still Feels Like A Tuesday To Me

My “Routine Clock” gets thrown for a mighty loop during weeks which includes days off from work. I barely remembered to put out the recycling this morning because this being a holiday week means that my pick up day is Wednesday instead of Tuesday, at least I think that’s correct.

Being Thankful For Not Getting Sick
While I am certainly trying to keep this space more positive I feel obligated to mention that yesterday was a less-than-stellar day for me foodwise. It wasn’t what I ate necessarily, but rather the way my lunch and dinners were prepared. Let’s just say I’m glad that I’m not overly sensitive to things…

I’ll skip the discussion of lunch for it was an honest mistake but one of those things you’d rather not encounter. Guess with a comment if you like. The first person to guess correctly wins absolutely nothing, however.

Dinner, was an error or Ramsayian proportions. With time to spare between driving into midtown after work and the 7:30pm starting time of the iOS Developers Meetup (more on this in a bit) I was left with a conundrum. Even wearing a long coat it was far too cold for me to go out for a walk (not a “resolution” but something I am going to try and do much more of from now on), so I decided to grab a bite to eat and read some more of the Steve Jobs biography (book reading — 2012 goal — teaser). I figured that I had a least 45 minutes to fill so I didn’t want to go to a bar, while Octane Coffee (hey, there’s an Octane Coffee in Grant Park now) was an option parking was a premium, so I decided on getting a burger and fries at Yeah! Burger instead. I chose Yeah! Burger because of ITP-Reader Barb’s talk about burgers on Sunday as well as a photo of a Yeah! Burger posted by my friend Molly on Flickr.

I order my burgers “medium” because I have a theory that no matter what you ask for, you get your burger “well done.”

I order my burgers “medium” because I had a theory that no matter what you ask for, you get your burger “well done.”

Last night the better portion of my thin beef patties were raw. Raw! RAW! YOU COULD KILL SOMEBODY!!! Oh, sorry.

If I were hungrier I would have marched my platter to the counter and asked for a new burger, but I took this as a sign that I should not eat any more of the burger and prayed that I’d not already ingested food-poisoning-causing bacteria. As of now I think I’m safe… **fingers crossed**

My experience last night has led me to now institute a few new “rules” for eating out (burgers are the chief target, though I can see most of these applying to other food sources as well).

  • I will try to eat out less. (This should help with my finances and waistline.)
  • I will order less meat when eating out. (Hey, this will probably help with my waistline too!)
  • Before eating meat in the form of a steak (cutlet, breast, burger) I will cut the portion in half to ensure proper doneness.

Filling Time
For the past handful of years my semi-annual dental checkups provided nothing but pain to my wallet. My last visit produced the identification of a cavity which has formed, below an existing filling no less. This afternoon I’ll be revisiting the dentist in order to get this cavity eradicated. Needless to say, even though the procedure is “routine,” I’m not exactly looking forward to having it done. Wish me well.

ITP Flickr Pic
Another shot from Cheddarhead. This time it’s a panorama! [note to self, and photo tip: start shooting panoramas in portrait to get more bang for your buck] Click the photo to see a larger version.
Cheddarhead Panorama
I still need to shoot more, perhaps I’ll try today.

I Didn’t Like Amazon’s Math Last Night
When I got home from the fairly non-productive meeting to plan Cocoa Camp 2012 I decided to cave and purchase a new Roku 2 XS for my entertainment from Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime member I revel in the “free” 2-Day Shipping on all purchases. Imagine my dismay when I saw the estimated arrival date of Monday, January 9th for my order. Let’s do the math the way I see it:

Tuesday, January 3rd + 2-Day Shipping = Friday, January 5th.

Oh well, patience is a virtue. I suppose I can use the weekend getting the house ready for my enhancement.

Top Chef Night Returns!
It is Wednesday, correct?

It was nice to have ITP-Reader Betsy over the ITP Estate last Wednesday for an early viewing of Top Chef reruns (I certainly needed the recaps) along with a later-than-usual dinner of roast pork and vegetables. Tonight I’m looking forward to eating soup (pho, perhaps), hopefully with a dental repair which is providing me no grief, and watching a new episode of Top Chef.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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18 Responses to It Still Feels Like A Tuesday To Me

  1. Barb says:

    you found a hair in your food at lunch?

    you should be fine on the burger being not well done, Allan always orders his that way, hoping they will be more rare than well done. Especially at at place that cooks a lot of burgers, I highly doubt the meat had sat around for days developing bacteria. Quit being a hypochondriac.

    So, someone on FB last night said dealing with her fridge was like playing Jenga right now, and that is exactly how I feel. So, this week is leftovers and the freezer is just as bad, so I wil not be grocery shopping except for fresh veggies & that sort of thing for a couple weeks. I even had to have a glass of white wine & champagne last night, just to get the bottles out of the fridge 😉

    Allan took the black eyed pea vegetarian dish (would it be called stew?) that was leftover from Sunday to the firehouse, he is planning to add some ham to it for the guys, and serve it with rice, just like Sunday.

  2. Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! (be sure to cut that chicken in half to ensure doneness)

    I feel okay today but was a bit concerned as I ate it (prior to deciding not to eat any more). And I’m not trying to be a hypochondriac, it’s just that it was so raw and it was ground beef which is notorious for bacterial growth. Plus, I had just had a conversation with a coworker who, along with her travel-mates, were stricken with food poisoning in Florida over New Year’s weekend thanks to some crab salad (the only common denominator) eaten at a restaurant.

    I’ll be finishing up leftovers for lunch. Tomorrow I start cooking again.

  3. Barb says:

    crab salad – they should sue the restuarant! (just kidding, but I’m sure there is a TV advertising lawyer that will win them thousands of dollars – hahahaha)
    I say just think positive & you won’t get sick, but you could make yourself sick thinking you should be sick. 😉

  4. Steve says:

    A Tuesday order with 2 day shipping means a Thursday delivery. I think I see your problem with coding 😉

    I’m with Barb- they probably move so much ground beef in a place like that you’re unlikely to get “much” disease.

    Last night was a Sufferfest night. I’m trying to hold my RPM’s down so I can build more strength. We’ll see how that goes.

    There was talk Sunday of additional attendance at Jorges tonight… Marty and Sally were going to make the effort- I don’t know if the word got out much more than that.


  5. I was giving Amazon the benefit of doubt, Tuesday night order would equate to a Wednesday morning shipping, thus it should arrive on Friday.

    Jorges will be a consideration again for me once Top Chef ends. It may mean that I walk instead of run (“they” say you must walk before you can run) but I’d like to up the amount of exercise that I am getting.

  6. Barb says:

    okay- I’ve got to ask Steve – why do you chancge the spelling of George’s to Jorges?

    I think I missed the conversation about going, but that doesn’t mean much – with 230 people, I think I missed plenty of conversations.

    I’m hoping to motivate myself to take the Christmas tree down tonight…….

  7. Debbie says:

    I tried to poison Steve last night with half-cooked chicken and chewy rice. We nuked the chicken into doneness and just lived with the rice. All my culinary fails seem to have rice as a component.

    I’ve been wanting to try Yeah! Burger. Were you’re other experiences there good?

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’ve eaten there once before. The food was good, though overpriced for what you get.

  9. Steve says:

    Sorry, I got side-tracked with my real job…

    Barb, I think Paulie called it Jorges once and it cracked me up, so I stole it.

    Anyone been to the Booth Western Museum or the Telus Science Museum ? I’m thinking about taking Debbie on a mini-road trip for my birthday tomorrow…

  10. I went to the Booth Western Museum last year, January 24th according to the one photo I uploaded to Flickr), when they had the Ansel Adams exhibit and thought it was wonderful (and in “downtown” Cartersville so you can walk around downtown if you like). The Adams exhibit is gone, but I still plan to go back at some point.

  11. Steve says:

    Cool. Sounds like plan may be forming..

  12. Barb says:

    Cartersville for your birthday……. Steve – you are one wild & crazy guy.
    If you are still up north after 5pm, stop by.

  13. Just stay away from the Cartersville Wal*Mart. I hear there’s syringes in them hills (or aisles in this case)!

  14. Barb says:

    totally off topic – here’s a place to try –

    it is next to a gas station & only have seating for about 12 or so people – my kind of place to try!

  15. I’m interested in it Barb. Was it you that mentioned this place to me previously?

  16. Barb says:

    nope- never heard of it until Beaver told me about it this weekend – not even sure how it came up in conversation.

  17. I’m surprised Heirloom gets any business. I can’t find their address anywhere on their website. Never mind, I finally found it under “Contact.”

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