I’m Almost Ready

Here’s a tip, don’t wait until the day prior to going on a 3.5-day camping weekend to start packing, especially if you’ve also scheduled and activity that will keep you away from home until 10:00pm. I scrambled mightily last night and this morning to get everything I needed into the M6, twice nearly leaving my bike’s front wheel at home. Here’s another tip: bring both wheels for your bicycle to a three-day biking weekend. Still left on my agenda is stopping at a convenience store / Target / grocery store on the way to Rutledge in order to pick up a bottle of water and some snacks.

The Men From NC Killed It
I made it to Eddie’s Attic by 7:45pm last night only to find out that there was no opening act for Chatham County Line, and by the time I arrived the boys were already on stage. This is what I get for waiting out a bit of traffic by having a few beers at Brass Tap.

This was the first time that I’ve seen the band without their signature backdrop of the North Carolina state flag. A quick peek at their website reveals why:

April 8, 2016

Hey Music Fans.

As you know, we’ve flown our North Carolina Flag onstage with pride and honor for over 15 years now. It is with a mountain of heartbreak that we’ve decided to take it down for what we hope is a very short hiatus. The 4 of us believe that music is an all inclusive and uniting force, unfortunately at this moment, our beloved state of NC is not embracing that message. We hope she can fly again real soon.

With Love.


I support their decision, much in the same way that I support the decision of Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr canceling their North Carolina shows this year due to North Carolina’s new laws.

Looking Forward To The Weekend
Tomorrow will most likely be a Blogger’s Holiday around these parts as I expect to sleep in late in my tent, and then rise to saddle up for some riding before I start beer consumption. I hope the weather cooperates and that I have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

Have a great Friday and weekend too, and I’ll see you on Monday with a recap of all of the activity in which I participated.

And if you’ve not done so already, don’t forget to file your income taxes! I should probably ensure that my State tax paperwork has been filed, I know that the State has already withdrawn the money I owed them from my bank account…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to I’m Almost Ready

  1. Barb says:

    I saw in the STU website we aren’t supposed to start setting up until 4pm, so we are planning to leave the house at 2 or so – just getting there a little early.
    (we also hava roofing guy coming by at noon to get an estimate)

    We have brats to grill for dinner tonight – I don’t think as many peole are coming out tonight due to the possible rain.

  2. I won’t get out of work until 4 at the earliest, so realistically I’ll be in Rutledge by 7pm when I factor in traffic and a stop for water/snacks. I’m *hoping* that it won’t be raining when I attempt to set up my tent tonight.

    See you later!

  3. Barb says:

    if its raining – you seriously can sleep in the camper with us tonight. No need to set up a tent when its raining. Just text when you are on the way – not that you won’t be able to find a big black Tundra & a camper, but I’ll send our location.

  4. Sweet! Will do. Thanks.

  5. Stacy says:

    But just a reminder to procrastinators like I: you have until 4/18 (Monday) this year to file your taxes. So you still can be lazy a few more days. 🙂

    Have fun, my bike-riding friends! Looks like Saturday and Sunday should be beautiful days for you. Looking forward to stories and pictures.

    I dig Chatham County Line for doing that.

    Today our company decided to issue paper paychecks in some effort to close some security loops (we’d been warned about it). It was so funny to see everyone from my department down at the bank this morning making deposits. All of us couldn’t remember the last time we were in a bank. Andonight is Kurios! I’m stoked. 🙂 Although I have a free parking pass too I think I’ll just shuttle over from Arts Center and not bother with traffic.

    Happy Thursday to all and weekends to those of you off and about!

  6. Have a fun time at Cirq, Stacy. Are you getting a pre-show dinner out of the deal too? 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    Paper paychecks? Wow. When I worked at Rollins years ago, they had a special account the paychecks were drawn on and once they forgot to put money into it. Paychecks were bouncing all over the city and I think someone was looking for a job!

    When I glanced at the weather last night, it didn’t appear to be a great forecast for riding, but a great forecast for drinking! Oh well.

    The boys are back home from their “vacation” at Bear Creek. And Perri had a miraculous recovery once we told him the vet was coming. I enjoy handling them and when you’re only throwing their food in their feeder, that isn’t enough interaction.

    Enjoy Cirque Stacy!!

    And the rest of you have fun at STU.


  8. bob says:

    Definitely have fun at STU! I will be right down the road at the horse park in Conyers setting up base camp for Laura’s Ragnar team.

    Hopefully the trails are open and I can at least get a dirt ride in this afternoon.

  9. The weather forecast has been manic. I’ve seen everything from no rain on any day to rain almost every day. I suppose that I will just play it by ear.

  10. bob says:

    I have seen the rain chance go from 20 to 40 to 60 back to 20 and now 0% on Saturday and Sunday.

    I REALLY need to be a weatherman and still get paid when I am so wrong all the time.

    I’m preparing for the rain but hopefully will just drag a bunch of extra crap with me to only drag it back home.

  11. And I have enough books on my Kindle and iPad (note to self: you are taking a German exam next week, STUDY!) to last me months, if not years!

  12. Stacy says:

    No pre-show dinner, but I’m a guest of a vendor so they sprung for the VIP experience that gets you cocktails and hors d’eourves. So that’s pretty nice! I’ve invited my friend Chris along as a guest: wouldn’t be surprised if a pre-show SOMETHING happens along the way. 🙂 (knowing us, more like drink than dinner!)

    Yeah, the paper checks were really weird. Apparently it’s the first time the company EVER did it (and some folks have been here 10, 15 years) but I know we had a huge security break-in last year, and in the financial/gift card industry, that can be pretty scary. Having the office downtown is a nice benefit: pretty much no matter what bank you belong to, it’s right here to go visit. I guess I *could* have taken a picture to deposit it via phone….but eh. A little too much money on a paycheck to make me feel comfortable with that working.

  13. Barb says:

    Stacy – have fun at Cirque! I’m jealous.

    we have direct deposit of course, but we have no way to view on paychecks on line. They MAIL the stub every 2 weeks. I throw them in a file, but others here have just thrown therm away, and them if you need it for something – you are screwed.

    My taxes are done -the big check to the feds will be pulled out of my account tomorrow. Note to self- remind Allan again to talk to the City of Atlanta……

  14. steve says:

    And now it’s time for the fire.drill! Oh what fun.

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