Greetings From Denver

How dry I am (not!).

Not To Be Repeated
On Tuesday I went to the public library on Ponce. Suffice to say that will never happen again. A security guard inside the library? WTF? However the real kicker was the lack of sufficient air conditioning. It was terrible.

Almost A Perfect Day
I had lunch in Atlanta and dinner in Denver.

On the plane I finished reading “Moonwalking With Einstein”.

My flight was only slightly late arriving in Denver.

A lot has changed in the “Mile High” city since the last time I visited six years ago (see also: Jackmobile’s transmission dying).

Last night as I wandered downtown looking for food I smelled the not-so-unmistakable aroma of marijuana.

But I digress…

I flew from Atlanta to Denver and then took the new-to-me rail from DIA to downtown. I scored a bonus by getting a day pass from a fellow Gator while I was awaiting the delivery of my luggage, saving me the $9 fare. While the rail is a convenient way to get from the airport to Union Station downtown it is dog slow, taking no fewer than thirty minutes to make the journey.

From Union Station I should have Ubered to my hostel, but it looked close on Google Maps so I hoofed it instead. Even in 42% humidity I still managed to work up a sweat.

My sweat (or age) must have delivered pity to the guy checking me in, because he gave me a free beer ticket. From the reaction of the bartender when I presented it this must be a rare occurrence.

Wanting Mexican I wandered around downtown looking for El Charrito, and damn it all to hell I was so glad to find it. I stepped into the empty bar/restaurant to the sounds of punk! After a few songs during which I air-drummed the DJ came to me and asked my name. A few minutes later he bought me a shot of Jim Beam. Wait. What? For the entire evening I jammed to what he was spinning as it transitioned from punk to ska, and then eventually to hip hop. Four O’Dell’s “90 Shilling”, a burrito, and my shot of Jim Beam later I was tipping the bartender as well as the DJ before walking back to my hostel. There was but one thing missing from making it a perfect night…

ITP Flickr Pic
“Dude, I’m So High!” (Denver, Colorado, United States)
Dude, I'm So High!
Since I am in Colorado you’d think that I am referring to smoking pot, but no, last night I slept on the third level of a “bunk bed” (aka “commercial storage rack”) at Hostel Fish in downtown Denver. Oh the things I will do to save a few dollars.

I was not pleased being this high.

Planes, Trains, And Buses?
Yesterday I flew to Denver.

Yesterday I took a train from DIA to downtown.

Today I will take Greyhound, yes Greyhound, from Denver to Winter Park. Actually I will be taking the bus from Denver to Fraser, and then a local bus from Fraser to Winter Park. At $25 Greyhound is the cheapest option.

If all goes to plan post-hash I will be riding from Winter Park to Fort Collins in a car, and will only have to use “public” transportation once again to get from Fort Collins to Denver when I am scheduled to return to Atlanta.

Until tomorrow friends. Have a great day.

Paulie [denver/co]

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9 Responses to Greetings From Denver

  1. I did not like climbing down from bunk. Were I to stay there again, as I had planned prior to accepting invitation to Ft Collins, I would ensure a lower bed. Also, sleeping in commercial storage rack gave a new meaning to “hitting the rack”.

    Am now at a diner, drinking water like it’s going out of style; I blame the shot of Jim Beam.

  2. steve says:

    So exactly how far is it from the airport to downtown and how many stops? A half hour doesn’t seem long to this regular MARTA rider- of course, it really only 25 minutes from Midtown to College Park, so the airport would be 2 minutes more.

    Grass cutting of a couple varieties last night. The mower for the yard and the bush hog for the bank on the road. Managed to get on 2 wheels (diagonally opposed) because I was trying to keep 2 wheels on the bank and 2 on the flat to cut over the gully, which is deep at times. Kudzu is coming out, so that will have to be controlled once it cools off some.

    Today begins Debbie’s birth month celebration! Happy birth month sweetheart!


  3. I am terrible at distance, but DIA is literally in the middle of nowhere. If I recall properly there were six stations between DIA and Union Station. It just seems as if the train traveled so slowly.

  4. Barb says:

    Hopefully we will have room in our car for you to go to Ft Collins with us – or Drew & Michelle will. We have way too much stuff for this trip, taking biking things, hashing things & clothes for 9 days, we are checking 2 bags. (with my Delta Amex, I get 1 free bag per person). I’m totally over packed.

    Last night we picked up JoAnna & Mike from their trip to CO (to the Sand Dunes), it would have bene wild if you had seem them in the DEN airport. She is giving us a ride to the airport today, so it was a nice trade off.

    Paulie – see you tonight!

  5. Now hoping the too-large breakfast can start breaking up this morning’s cobwebs.

    (Alcohol * 5) + (HoursOfSleep * 4) = NoBueno

  6. That would have been surreal to run into them at DIA.

    Yes you will, Barb!

    Have an uneventful flight!

  7. Just cleaned up some more errors in today’s post. Geez, I must have been drunk when I wrote it. Oh that’s right, I was.

  8. If you are ever feeling badly about your life visit your nearest Greyhound Bus terminal and your spirits should be lifted immediately.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’m in Winter Park! The Greyhound bus didn’t go to Fraser, which was better for me. Now I have a mile walk to the lodge – after a beer and lunch, of course.

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