Slightly Stupid

But par for the course.

Today’s post will be an abbreviated one for reasons you will find out momentarily. I am posting via iPad today so my normal calvacade of noise will be omitted.

My It Stays Light Late
In yesterday’s post I mentioned getting one of two tasks — laundry, lawn mowing — completed. With the threat of rain removed I decided to skip out of work at 4:00pm (I’d put in nearly an eight-hour day by then) and race home to mow the lawn. My theory was that if I could cut the lawn and shower quickly I could then throw the newly-dirtied clothes in the laundry bag and head back out to do laundry.

Home I raced, quickly I changed into lawn-mowing clothes, around the yards I zipped, and into the shower I jumped. By 6:00pm I was ready to leave the house again.

Of course there was always Plan B in which I not go back out and work instead. This plan was based on the fact that I am taking the Jackmobile to Peach Auto today and since my usual lavanderia is just a block away I could always do laundry whole I waited for Lam to work on my car.

However the thought of bragging about getting two chores done was too great so out the door I went fully intending on getting laundry done and celebrating with a dinner out.

I Went Back To The Laundry But a the Laundry Was Gone
My search for late night laundromats (“Late Night Laundromats” would be an awesome band name I believe) turned up few viable options. I recalled a Spin Cycle laundromat at Dekalb Industrial that I’ve used infrequently before was open late, and I figured that I could celebrate with cheap Chinese buffet or some Mexican fare afterward.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled into the Kroger shopping center to find every store to one side of Kroger, including the laundromat, gone. Seems as if they are revamping that shopping center (they need to completely restripe that goddamn parking lot too) so my ambitious plan was dashed.

I could have sought another clothes washing locale, but the wind had left my sails by that point and I drowned my sorrows with cheap Chinese buffet; of that I am regretful.

Binge Watching The Amazing Race
Post binge eating I returned home and flopped on the basement couch in order to watch some television. Last weekend I purchased Season 24 of The Amazing Race (please don’t spoil it for me) and have watched five or six episodes so far. Last night I watched Italy, site of the second non-elimination stage. I’ve never watched “reality” tv after its original airing before so this is quite interesting. Perhaps the biggest win at this point is that at the end of one episode Phil says “In two weeks…” but for me the wait was more like two minutes.

Sure, I should be using my time more wisely, but sometimes I just need to decompress.

Back to Jack
Here I sit outside of the lavanderia, washing clothes and waiting for Peach Auto to open. I am hoping to minimize the amount of work time lost today by doing laundry and car repair in parallel. Since Jackmobile is only going in for an oil change and a pre-long-drive once-over I am hoping to knock out some code (or at least solidify the algorithms I plan to use) while Lam works.

I hope the all goes as planned today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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21 Responses to Slightly Stupid

  1. Steve says:

    You’ve been bitten by the auto-correct bug. Restripe became rest ripe. I love it!

    After finally getting a charged scuba tank last week (not my own, but a loaner from the shop while my tank is recertified) I dove in the cement pond to battle with the black algae. I think I’m winning the battle, but as you know it’s been a long, hard fight and it ain’t over until it’s over or the place sells!

    We (I) watched the ‘mercans whip up on the Ghanaians (I looked that up), and then watched the recorded last stage of the Dauphine. Andrew Talansky is a beast! Very well played by the team, with Ryder Hejesdahl drilling it until he couldn’t drill anymore. The post race interviews were great, with Talansky saying the win was worth all the pain, crashes, being sick that makes the life of a bike racer so hard, and Contador was gracious in the loss saying the Garmin/Sharp team rode a great tactical race. I can’t wait for that TdF to start. Tour de Suisse in the meantime.


  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Dag gummit! 🙂

    Steve, looked yesterday and Tour de Suisse is being shown on BEIN Sports if your cable provider offers that.

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Post updated, some but probably not l misspellings removed.

  4. Barb says:

    Season 24, is that the most recent Amazing Race?

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I think so. I am watching the recently-concluded “All Stars” season.

  6. Barb says:

    it was a pretty good season, except for the annoying Branchels……

  7. Martha says:

    There are a couple of laundromats, there are two just blocks from my house, there is another in that small shopping center next to Hodgepodge (not that I would recommend that one) and there is a really nice one (you know, for a laundromat) on Decatur, in the Pencil Lofts. While waiting you could run to Caramba’s for some mexican or down to Bada Bings (god I hate that name) for a 50/50 burger!

    We actually watched the game last night at home, for soccer it wasn’t bad. I mean at least the first and last 5 minutes were interesting…

    I just got tickets to see Spamalot for Saturday night and somehow I convinced Jerry to go with me. I think this might be one of those times he wasn’t really listening and is going to be quite surprised once the show starts 🙂

    No puking after today’s workout so Tuesday is already off to a good start.

  8. Barb says:

    Allan & I went to Spamalot – you either love Monty Python, or you don’t. It was so much fun!

    I wasted a few hours of my life watching a stupid TV show called Sing Your Face Off. A few “celebrities” were doing musical impersonations & then were voted off show by show. It was perfect, as I needed a no thinking show after coming back to work yesterday.

    I know nothing about futbol (except to spell it that way), so I felt no need to watch. Never played it as a kid at all in Iowa.

  9. No puking is good.

    I never think to go those ways for laundromats. I avoid the ones in our hoods, though I might meet a nice woman at one, because I’m afraid of them — the laundromats, not the nice women.

    No fútbol for me last night, not that interested.

    Finally at work now. You’ll read what else I accomplished today in tomorrow’s post.

  10. Steve says:

    It’s a good day when you don’t start off puking, I always say.

    I’m not normally a futbol fan, but since all the hip kids are doing it, I thought I better get on board.

  11. bob says:

    Finally getting caught up from vacation. Tough to wade through 1000 emails on the day you return, I wish I could do a one time delete all and start over.

    BRAG was awesome, still my favorite week to just check out and ride my bike. Although I did buy a house while I was gone, signing documents on my smart phone from the road. I love technology. Looks like moving day is July 26th and don’t worry, I only need help moving Travis’s play set. We have movers for the rest. House warming party will be shortly after we get all our crap sorted out 🙂

    I am sort of a futbol fan, I like to watch it some times. Laura and her family are HUGE fans so I ask dumb questions all the time and have a better understanding of the game.

  12. Gosh darn it, I’ll be out of the country that weekend. 🙂

    Where is the new abode located, Bob?

    Oh, and congratulations on getting a new home!

  13. Martha says:

    Same here Barb, I never knew anyone that played soccer growing up. Jerry played when he was a kid, I guess Ohio was more progressive than Indiana.

    I’m guessing that Jerry is in the you don’t group when it come to MP, I don’t think he’s ever watch it. He falls asleep everytime he hear a British accent.

  14. bob says:

    Thanks, new house is across the street from the current one. On the other side of Old Alabama, nicer neighborhood and has a pool and tennis courts. So only moving a half a mile and staying in Roswell. I love my little slice of suburban heaven.

  15. Steve says:

    Can we move the playset as a unit? Tractor with front end loader and 16′ utility trailer would be available… We’d make quite the parade!!

  16. bob says:

    Now you are talking Steve! Power tools make everything better!

  17. Jenka says:

    Don’t want to comment on yesterday’s post because no one will see it, but yeah: it turns out that property along the Beltline with a clear view of Ponce City Market is in high demand! Who knew?! So they wanted to jack up my rent to $1200/month for an 800 SF 1/1 apartment. No way! If all goes as planned there will be one more move in the next 8-12-ish months, and then that’s it for years.

    Great birthday! Lunch at Tin Lizzy’s with my Emory gym friends, then dinner at Fogo de Chao. Didn’t realize that FdC is kind of a tourist trap now, I thought it was more upscale. But no, there were people there wearing t-shirts and baseball caps. And yet you pay $40 just for the food! But we had a great time making fun of people whilst eating pounds of delicious meat.

    Soccer is huge in the northeast. Every kid I knew played on a team at some point, including me! And I was NOT an athletic kid at ALL. So that tells you something. I watched the first half of the USA game before dinner.

  18. Must be our age difference Jenka because when I grew up in New York, even with Pelé playing for the Cosmos soccer took a back seat to baseball and football.

  19. Jenka says:

    I’m not talking about watching professional sports, I’m talking about playing sports in school. Kevin’s approx your age and he played soccer through high school and college, in upstate New York. But no, it wasn’t bigger than football. Not everyone could play football, though, and every kid could play soccer.

  20. Steve says:

    Bob, I don’t know if we can back that trailer into the backyard and just use the FEL to lift if and back the trailer under it. I’m game.

  21. We didn’t play soccer either, we played baseball and football instead. I didn’t know people who played soccer until I moved to Florida in 1978.

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