What Are We Going To Do Today, Brain?

Same thing as we do every day, Pinky.

As my summertime funtime comes to a close in a couple of weeks I need to start thinking about what my (new) daily routine will be as I prepare to become an employed person again in 2017.

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
Though it may not see action today due to sore leg muscles I am glad to say that I rode my bicycle two out of the three mornings that I spent in Hartwell over the weekend. The only reason I didn’t ride on Saturday was because that I knew that I would need the energy to run the hash.

On Friday morning I went out and rode 45 miles in about three hours. It’s really easy to do a long ride in that area of the state because the roads are fairly smooth, have only a little traffic, and are not very hilly.

Yesterday morning’s ride was shorter, 28 miles, but far more difficult because the route I took was a little hillier and I forced myself to ride in bigger gears.

ITP Flickr Pic
“So Much For A Clean Car” (Hartwell, Georgia, United States)
So Much For A Clean Car
Actually, as I found out when I parked, the M6’s cleanliness was already compromised by a vehicle that was ejecting small droplets of oil somewhere along I-85.

Old Man Paulie

Those are the times at which I was back in my tent on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights respectively in Hartwell. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay up and get stupidly drunk, which I really didn’t, I find it hard to party like a hasher any longer. During campouts I find myself drinking early and wearing down early; perhaps my morning bike rides and the grueling hash were to blame.

Speaking of the actual hash, it was fantastic. We started out by crossing the dammed side of the Savannah River, having to swim parts of it. After romping through the woods the hares found incredible patches of shoe-sucking mud. At one point we had to cross a water crossing whose underlying ground was so soft that I had to crawl in order to get through; needless to say that my entire body below my chest was covered with mud when I exited. Thankfully there was some clean water soon after in which I could wash off. The hash ended at the Shady Lady Saloon where we far dirtier than the regulars. I think Oops had the best job at the hash’s end when he found a hose and hosed down most of the hashers.

Fighting The Itch
My hands are starting to itch. I have that sinking feeling that I picked up a bit of poison ivy on trail Saturday. Try as I might to avoid the shit, there is little hope when trudging through the woods of Georgia and South Carolina during the summer months, and cleaning off afterward it never seems to help.

Week 2: Another Loss For The Good Guy
Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s NFL game I have once again lost my Yahoo! Pick’em Pool side bet. I have the Falcons, who looked like a second-tier college team against the Buccaneers but world-beaters against the Raiders, as well as my lack of confidence in them to blame.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to What Are We Going To Do Today, Brain?

  1. Barb says:

    The pictures on saw on FB made that hash look quite interesting.
    Glad you did it – not sure if I’d like all that mud.

    I went to Blanket’s Creek to mtn bike Saturday, I could breathe much better than I could in CO, but I still need to get out riding more often, it was harder than it should have been.

    Sunday we had our friends Mark & Annette in town from NJ – we went to Rocco’s to watch the Patriots & the Browns. It was awsome, we were about the only peopple in there watching football – so we could request to have the TVs set up the way we wanted, and Allan could scream at the TV all he wanted. Browns started out good, then went to hell as usual. Patriots tried to lose it, Tom Brady replacement got hurt, but they managed to still win.
    We went home to watcht he Falcons – since that was on regular TV.
    Good day of football watching & catching up with friends.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I watched the end of the Falcons game at The Midway, then unfortunately watched the Packers lose at home.

  3. Barb says:

    BTW – how many people were at Hartwell? It seemed to be a pretty large group.

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I think that there was somewhere between 40-50 people: it was a large group. We kicked all three kegs before circle started on Saturday.

  5. steve says:

    Rain!! Beautiful, glorious rain! Sunday was such a lovely day.

    Saturday was chores, a Lowes run and dinner at the cajun place. I had my mouth set for an oyster po-boy (watching cooking shows did it) but they were out of oysters?!?!
    Shrimp filled in nicely though.

    Sunday Debbie got up and rode between showers while I did chores, including cleaning the stall portion of the trailer. Not quite as shiney as the outside, but still nice and ready for her trip on Thursday.

    Friend Barbara came and took Perry away to his hopefully new home. This is just a trial, but hopefully it all works out. He needs a job and Barb needed a horse!


  6. Stacy says:

    Well this weekend sure was one big suckfest for my sports teams. Chelsea lost to Liverpool Friday, the Packers looked horrible last night and sandwiched in between were my Badgers only squeaking by with a 2 pt. win over Georgia frickin’ State — at home even. How we only dropped from a #9 to a #11 ranking is beyond me.

    Other than that, it was good. Music Midtown weekend = parking one’s car and not moving it, so walked around a bit. Met up with the UW fan club at RiRa’s for the game then checked out Torched Hops’ Oktoberfest celebration. Was way chill, but was also three in the afternoon. I much prefer the daytime activities like that these days. So like you, Paulie, I was in bed early (10ish hour) both Friday and Saturday. Last night was a little later because of that debacle of a game. I’m tired today!

    The hash looked a lot of fun. The last time I remember being in something like that was an Easy Easter many moons ago.

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