Must Be Affecting My Brain

The dry scalp I’ve had for the past three or so weeks must finally have penetrated my brain. After a deliciously filling dinner of two Bahn Mi sandwiches I arrived home to realize that I left my laptop at the office.

Had I not wanted to actually do some coding last night I might have been able to convince myself to relax and remain at home. Instead, I packed up my shit and drove all the way back to the Perimeter Mall area in order to fetch it.

There was a part of me that considered sleeping at the office, or getting a nearby hotel room, but in the end I decided that traffic was light enough to return home. What’s another forty miles on the old M6, right? As an added bonus I filled up the M6’s tank with gas in preparation for tonight’s journey.

It’s Not Mousse, It’s Steroids Baby
If you see me during the next week starting tomorrow you may wonder about my new fashion statement. Since my body has been incapable of healing itself I will begin a treatment of steroid cream tonight.

You know it’s funny, just when I think that I can’t have anything else happen to me that will make me less attractive to women, I am proven wrong.

Maybe Beer Will Help?
I’m looking forward to joining ITP-Readers Stacy and Barb, and friends, at Monday Night Brewing. Maybe beer and good friends will improve my mood.

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5 Responses to Must Be Affecting My Brain

  1. Stacy says:

    Absolutely it will. Barb and I are amazing people — there’s no doubt your mood will improve just by being in our presence! 😀

    Gotta hand it to you: you sure have dedication. Had I left my computer behind I would have been all, screw that!, and open a bottle of wine instead.

  2. Barb says:

    I’m with Stacy, I would have NEVER driven back to the office.
    See y’all tonight, I’m not sure if Daneele is coming or not, I haven’t asked her yet.

  3. Steve says:

    The real question is after you went back to the office to get the laptop, did you actually use it? I’m not sure I could walk out of my office without, although nowadays, it’s rare I use it at home.

    Since Debbie filled the tank of the rental car, we literally had gas to burn and drove South of LaGrange for dinner last night. The Cart Barn was a driving range (and may still be, as there was a trash can full of clubs at the front door). Now it’s a seafood restaurant! (What a country). I have to say my crab cakes and shrimp were pretty good. They also had grouper, stuffed flounder and I believe sea bass. To see the outside, you’d never believe it…

    I don’t think I have any other earth shattering news… y’all have fun at the brewery tonight.


  4. I used it but not as much as I expected. I did feel better having it however.

  5. One walk to Target on a tremendously nice morning and $30 spent on prescriptions later, I’m back!

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