Stuffed Pig

I ate and I ate and I ate at Alfredo’s last night. It was an expensive, but entertaining and delicious dinner with ITP-Reader Betsy. Word on the street is that Alfredo’s will be closing at the end of this month because the property on which it sits has been sold. Quiet rumor on the street is that the mixed-use development project that would evict Alfredo’s has been put on hold, but no one at Alfredo’s would admit to this because it might affect the gangbuster business that they are currently enjoying as everyone shows up for “one last” meal.

Due to my food and drink indiscretions I forced myself onto the trainer for sixty minutes this morning. Truth be told I wanted to ride for ninety minutes in order to watch all of the Season 2 finale of The Amazing Race but I didn’t have that luxury.

Why not?

Because I am flying to Raleigh today and my whole work world is unraveling. And I am rushing around trying to take care of things at the very last minute as if I have never done this before!

I’ll be spending the next handful of day up in Raleigh, doing some recruiting, and spending some time with the Raleigh Royalty on their home turf.

Wish me well, especially looking that the pea soup that I will be trying to fly through today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Stuffed Pig

  1. Steve says:

    It really was pea soup this morning. The strobes were up full, as were the field lights. Visibility at the Marta lot was pretty nil, but I watched a plane land, so things are moving.

    I got a good sweat going for a half hour last night, pushing big gears, trying to build some power.

    While it’s so warm in the evenings, the horses are staying out, which saves on time (stall cleaning) and money (shavings). I don’t hear them complaining much.

    We’re watching the final season of American Idol (go ahead, come get my man card). They haven’t gotten down to the final group yet, but they do have some amazing talent.

    Safe travels.

    Barb, what’s Allan’s schedule this week? I still need him to take a look at my bike.


  2. Barb says:

    Steve – we will be around Thursday & Friday – wait – one of those days he is at Cycleworks – so doesn’t get home until 7:30 or after. I’ll have to check & let you know.
    he’s at the airport on Wednesday- you can always text him & see if you can swing by there.

    Paulie – what all did you order? I’ve never been, I guess now I never will.

    We watched Second Chance (new show that just started) – it has potential. Then watched Lucifer -its silly and kind of fun – we need more shows like that, that aren’t a sitcom.

    Tonight – Allan says he wants wings – and since he almost never has an opinion on what to do for dinner – we might be eating wings.

  3. Steve says:

    At the airport… hmmmm. That’s always possible!

  4. Barb says:

    he would just have to bring his tools. he’s there Saturday too.

  5. We started with stuffed mushrooms, then had salads (perhaps the worst part of the meal for they were swimming in dressing), I had veal parmigiana; Betsy had veal prepared three ways, each of us had pasta with our entree, and we finished by sharing tiramisu and coffee. Oh, we also shared a bottle of red wine.

  6. Steve says:

    And what was the occasion? Almost sounds like a date… 😉

  7. Ha, Steve I missed your “almost sounds like a date” comment. The occasion was to eat there before they close, which as I mentioned may not happen as soon as everyone thinks.

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