What Are You Waiting For, Christmas?

Whew, I got into the office today and have been busy trying to catch up from a week’s worth of time away. I already miss the Bohemian lifestyle I crafted last week.

About Last Christmas
On Christmas Eve I ate a delicious, yet wildly expensive dinner at Gunshow. The Christmas Eve 2014 price fixe dinner was so much better though.

Christmas Day found me at a friend’s house for an early dinner. Dave is a friend of a friend and invited some orphans over for a turkey dinner. It was lovely, though I managed to consume too much beer — imagine that.

Look Who’s Been Redecorating!
Um, me!

I moved my futon to my den, the den office furniture to the room formerly known as the “guest bedroom”, and set up the IKEA media center in the den. Funny thing about that media center, it contains no holes in the back for passing cables. Still need to rectify this.

Look Who’s Been (Indoor) Riding!

I put an hour a day in on the trainer five of the last seven days. On four of those days I watched Sahara with Michael Palin, a series I’ve wanted to watch, apparently for the second time as it turns out as I recognized all of the content in the final episode.

Look Who’s Been Reading!
Also me!

I wrapped up To Kill a Mockingbird, and read the entirety of Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life — a book about eight female chefs that helped Kim Severson improve her life.

Look Who’s Been To Cartersville?
Me? Cartersville? Yes, Inside The Perimeter went to Cartersville yesterday.

The purpose of my trek to Cartersville was to visit Booth Western Art Museum. The museum is currently holding an exhibition of photography including some of the greats. It’s billed as “Ansel Adams: Before & After” and includes photos from Albert Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Dorothea Lange, and Edward Weston amongst others.

Of course I also wandered around the amazing collection of Western art owned by the museum.

Booth Western Art Museum a fantastic museum. I only wish that it were closer so that I could visit more often.

Look Who’s Going To Düsseldorf!

I have registered for German Nash Hash which will be held in Düsseldorf Germany on June 17-19. I’ve yet to pay, but plan to do so this week. Initially I was going to have to fork over the 209€ using another wire transfer, but then I found out that I can use PayPal. Unfortunately, after requesting a payment request from the hash cash he accidentally sent me 209€, so now I need to figure out how to undo this. If it weren’t a hasher making this error I’d swear that this were a scam to swindle me out of money.

Now I need to figure out how to get there economically.

And also how to ensure that I can take enough vacation in 2016 in order to go on all of my now-planned trips.

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11 Responses to What Are You Waiting For, Christmas?

  1. ITP-Reader Stacy, sorry to have missed your hash. By the time my hangover wore off it was passed hash start time.

  2. Barb says:

    well – I survived almost a week with my parents. We had a good time, but they are getting old, and its not as easy as it used to be. My Dad even with his hearing aids doesn’t seem to hear well – so I think he just ignores most stuff, but then occasionally gets annoyed with us & we don’t know why. My mom is getting forgetful – so there is a lot of repeating of things. A lot of that. I worked with her on her email – just deleting old ones & how to do it is confusing for her. But – we had a good time.

    Went to A Christmas Carol (Dad couldn’t hear a lot of it of course, but got closer seats for the 2nd act as someone didn’t show, so that sort of helped)
    They both got massages on Wednesday night – Mom LOVED it, and Dad didn’t hate it, but called it at 30 minutes or so – so I guess that was successful.
    Christmas Eve & Christmas Day were good – Allan’s parents hung out with us & we cooked up some good dinners.
    We did the Marietta Food Tour on Saturday afternoon – gorgeous day & I learned of some new restaurants to go back to. Also a little history of some of the places on the Marietta Square. It was a great way to spend about 3 hours – if you are ever in need of something like that to do.

    Mom & Dad flew out yesterday morning – Allan used his SITA badge to get them all the way to the gate – and we took them in thru the International Terminal so it they didn’t have to wait in a 30 minute security line.

    So – it was good – I need to get them down here more often, or I need to get to Iowa more often.

  3. Barb, now that you are back reading the blog I can ask you if you saw that BRAG is supposedly going to “send a team” to RAGBRAI in 2016?

    I understand your parental situation completely. It makes me wonder what will happen with my when I’m my mother’s current age — assuming I get that far.

  4. Steve says:

    We used an expression for the first time I can ever recall this weekend- “Turn Around- Don’t Drown!” We were on the way to Debbie’s folks and Christmas Eve festivities on Thursday, when we came upon a section of road being well overtopped by water. I rode there yesterday and there is now a 3 foot gap in the pavement.

    There was not TC od Christmas, as all the players were sick/hungover/partied out, so we still have that on our radar.

    Saturday, we took Jack to his forever mom and daughters- we drove to Jackson MS and they drove in from Ft. Worth. It all seemed to work well as we heard a report yesterday of them taking him on a bike ride and he just loped along with them. Our house is quiet(er) for a small change.

    Our road is quite hammered after all the rain of the last week (with more coming)- I’m a bit hesitant to ride the road bike out now. Yesterdays adventure was on the CX.

    Still pretty quiet around here.


  5. Stacy says:

    Do you realize the link to your restaurant didn’t show up? If I hadn’t known where you dined I would have been all: “Where? Where did you go? The wildly expensive dinner was WHERE?!???” heehee 🙂 Was the menu different from last year, I assume?

    Thanks! We actually had a stellar crowd for the hash — I was most pleased! I’m sure it was because Pinelake was joint with AH4 (technically I hared for Pinelake). It was my co-hare’s virgin lay (ha! which I hadn’t known when we started out that day), so it was kinda fun being a mentor there. But what I did learn was that laying entirely in chalk (which was necessary for an urban trail) is MUCH tougher than flour….you have to bend and mark instead of just throw blobs. I’m a little sore yet today.

    We started them at the Carter Center and hit along the way: Inman Park, Krog Street Market, Irwin Street Market, Freedom Pkwy Trail, Jackson Street Bridge (Scenic View!), MLK Jr. Historic Site, the Atlanta Streetcar through downtown (Get on-on streetcar at Auburn; and on-off at Centennial Park — though some chose to run the route instead of ride), then through Centennial Park (right past the Pinelake brick naturally!) and Coke/Civil Rights museums, up through the Tech Campus and then back into Midtown via the 5th street bridge to eventually end at my place. 5-6 miles depending if you rode the car or not. Gorgeous day even if it was a little warm. The rains held off! And most people seemed to like it…. someone even told me it was one of his favorites he’s ever done in Atlanta…. but I think he may have been drinking already. 🙂

    Bonus: my co-hare works for Mellow Mushroom so he got us some pizzas for the end, where we also had kegs left over from a prior hash (Atlanta?)….managed to kick one of those too!

    In completely unrelated news, CONGRATS ON THE JETS WIN!!! Boom. I love to see New England lose. Well done, J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

    On the other hand, we need not discuss the late game on Fox.

    And, now, back at work. The slow pace of the day so far seems to be a fair predictor of who the entire week will go…. I’m cool with that.

  6. Poop, missing restaurant identified — Gunshow. This year’s menu was their normal “dim sum” a la carte ordering. I ate a lot, and had two glasses of wine.

    Thanks for the Jets callout. Sorry about your Packers.

    I’m trying to figure out where my coworker, who has this week off, left things on Wednesday of last week. It’s not as easy as it seems it should be.

  7. Barb says:

    I did see that about RAGBRAI – Franklin bought a bus & got it all painted. We will not be going next year – I only consider it when it goes thru the middle of the state (near Cedar Rapids). Since it did last year – the route will be further north or further south. my guess is we will go back every 3rd year. But – I don’t know if we will do the whole week again – maybe just 3 or 4 days. That was a lot of drinking (& riding). But – if we had the right group – who knows.

    We might do part of BRAG in June – maybe the 2nd half of the week. but – with you going to Germany the week or so after – I guess you won’t be joining us.

  8. Steve says:

    That sounds like a great trail. I have an idea for a trail (if I ever start hashing again) that goes by lots of the outdoor art through midtown and downtown. One of these days…

  9. Stacy says:

    Steve, always happy to co-hare or host the end! 🙂

  10. Yeah, once I sent in the registration I realized that it was probably at the same time as BRAG. But since I wanted to visit Germany again in 2016 I figured that was a good excuse. And, I’ll know two people there, Colonel Clit and Stiff Upper Clit hash with the group that’s hosting German Nash Hash; I’ve seen their names on the Who’s Cumming list.

    I will do BRAG Spring Tune Up again this year. Who knows, maybe it won’t rain the entire weekend? 🙂

  11. Barb says:

    well – we will hopefully drag the camper over to Spring Tune up, so at least we can get out of the rain for some of it, if it rains the whole time again.

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