Really Good Day In The “A”

Yesterday was a good day, even if it didn’t end as planned.

Oh Hell
Yesterday’s fun started with a noon showing of “Hell or High Water” at Atlantic Station. I really enjoyed the movie, except for what I considered to be a lackluster ending. Because of the ending I’m not sure why it has a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Following the movie I made my first visit to Sweet Auburn Curb Market where I ate my first Bell Street Burrito. It’s hard for even me to believe that I’ve never visited either of these previously.

After lunch I drove up Marietta Street to the west side location of Warby Parker where I picked up my new glasses. I was the only customer at Warby Parker at the time and was pleased when the guy who greeted me remembered me as a return shopper.

With a few hours to kill before the start of the North Atlanta iOS Developer meet up I popped into Meehan’s and had a few beers.

After the iOS meet up I decided to skip going back to the west side to hear Car Seat Headrest and joined Hank at Lucky’s Burger and Brew for some beer, chicken wings, and a little football watching.

I finished the night watching Carolina lose, making me 0-1 on my weekly football pics.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Another Beautiful Colorado Day” (Winter Park, Colorado, United States)
Another Beautiful Colorado Day
The last of the shots taken in Colorado.

Off To Raleigh
ITP will be OTP again, spending the weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.

By the time you most likely read this I will have had a satisfying breakfast at Home grown and am on the road.

This weekend I’ll be hanging with the Raleigh Royalty, eating vegetarian fare, drinking locally-to-north-carolina-brewed beer, and apparently playing Pokémon Go!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Really Good Day In The “A”

  1. Stacy says:

    Ah! Have been to Sweet Auburn Market many of times, but not last week, so we’re a bit back off our stalker game. We’ll need to fix that.

    I hoped Denver would win. As I like to explain it: when your team is always in play-off contention, from week 1 you root against the other play-off contenders. I don’t see any worries rooting for Atlanta this year.

    Last night I went and saw Josh Wolf at the Punchline (now in Landmark Diner in Buckhead — where your “two drink minimum” is actually a two ITEM minimum, and you can order off the entire Diner menu if you want. So that’s pretty cool). He was hysterical. AND he responded to my tweet, so I’m still all fan-girl giddy today.

    Safe travels to the Raleigh Royalty! Heading up to Cherokee myself for the weekend for a little hiking, a big bonfire, some cheesy gambling, and the plans to hit up a few breweries. Nantahala is tonight on the way into town. And DANG the end of the work day cannot come soon enough!

  2. Steve says:

    Our best to the Raleigh clan- travel safely.

    Instead of having Debbie meet me at the mechanic when I dropped my car off, I came home and picked up my road bike and drove back. The mechanic is in the heart of Newnan retail land, so I got out of there’s fast as I could. After 2 miles, I had averaged 26 mph. There might have been some drafting, but I was breathing like a freight train, because that was from a cold start. Average for the entire 17 miles was over 18, so I did slow down.

    This morning, I prepared the man cave to receive 300 bales of hay sometime today. I never realized I was going to have to share my space with all this, but I guess it’s alright. I was just thinking where I wanted to put my wood working equipment. The answer is “on hold”.

    Great weekend all.


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