Taking Lazy To A New Level

Holy crap, it’s 8:45am? Guess I should get a blog post out today before I have to clean up and meet some friends for lunch…

I’m Not Color Blind, I’m Color Dense
I think that I need to consider upgrading the lighting in my bedroom. On Tuesday I once again went into the world wearing a color combination that didn’t work. I did this because I swore that in my bedroom I was holding my blue shorts, but clearly when I was out and about I was wearing my olive green ones. I’d made my choice of navy blue sneakers all the more curious. Of course I was at a museum, so I could have always blown off any criticisms with a statement of how I am an artiste!

ITP Flickr Pic
“Honestly Abe?” (High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Honestly Abe?
I’ve tried to break myself out of the habit of taking photos of sculptures. However, there was something so striking about Abraham Lincoln’s pose on Tuesday that I had to shoot this.

Damn, I just realized that I should have titled this shot “Penny For Your Thoughts”. DANGEN!

I Never Tried The BBQ, But The Sandwich And Conversation Were Great
Made it to Castleberry Hill around 5:40pm for my 6:00pm meet up. Before I could go admire ITP-Reader Stacy’s paint job up close and personally I was greeted by my friend who was also an early arriver.

We went into The Smoke Ring and were told that there would be a Creature Comforts beer dinner later, so we were sat in the smaller section of the restaurant. No biggie. We asked if we could have their beer leftovers, but none arrived at our table.

Our own beers and an amazing appetizer of fried green tomatoes were ordered and we started catching up and conversing about the creative process. I talked about what my creative process is, and about photography and even my reasoning for starting to learn the German language. After a while we agreed to wander down to Elliott Street Deli & Pub for another beer.

Since we’d never ordered dinner at The Smoke Ring I was glad when she said that she wanted to order a sandwich at Elliott Street. We’d had two beers already and a third one had made its way to the bar, so I was happy to eat. Further, it’s a little-known fact that Elliott Street makes fantastic sandwiches — and “two-bite” cannoli as I found out later.

Elliott Street Deli & Pub has not changed a bit since I last visited; that’s a good thing in my book. Mike and Pete (the owners) still hang out, the interior is still dive-bar-esque, and my friend Dave Rice’s photo of a woman on a motorcycle still adorns the inside of the men’s bathroom. Last night the bar even had a duet of stringed instruments (think “folk” not “classical”) performing for a few hours.

What has changed is Elliott Street itself, now that it has once again opened for through traffic. Once a construction dead end, cars and motorcycles now zip around the neighborhood. And, when I got up from our sidewalk table and turned the corner, I could see the new mechatronic football stadium that is still under construction. I was home by 11:00pm and slept really well, perhaps too well which is why I am still typing this blog at 9:15am.

On Today’s Agenda
I’ve already mentioned lunch. After lunch I will be running some errands — groceries, gas for the lawn mower, banking, etc — before returning home to do some “work” — German and software development studying.

I’ve thrown an offer to meet my (former) boss Hank for a beer, but he’s committed to moving his daughter into a dorm at Georgia Tech today so I’m not sure if this will happen.

Considering it’s Thursday (it is Thursday, right?) I may hoof up to EAV to shop my first East Atlanta Farmers Market in far too many years.

Yesterday I received a Dropbox link to photos taken by the Sojourn staff while we were riding in Vermont. I will peruse these tonight and see if I can find any good, or incriminating, ones of me. 🙂

Have a great day friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Taking Lazy To A New Level

  1. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday to ITP-reader Stacy!!!

    It is day 9 of the 16 working days Megan is gone…….I’m now over half way there!!! Luckily this week has been a little slower, so I’m starting to get a little caught up. A little, not a lot, but that’s better than not at all.

    Didn’t make it to Bada Bings last night, Allan is nursing some sort of head cold thing, and I’m just tired from having to think the entire time I am at work these days. May head to The Wing for Parrothead happy hour tonight, it is super close.

    We also are seriously thinking about going to Pine Lake Saturday, I need to remember how to hash. I havne’t seen a start, but its Rats Ass & Niplets, so that could be interesting. Sunday is Black Sheep down at Crabby’s, and a Wheelhopper too, Allan is working, I may decided to head south for that too.

  2. steve says:

    Wheelhopper Sunday? Hmmm…

    Last night it was chores and a bit of a run in the heat. One of the barn fans just up and died, so I had a replacement ready to go. Zelda is still on the “list” as she never pooped despite several walks and as such, she got to sleep in her crate. Brownie went at it with an armadillo about 45 minutes after we went to bed, which sent Zelda into histrionics. Brown and his opponent were battling under the deck, so Zelda was not interested in moving out of the area and wanted to join in the fray. Brown must have gotten the upper hand (paw?) a bit later as most everything settled down.

    Brown seemed triumphant when I left. Debbie reported a carcass under the deck this morning.


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!

    I will be “running” at Black Sheep on Sunday.

    Steve, it’s turned into the Wild South down there!

  4. steve says:

    It’s crazy, I tell you.

    The happiest of birthdays! I saw an out of state license plate on the way home “Stacey” but I knew it wasn’t her birthday!!

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