Weekend In Raleigh

I’m loving the traveling life.
I’m also loving the responsibility-free life.
I’m not loving watching my bank account plummet, but I have a plan to put spending corrections in place upon my return to Atlanta.

Weekend In Raleigh
It’s been a fun weekend up here in Raleigh. Yes, I am still here.

I arrived on Friday as Randy and Cooper were heading out for a two-day camping trip, leaving Lisa and Nolan to entertain me. And then on Friday Nolan went to a sleepover, leaving just Lisa and me. We wound up meeting Lisa’s and Randy’s friends Gordon and Beth, both of who I’ve met previously, out for dinner and drinks. After dinner Lisa and I went to a dessert joint to have one more drink and a piece of gluten-free cake. We were back at the house by 10:00pm and passed out on the couch — each of us seated on opposite ends of the couch — after awhile. Big partiers! Lisa went to bed and I pulled out the bed from the sofa; with no children in the house we slept until 8:00am Saturday.

On Saturday we walked the dog and picked up Nolan from his sleepover. From there we returned to their house, ate lunch, and then drove out to Cary for WUNC’s 40th Birthday Party featuring Chatham County Line. At the venue we met up with some of Lisa’s and Randy’s friends, all hashers I’ve now met now a half-dozen times, and hung out with them. It was a hot, but very fun event. Upon returning to the house we ordered pizza in and watched television. I think I was asleep before 10:00pm again.

Yesterday Lisa, Nolan, and I went to a bar and watched the Packers game. Randy and Cooper returned from their trip and the five of us had a relaxing dinner at the house.

My iPhone has now been infected with Pokémon GO, not that I know how to play.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Chatham County Line’s ‘Autumn'” (Cary, North Carolina, United States)
Chatham County Line "Autumn"
On Saturday I saw Chatham County Line perform (again) in Cary, North Carolina. In conjunction with their latest album release “Autumn” the band has partnered with Big Boss Brewing to release a beer of the same name.

Perhaps My Only Downfall
I joined a Yahoo! NFL Pick’em Group. I was set to celebrate the potential of beating my fellow players when the Colts’s defense decided to go to sleep, costing me 11 confidence points. Combine this loss with the losses by the Saints and Falcons and my chance of winning this week went to nil. Oh well, you pays your money you takes your chances. I’ll try again next week.

One More Night In Raleigh
With no office to be in (at this time) I am staying one more night in Raleigh before I return to Atlanta on Tuesday. Hell, I have to do laundry again at some time… I probably want to mow my lawn again too before heading back out of town on Thursday.

Yo Ho Ho, a traveler’s life for me!

Paulie [raleigh/nc]

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6 Responses to Weekend In Raleigh

  1. steve says:

    A 3 day weekend and I’m glad to be at work for some rest.

    The hay man finally showed up and I helped unload 320 bales Friday afternoon. During that process, the garage called and said the work was done on the car, but they were waiting on the locksmith, as they lad lost the key to my car! When I went to pick it up Saturday morning, they said they found the other ring with the remote on it. (???) I thought at first they had put the newly made ignition key on someone elses ring, but then remembered Debbie had lost her keys some months ago and the garage found them!!! Score!

    Saturday and Sunday were also spent finishing up the trailer project. It looks niiice.

    I had been able to watch the Vuelta on Universal last week, but DirectTV finally came to their senses and realized we hadn’t paid for that channel and shut it off. Sadly, I bumped the dish the other week while mowing and will have to have them come out and realign it- currently we’re getting about half the channels.


  2. No time for Vuelta viewing… Heard Quintana won, he is a worthy victor in my opinion.

    Chilling at the Raleigh Royalty Estate currently, still uncertain about today’s plan. We were going to a museum but this being Monday…

  3. steve says:

    Yeah, some people actually have to WORK! Not that I’m jealous (much).

    A very worthy champion…

  4. Well, my bank account is not a bottomless pit so someday in the future I too shall be toiling for a paycheck again.

    Enjoying it while I can. 😉

  5. Barb says:

    From what I can tell from our grass, it hasn’t rained in forever, so you may not have to cut your grass.

    Busy as hell at work, everyone does my work so half assed when I’m gone…….

  6. steve says:

    Hey Barb, how has that Korean bankruptcy affected your business?

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