A Blog Post?

Yes, I have AT&T service!

Many Days Of RAGBRAI
I’ve completed five days of RAGBRAI!


  • ridden many miles (haven’t added them up)
  • drank many, many beers
  • have eaten
    • five brats (so far)
    • one pork chop
    • three pork tenderloin sandwiches
    • as well as many other things

The weather has been mostly hot, dry, with some strong winds.

I’ve taken some photos, but would like to doctor them up before posting any.

On Tuesday I PanickedBecause everyone else was pumping up their tires I decided to add a little more air to mine. When I spun off the plastic fish valve cover the entire stem unscrewed from the tube and the tire went flat instantly. The stem was stuck inside the plastic fish! This had never happened before, it was inconceivable! Panicking because I thought I would have to do a complete tube change, I used the worse tool for which I did not have to reach – my teeth. In doing so I managed to chip a tooth. FOOL! I have arranged to see my dentist, tail between my legs, on Monday.

On On
During yesterday’s 51 miles I came across flour. Yep, the hash had a stop on the route and I stopped and drank an Old Milwaukee with them.

Of course when I arrived there were three hashers there – one from somewhere in Minnesota, one from Charlotte, North Carolina, and one from LaGrange, Georgia.

It was coincidental that I chose to wear my Savannah InterAmericas Hash socks, because one of the hashers in charge of the station was also wearing hers.

Well, That Changes Things
My three-month leave of absence may be cut down to two. Rumor has it that bad things are happening to the Atlanta office. I’ll know more when I return to Atlanta.

Paulie [ottumwa, ia]

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3 Responses to A Blog Post?

  1. Steve says:

    Chipped tooth? Moron. And I thought your LoA was 6 months?

    Stay dry today.


  2. Barb says:

    Too funny the hashers were out there – I don’t think they live nearby this year.

    But – it is fun to see & realize there are hashers everywhere.

    those brats are so good, and they are always at the best spot- right before the end of the ride……….

    Are you getting a big raise to come back to work??? I think you need to negotiate.

  3. My LoA was scheduled for 3 months.

    Will divulge more info when I can.

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