I’m Having A Revival

Well, at least I’ll be eating at Revival tonight. I’m going Revival with ITP-Reader Betsy in order to celebrate her recent birthday. It’s also a selfish gesture since I’ve wanted to eat at Revival since its opening a few months ago, but it’s another restaurant where the single diner gets less than the best experience.

Hey Look! Wine!
After once again stopping at my doctor’s office to pay a bill, I really need to stop going to the doctor, I popped into Trader Joe’s to pick up a bottle of wine for last night’s German class (number nine of ten!). Silly me, I bought a bottle that required an corkscrew, which I apparently don’t have in my car. [note to self: fix this!] So, I left the bottle in the car. With two other people bringing bottles of wine, and only four of the seven of us consuming, we were fine without my bottle.

When I arrived home after class I unpacked my backpack and found the bottle of wine that I’d put into it two weeks ago! On that night we polished off three bottles, so mine was not needed. I completely forgot (obviously) that I had put the bottle into my backpack! Oh well, at least I’m now well-stocked for next quarter.

Next week’s class being our finale of this quarter we’ll consume wine and cookies. For next week I have purchased a bottle of Glühwein to bring with me.

Today May Be The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
But then again isn’t it always? Deeeeep.

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5 Responses to I’m Having A Revival

  1. Barb says:

    How heavy is your backpack that you don’t notice the weight of a bottle of wine?

    We went to to newly reopened (with new owners) Rocco’s last night for 60 cent wings. Menu is basically the same, most of the old (literally & figuratively) waitresses are back. But – High Life is $9 a pitcher, not $6. Allan says he will have to have a talk with the new owners……..LOL

    other fun stuff he dealt with yesterday-
    A code enforcement guy stopped by, apparently someone said someone was living in a camper in the back yard, there is an abandoned Jeep back there & something else. Allan had a nice chat with the guy, explainded we were just trying to figure everything out on the camper. He agreed that we were all fine. SO THERE NOISY NEIGHBOR! I swear, some people have nerve.

  2. I put my laptop and iPad into it last night so I expected it to be heavier than normal, so I didn’t notice the extra heft.

    OMG, people are such pains in the asses. Glad you were able to talk to the code enforcement guy,

  3. Stacy says:

    OMG Barb, that is ridiculous! And, um, last I heard it was OK to stay in your own property ON your own property. Great googly moogly. I mean, I get the concept of a neighborhood watch and looking out for each other, but you’ve had the camper only how long now? Obviously no one is LIVING in it!

  4. Steve says:

    You poor homeless people… still waiting on the picture Barb.

    Life imitates art department- I reading a novel (written by an old HS friend) on the train and the lead characters were caught in a drive by shooting in yesterdays’ reading. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at College Park and the cops had the street in front of the station cordoned off and evidence markers in the street, where apparently there was an argument and shooting about 2PM. Shooter in FCJ and shootee recovering at Grady. Wow.

    After 50 minutes of suffering, Debbie prepared an amazing dinner of meat loaf, mashed taties and squash casserole. And tonight, one of my other favorite meals- leftover meat loaf!!! All was delish.


  5. Barb says:

    Steve – I got home & it was very dark & dreary yesterday – no way to take a picture. It was still fairly dark this morning. Maybe tonight I can get one…….

    I’ll be making some venison meatloaf ones of these days soon…….. good idea! Our camper previous owner also brought us a bunch of venison when he delivered it!

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