So Much Stuff, So Little Time!

Yikes, I’m really behind it today. I did force myself to put an hour in on the trainer, not my best hour, but an hour nonetheless. Since I’ve exhausted all of The Great British Baking Show I’ve started watching House Of Cards today. I sure wish that I could figure out a way to get access to the seasons of The Great British Baking Show that preceded the 2014 series that is available for streaming in the US.

I have a feature to develop for the 9-to-5’s app today, to prepare it for release tomorrow. I tried working on it last night, but was too pooped to care by the time I arrived home and had eaten dinner.

I’ll have to scoot from the office at a reasonable time tonight because I’ll be driving over to Decatur, Eddie’s Attic specifically to see Fred Eaglesmith perform tonight. I saw Eaglesmith perform two years ago, and believe that I had a ticket for his performance last year as well but didn’t make it. Doors open at 6:30pm and I’d like to get there early enough to eat dinner before the show starts as well.

Return to Thursday Night Trivia next week? I certainly hope so.

With all of this on my plate I’d better get cracking.

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6 Responses to So Much Stuff, So Little Time!

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see. Work. A haircut at lunch. More work. MARTA screw ups going home- thinking the train behind the one I was on that kept stopping would have seats, I got off and waited but alas, it was as full. I was able to get a seat at 5 points, which is always the way. A solid 40 minutes on the trainer in the cold man cave and dinner topped off by an early to bed rounded out the evening.

    I still can’t decide if it will be worthwhile to go to CX Nats on Sunday. Except for the crew working the race, I have no personal interest in any of the riders… I might not decide until Sunday morning.

    Late word that the puppy appears to be better!! Solid poop is such a happy thing when there is a lot of inside pooping!


  2. Barb says:

    We went to Star Wars finally last night. I am not a Star Wars fanatic, & haven’t seen any of the newer movies, so it has been 20-30 years since I’ve seen the old ones. It was good, it was entertaining, and Allan thought it as awesome.
    We to AMC Parkway Point near Cumberland Mall – they are all reserved seats with recliner seats – much more comfy & I don’t know if I can go to a theatre without those seats ever again. They also have a bar in the lobby, in case you need a beer or cocktail.

    Steve – you could go hang with TJ- I’m not sure who he’s working for this week, but you can find him whereever the neutral support people are.

  3. Steve says:

    And he’s likely in the pit, which would require a pass to get there. Not that I’m not above pulling rank and talking my way past security, but I try to behave as well.

    Debbie has no interest in seeing SW, and like you, I can’t recall seeing any of the recent ones. A bar and recliner seating sound like a recipe for an expensive nap.

  4. Barb says:

    you only go to action movies with these nice chairs – lots of noise to keep you awake. I’m glad I saw it- it was fun, I enjoyed it, but I won’t be one of those people watching it multiple times.
    Or in the case of Joy – you might have just wanted a nap! (hahahaha)

    I just went & met Aron over at a litlle tiny bbq place at the Marietta Square – the Double Take Cafe. Good brisket sandwich, very large, so I have dnner for later.

    Trying to think of something for dinner tomorrow night at the house…….. any ideas anyone? Probably end up doing a whole chicken on the Egg, but I’m trying to think of something else.

  5. I’ve yet to see Star Wars. Like you Barb I’ve not seen any of the “prequels” so I am in no hurry to see this one.

  6. Barb says:

    prequels are totally not necessary – as this one (technically #7) is many years after #6 (or really #3 in order of being made) Return of the Jedi that came out in 1983.
    Allan had to help me “remember” all the backstory stuff – not that any of that is really necessary either, it just barely helps.

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