I fully intended to write blog post this morning before I got up and left my hotel room in Valdosta Georgia. However, last night’s drive finished late and I wound up sleeping later than I wanted. So I am saying hello as I drive south on I 75 through Florida.

Hope you all have a great weekend I shall return next week


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2 Responses to I-75

  1. Barb says:

    hi – have a uneventful drive

  2. Steve says:

    Debbie is getting attached to our most recent foster boxer, Maggie. We had her out last night and she was running around the front yard bounding like a deer- it was too cute.

    Speaking of deer, we were walking up to the barn to make dinner for the ponies and there were 2 deer over by the mulch piles. We made the mistake of gazing too long and suddenly all the dogs spot them and it’s off to the races…

    Rode the trainer last night while it rained… too hot inside the man-cave, so I brought it out to my parking space- not much better, but a bit.

    Safe travels Paulie. Say hi to mom for us!


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