The End Of Summer Has Arrived

Labor Day, the traditional “end” of Summer. My summer has been incredible and I refuse to let it end without a fight.

From What I Experienced, I Had A Blast
I will put my stinking turd out there first. Last night I returned to my room some time around 6:00pm, well over-served by my own hand, to rest briefly before dinner. I passed out, missing dinner, the final night’s party, and pizza. Huh, my bad.

The two days of hashing were fun. The trails I “ran” were short and managed to take my breath away (literally).

On Saturday we rambled around during warm and sunny skies, and then as if Mother Nature wanted to prove her superiority she turn the warmth into chill and rained and hailed upon us as we waited under shelter for our bus to take us back to the lodge. Oh mountain weather, you are so fickle. The trail included walking through a creek, up some (goat) paths on the side of a hill, along some dirt roads, and then atop a ridiculously long and wide pipe that people could walk upon; yours truly took the safer and muddy route to ensure that he didn’t fall off and crack open his skull.

On Saturday night I caught a ride to the Winter Park Pub where the hash partied while eating chicken wings and a decent buffet of Mexican food. I was in bed with no shame by 9:30pm.

Yesterday we did a three-mile hike through the mountains, finding mud and watery grass patches amongst the fallen trees and stunning vistas.

Both days had long post-hash circles providing ample opportunity to drink, perhaps too much opportunity for me yesterday…

ITP-Reader Barb’s Photos
I take no credit for today’s photos, all thanks go out to ITP-Reader Barb.

“Really, I Was Having Fun” (Winter Park, Colorado, United States)
Really, I Was Having Fun
My facial expression may indicate otherwise but I was having a really good time hashing. Maybe it was because I was being forced to drink a Coors? Well, at least it wasn’t a Mich Ultra!

“Winter Park, Colorado” (Winter Park, Colorado, United States)
Winter Park, Colorado
Winter Park, Colorado is very different from Winter Park, Florida.

Off To Fort Collins
Winter Park has been fun.

Assuming I am still welcome and can bum a ride I will be heading to Fort Collins, Colorado for a few days. Other than returning to a life of moderation and fun time I am not sure what the next few days hold in store.

Have a relaxing Labor Day friends.

Paulie [winter park/co]

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4 Responses to The End Of Summer Has Arrived

  1. Steve says:

    Fuckity, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck! I only now remembered you were writing a blog today. It’s been a good Labor Day. Breakfast with the Foxhunt this morning followed by few chores and a visit by a potential horse purchaser.

    A lot of my weekend has been spent cleaning the exterior of the horse trailer I finally found a product that will clean the junk off the paint without removing too much of the paint. After cleaning I had paste wax for a nice finish and it looks really good. I’d post a picture of the before and after but don’t have a way.

    A 3 day weekend followed by a 3 day work week followed by another 3 day weekend. I like this!

    Again, our best to the Ft. Collins crew.


  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    We are at Michelle’s & Drew’s house now. Great day, come back tomorrow to find out more!

  3. Steve says:

    Will do!

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