It seems as if I am in a perpetual waiting game.

My right nostril is still slightly enflamed. This is day four, if it persists into next week I shall have to see a medical professional. Fortunately my nostril is not noticeably unsightly, which would be difficult given the makeup of the rest of the face of which it is a part. Of course this (minor?) incident reminds me of the importance of health insurance.

I keep sleeping too late to allow me the time to test out my knee on the trainer. Perhaps I’ll use my excuse that I need to stop waiting to turn in my tax forms for submittal, after performing a test ride of course, as my excuse for going into work late tomorrow.

Not Waiting
To post another ITP Flickr Pic from last Saturday’s photostroll.
Doll's Head Trail (Give Baby A Bottle)
I almost wish that I could go into Photoshop and clone out the markings on the doll’s head.

Instead of pre-ordering a new iPhone SE (which I have been mistakenly calling an iPhone 6SE) I have decided to wait until they arrive in stores next week. The reason? I want to talk to AT&T to see if I can buy a SIM-free unlocked phone from Apple and still keep my current cellphone number. As I understand it the SIM cards in older phones are not compatible with the newer iPhones. It’s only a week more, I can wait.

I’m at home waiting out Atlanta’s shitty rush hours commute; not a typo, no one can honestly say that this city only experiences one hour of shitty traffic.

Not Waiting
If there is trivia tonight then I shall wait no longer to play. Yesterday I mistakenly read my calendar for this week and believed that the theater ticket for the play “Ethel” at Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre was for tonight, it is for next Thursday night.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, because it’ll be Friday!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Waiting

  1. Barb says:

    Tomorrow is Good Friday – remember when most businesses were closed & most of us had the day off? Well -now just a few random ones are closed (in my shipping & receiving world) which makes life very confusing at work.

    Allan spent the day yesterday with a trencher digging up the yard to bury his electrical out to the shed. That was way too much of a work out – he was exhausted last night.

    Hoping Saturday stays a nice day so we can get a bike ride in – but there may be more yard/electrical work that I may get to help with.

  2. Dangen! I just remembered another “Waiting”

    I’ll be waiting awhile to return to Pollo Norteño because last night’s dinner was horrible. I should have sent the plate back immediately because the chicken was so torn up that it looked like it had lost a fight, and the “beans” were little more than a puddle of bean-colored water.

    This should be good for my wallet and my waistline.

  3. Stacy says:

    Started the day with a nail in my tire. D’oh! But pumped it up enough to get it to work and then call the roadside assistance. *Could* I have changed it myself? Probably if I had to. But why if I have the assistance? 🙂 Going to rock the baby donut until I can get in next week to the folks who have new tires on order for me. Considering I travel about 5 miles a day on them and have never used the donut before, pretty sure I’ll be fine. Hey! May even walk my ass to work one of these days instead then. We’ll see!

    Barb, I remember that but gosh, you’re right: it was ages ago. Now we do a “Floating Holiday” so I guess folks can take it if they’re so religiously inclined and it not have to cut into regular PTO/vaca time.

    “If there is trivia tonight then I shall wait no longer to play”
    You confuse me with your fancy words! But yes, there will be The Trivias tonight!

  4. I try to be all fancy-pants to fool everyone into believing that I am edumacated. See you tonight!

    Oh, funny headline I saw on the Creative Loafing website today A Walk in the Park: Six Forests Hidden Inside the Perimeter. I don’t recall hiding any forests here. 😉 A quick scan of the list shows that it includes Constitution Lakes Park, I think I’ve heard about this one recently… 🙂

  5. Barb says:

    Stacy – I’m all about AAA & roadside assistance. I will never change a tire……..
    you get damn dirty doing it.

    I need to look into getting new tires for my car – I’ve got over 30.000 miles now, and those factory ones are never all that good. we just keep spening money like we are rich, so I’m trying to figure out when I can afford it.

  6. Steve says:

    Well I don’t know where my previous comment went!!!

    I had lunch with the mizzus at the café in Luthersville, after having gone to the auction this morning. I didn’t get any of my items, but I’m pretty cheap, so it better be a real bargain.

    Finally in the orifice, basically cooling my heels until the test begins at 8PM tonight. They expect it to be done by midnight. Yippee.

    I hope the rain can knock some of this pollen down. I don’t even want to think of exercising in this. Ugh.


  7. Steve, it seems as if the blog software is eating comments.

    Barb, found all of yours from the other day in the Trash folder, but I did not put them there. Hell, I didn’t even know that I had a Trash folder in comments!

  8. Stacy says:

    Waiting…. Friday morning edition:

    Waiting for a new ITP blog…. 😉

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