The Bitter Cold Has Made Me Bitter

Who am I trying to kid, I am always bitter these days.

My work environment drove me to drinking last night. Who am I trying to kid, I enjoy drinking. With a lack of heavy traffic I met the boss at the Emory location of Lucky’s Burger & Brew for a few stouts — it is stout-drinking weather after all. I managed abstained from ordering food, choosing to return home in to eat food that I had leftover from the weekend.

No Ride For The Wicked
With early morning meetings and a need to ditch this popsicle stand in time to drive to midtown I had to skip my morning trainer ride. I’m not too concerned about this given that I rode three days in a row, so my legs could use the break.

I’m Going Back To Raleigh
Yesterday I booked my work travel for the NC State Career Fair that will take place on Wednesday, February 3rd. Because I will be performing a interview day on the following day I have extended the trip through the weekend so that I can hang with the Raleigh Royalty on Superbowl Weekend; pity the Packers won’t be playing.

I’m Going To Learn How To Make Soap!
The other day while looking at the Mama Bath + Body website I noticed that they offered soap-making classes at their Avondale Estates location. In order to help jump out of my current rut I decided to sign up for one! I supposedly got the last spot in the 10:30am class on February 13th. It should be fun, and it will certainly get me to meet people who don’t run in my normal circles.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to The Bitter Cold Has Made Me Bitter

  1. Steve says:

    Making soap? I read that as making soup, which makes a whole lot more sense. The other members of the class will be older married women and gay men- my prediction.

    There was furniture moving, which included Debbie smashing a finger, hot tub draining- never had the hot tub with no water and below freezing temps before, so had to figure out how to dry out the plumbing. I also finished restoring our hot tub cover in anticipation of getting it online soon. There was also a little land clearing. I invested in a Dremel attachment to sharpen chain saw chains, and it works pretty well.

    Debbie’s second attempt at pizza making was a huge success. I think a thicker sauce would be better, but that is a preference of mine, not a reflection on quality of product.

    And Stacy, to answer a question from yesterday- Taqueria Los Hermanos

    in Tucker, located in the Publix shopping center on Hugh Howell. They do a lot of seafood you don’t normally see on Mexican menus and fish tacos that are very spicy and muy delicioso!

    Stay warm friends.


  2. You are probably right Steve, but the five others in the class could provide good and different network opportunities.

  3. Barb says:

    I haven’t made pizza dough in a while – the last couple times I was super lazy & bought it from Publix.

    Soap making – you are branching out.

    We need to go sit in our hot tub – we pay the big bucks to keep it hot & rarely go out & soak. Allan went out & put covers on all the outside spigots, hopefully our water lines will survive this cold spell.

    So – we’ve been watching Mr. Robot (recorded last summer) and somehow the final episode didn’t record the entire episode. ARGH. Luckily we still get Netflix DVDs, so that will be shipping today. Pretty interesting series – I wasn’t sure I’d like it from the synopsis – but its really been interesting.

  4. Stacy says:

    When I saw the “making soap” thing I was instantly interested and a little bummed to see you got the last spot. So who knows? You may have some eligible single ladies there after all. And at least you’ll know whoever’s there cares about their hygiene. *grin* You know, if you ever want company at any of these, holler. Of course, if you show up with a female friend it’s kind of a hard to meet ladies then…. I have that same problem when I hang out with my guy friends (like everyone thinks Yassir and I are a couple when we’re not). But I can always wear the diamond wedding ring I have so they’ll know you’re not with me. I can be a good wingwoman!

    Speaking of events…. this is a bit away but if anyone feels like joining me and Aron we’re planning to do this: It’s the first weekend in March and looks like it lends to having a nice long walk on the Beltline beforehand to counteract the noshing after. We have non-VIP tickets.

    I was frowning at my 22 degree display on the car this morning until I heard the radio gods say that in Milwaukee the high will be 18 today. My 22 before sun-up didn’t seem quite so bad then. I mean, granted: it’s BAD. But at least two months from now it’ll be 60 again and my hometown will probably still be 18.

  5. I certainly will keep you in mind, Stacy. I am looking into the brunch festival to see if my schedule permits. I just purchased a ticket for the brunch festival.

  6. Laura says:

    Atlanta Gladiators’ tickets (yes, they changed their name): currently we have nine people going to Saturday’s game: me, Bob, Travis, Steve, Paul, Barb, Allan, Mark and June. We already asked the Sistis and Ritchers. We need one more person to get discounted group tickets. Is anyone or do you know of anyone else that is interested in going? Thanks!

  7. Barb says:

    That brunch looks interesting, but we will be out in Northern CA that weekend doing some serious wine tasting.

    BTW – I just got word my new mountain bike has shipped. I was hoping this month might be a little nicer on the Credit Card bill – but now, no such luck. Next up finding someone that wants to buy my Full suspension Santa Cruz Blur. And, I have no idea the price – I guess I need to ask Allan about that.

  8. Steve says:

    I bought one already (one of your hand me down bikes) so I’ll pass. Not that I need another bike I don’t ride.

  9. Stacy says:

    YAY on the brunch festival, Paulie! So glad you can join us. Thinking we’ll all meet up maybe 10am or so, take a nice long walk around (oooh our first photo shoot in a while too?). Of course, it’s over a month a way so we’ll figure that out then. 🙂

  10. Barb says:

    Stephanie & Mike are in for hockey

  11. Stacy says:

    Oh, I also meant to ask you what stouts you had. It’s my favorite kind of beer and I’m always up for recommendations. (Are you on Untappd?)

  12. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I had two of a Highland Mocha Stout, and a Wild Heaven, which now that I think about it may not be a stout.

    I’ve yet to join Untappd for some reason.

  13. Steve says:

    I was drinking the one from Jailhouse when we were out last Thursday and it was quite tasty.

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