Step One: Get Out Of Bed

Sabbatical is turning me into a sloth. Actually, I think yesterday’s sloth-like day is a direct result of a wonderfully eventful weekend.

Much Like Most Of Atlanta I Was Out Of Gas
I left the ITP Estate twice yesterday. The first escape was to eat lunch and then go grocery shopping. However, after a satisfying lunch at Elmyriachi in Kirkwood I decided to return home to rest. “Rest” turned into a two-hour nap. Ah, the sabbatical life…

With legs still hurting from Sunday’s ride I nixed the idea of driving to North Atlanta for the Monday night recovery ride. About a half hour later I made plans with Hank to meet him at the Lucky’s Burger & Brew in Emory Village to watch a little Monday Night Football. I tried to buy some gas for the M6 at the QT on Briarcliff at Clifton before meeting Hank, but they were completely out of gas. I know about the pipeline break and soaring gas prices (greedy fuckers), are stations running out of gas across the city?

ITP Flickr Pic
“My Weekend Abode” (Hartwell, Georgia, United States)
My Weekend Abode
Up in Hartwell I set up tent early, picking a space I’ve taken in years passed. You can see from the image that I was not too far from the M6 either — camping as I like it best.

Paulie Don’t Valet
I don’t like valet parking. Believe it or not many moons ago this opinion was the cause of strife in a relationship of mine.

Naturally I was disappointed to not find a parking space in Emory Village on North Decatur and even more disappointed when I went to park in a parking lot behind Lucky’s only to find it is now completely reserved for valet parking thanks to the new Double Zero restaurant that has opened. Double Zero shuttered its Sandy Springs location (in the old Good Ol’ Days location?) opting for Emory Village instead. After driving around, you know there aren’t many streets with parking near Emory Village, eventually lucking into a space near the Barnes & Nobel a block away from Lucky’s.

With parking secured I joined Hank at the bar and watched the Mets lose to the Braves (DANGEN!) and the first half of the Eagles v. Bears game, for which I picked incorrectly (DOUBLE DANGEN!). At least the beer was good even if Lucky’s has raised their prices slightly (TRIPLE DANGEN!).

Have a great day friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Step One: Get Out Of Bed

  1. Barb says:

    I got gas middle of last week, and since I haven’t driven anywhere really, I’m set. I’d think the gas would be back to normal soon – and – everyone is in a panic to get it, whether they need it or not, that’s why I think we are running out.

    I hate valet parking as well, but I will do it, I just hate it.

    We had a super lazy night, ate some left overs, watched an episode of Sherlock, watched some football & when to bed early. I wasn’t hungover, but I was damn tired yesterday.

    Didn’t realize Double Zero moved – I heard it was/is a tasty restaurant.

  2. I filled up going to Hartwell, so I am about at half-tank since returning.

    I think Double Zero just opened recently. From what I saw on the unter hey closed the Sandy Springs location in August.

  3. bob says:

    You guys are way too type A. It’s just a car, let it go, they will bring it back when you are done eating 🙂

    Paulie, looks like you are really enjoying your sabbatical. When you decide to return to the workforce you may have to just work part time so you can keep up with this schedule.

  4. Just don’t like giving my car over to someone I have never met. It is just a car, one I pay a lot of money to keep.

    It will be difficult to return to the workforce, but it will be harder to live without money.

  5. Barb says:

    Bob – I Just don’t like to have to pay to park my car, when they move it many times about 20-30 feet. I could have done that.
    I don’t really care about someone else driving it, and if there is no parking anywhere nearby, or its all pay parking around there anyway, then I will do it with no 2nd thoughts.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m not sure valet isn’t just a racket. They have valet at the place at 11th and W. Peachtree during lunch! Maybe they think it’s hard to find a spot, but I don’t think it is.

    I’m waiting on an 11:00 conference call with my boss and our group, where I believe he will announce his retirement. He celebrates 20 years on Thursday…

    Zelda came through her spay without incident. Debbie will pick her up this afternoon. It was REALLY QUIET around the house last night!

    Games meeting tonight. 2 to go after this… it’s getting close.


  7. Steve says:

    OK, that was close. Not retiring, just some bank business that came down from on high while he was on vacation.

  8. bob says:

    Valet parking is totally a racket, the company I worked for back in the day was totally like mafia. They sat back and got rich on the people parking cars. For example one shift at the Cheetah you had to pay $1000 worth of your tips to the company and the rest of the tips were for you. Pretty crazy.

    I just think it is funny when people get up in arms about valet parking though. Some people get really angry.

  9. I don’t get angry, I just don’t do it unless I absolutely have to do so. See also: paying for parking.

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