Greetings From Vermont’s State Capital

Rough day yesterday.

Not only did I struggle on the bike, I lost out at the hotel room. Because I wanted to be fair I told my roommate that he could pick his bed yesterday since I had chosen on Sunday. Little did I realize that our room would have one queen bed, and on twin daybed. Guess which one I slept on last night…

The Shame In My Game
Well, I wasn’t as prepared for this trip as I had hoped. On two occasions yesterday I had to dismount from the bike and walk. Disappointing…

Because of the modified route we followed yesterday’s leg was shorter, but a bit steeper than originally advertised.

There is more climbing this week, some of which is taller than what we climbed today, but spread over longer distances. I am hoping to do better then.

ITP Flickr Pic
“The Final Push” (Appalachian Gap, Vermont, United States)
The Final Push
This was the final push to get to the top of the gap. It was the second dismount point for me.

“Our View From The Top Of App Gap” (Appalachian Gap, Vermont, United States)
Our View From The Top Of App Gap
This was the view from the top. In the distance you can see the road that we traversed to get there.

My Journey Thus Far
Vermont: Day #1
Vermont: Day #1
45 miles

Vermont: Day #2
Vermont: Day #2
51 miles

Food Is Good, Service Notsomuch
Yesterday I was accidentally charged the entire table’s balance. By the time you read this the charge will have either been reversed, or disputed.

Then, at pizza joint at which I had dinner I had to ask for my Coke after she delivered my breadsticks. The food was surprisingly good for such mediocre service.

Paulie [montpelier/vt]

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6 Responses to Greetings From Vermont’s State Capital

  1. Stacy says:

    Yay for maps! Thanks for the maps. It looks beautiful there. I can only imagine what it must look like in the fall. Are you picking up any souvenirs? I collect magnets and don’t have one from Vermont yet. Just sayin’…. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing today’s adventures! And hey, no shame at all in dismounting and walking a bit. You’re still doing much more than you have before and a hellofalotmore than a lot of other people. Good job!

  2. steve says:

    Push? Someone else is schlepping the bags, no? 39×26 is your low gear? No shame in pushing (not that I’ve ever done it (LIAR!))

    The mower is out of the hospital for good! When I thought it was still ailing yesterday, it was actually running out of gas!! I’ll take back all the nasty thing I was thinking about the repair guy.

    Running at lunch (without falling, hopefully), then Games meeting tonight. Since I worked Sunday, I decided to take tomorrow off- it’s a hard wake up after a Games meeting so this will be a pleasure.

    I just did a little street view from your map- beautiful country! Have fun.


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    It’s a beautiful, but tough place to ride.

    I’ve not seen magnets, but have to admit to not looking hard (yet).

  4. Barb says:

    busy, busy, busy here at work.
    I have time to read, but not much time to comment.

  5. alisson says:

    You should have invested on a 34×32. There are some mean climbs on your Strava.

  6. alisson says:

    Hold a sec. this is not your bike is it? What gearing does it have?

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