Happy Presidents Day

I completely forgot that today’s traffic wouldn’t be horrific because many people aren’t reporting to work today. It really didn’t matter that much to me because I had a 7:30am dental appointment to get my permanent crown glued in, and as I have mentioned in this space before my dentist’s office is across the street from there the Cobb County Carpetbaggers will start playing their baseball games in 2017.

Almost To Plan
Both of my weekend days were good, and one of them even managed to go nearly as planned!

On Saturday I arose early and put ninety minutes in on the trainer while watching two more episodes of season three of The Amazing Race. After cleaning up after my ride I drove toward Avondale Estates, the location of the soap-making class that I was to attend, and ruined my workout with a Waffle House breakfast.

The soap-making class was fun. Our group of six makers, five women and me, made a three-pound batch of lavender-oatmeal soap; each participant took home a pound of the soap we made. I hit it off with one of the makers, who unfortunately for me is happily married. Pity that.

Due to the cold weather and time constraints I chose to skip the Chinese New Year celebration held at my coworker’s grocery store on Buford Highway. Instead I returned to the warmth of the ITP Estate and read.

On Saturday evening I braved the cold and drove into downtown for Theatrical Outfit‘s performance of “Moxie”. “Moxie” is a story about the journey of a journal from an Afghanistan soldier’s possession all the way back around to his son reading the published version as his dad is in a coma. While the storyline was a bit hokey the play was well acted and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sunday morning found me back on the trainer pulling another ninety minutes’ worth of riding as I watched two more episodes of season three of The Amazing Race.

Before hopping onto the bike I also started a batch of Mississippi Roast in the crockpot. I was unable to find a suitably-sized roast so what I really wound up making was a Mississippi Stew. While quite tasty if I ever decide to make this recipe again I will scale the butter back significantly since in this version there was a noticeable layer of fat floating atop the crockpot when the dish was ready.

Instead of doing the purging that I had intended to do I sat around the house doing German homework, and then watching the first episode of the current season of The Amazing Race. I’m skeptical that I will enjoy this season do to the collection of self-important social media “stars” that they’ve assembled for this season. I’ve come to realize that my least-favorite seasons of The Amazing Race have been the themed ones — Family, First Dates, etc.

I finished my lazy Valentine’s Day alone by finishing “A Prayer for Owen Meany”. The Updike novel, which was suggested reading by the Raleigh Royalty, was pretty well written (in my unsophisticated opinion). If your into Updike’s writing and have yet to read this I’d suggest you do so as well.

German x 2
Unless otherwise instructed tonight I will be starting my “Start A2 Exam Preparation” class. In addition to my normal Tuesday night German class I will be taking this five-week course aimed at preparing me for the “Start A2” exam in April. By passing these exams and getting the certificates I increase my employability in the Fatherland if I ever decide that I want a real change of life. Even if I never choose to make such a move having to prepare for the exam is a good way to force me to study more.

Hope that you had a fantastic weekend!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Happy Presidents Day

  1. Steve says:

    Friday night was an oyster roast and low country boil with the hunt folks. A fox hunt Saturday where Debbie rode and I road whipped. We were not really much help, as we never saw the field, at least I didn’t.

    Sunday was breakfast at HH followed by shopping for dinner fixings, then a little road trip to some antique stores in Woodbury. Dinner was schnitzel with the sauce the recipe called for and it was seriously good. Sage leaves in butter all in the pan drippings. No wonder the Germans are fat.

    Today a little lumber jacking before the rain, then a movie.

    I hear my chain saw calling.


  2. Barb says:

    Back from the Gulf, it was a nice relaxing time. Ate & drank too much, it was too breezy to take the boat out at all.

    We brought back some oysters – which we will be cooking (or not cooking)tonight, if anyone is interested & wants to come help us eat them.

    also brought back a nice piece of tuna, which we seared for dinner last night.

  3. Stacy says:

    I’m late in chiming in but have to echo that I was NOT impressed with TAR on Friday. Probably because it’s obviously a bunch of narcissists (you sort of have to be to be an “internet star”) and who wants to watch that? I’ll give it a couple more shots but I might sit this one out.

  4. Barb says:

    we haven’t watched that first episode yet………. but I was thinking that same thing when I read who was going to be on.

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