Hey Siri, Add To List

This morning I had to add another inevitable task to my “To Do” list. Get a job? Well, there’s that, but to what I am referring here is adding “Get dead pine tree cut down” as I discovered this morning that it’s losing its limbs. Fortunately the limbs are not near the house, but if the whole thing topples that may be a different story. I have a good tree guy to whom I will be placing a call soon. More money out? Yep. Hey Siri, add “Get a job” to “To Do” list again.

Another Fun Night At Terminal West
Last night I made it to an “early” show at Terminal West.

The opening band “Landlady” was really good once I got passed the fact that the lead singer kept reminding me of Ty Burrell, aka “Phil Dunphy” from Modern Family.

Okkervil River took the stage around 9:15pm and performed until near 11:00pm. They played a lot of new songs, but also played my two favorites — “Plus Ones” and “A Girl In Port” — from 2007’s “The Stage Names”.

Open Window And Doors, Insert Fans
It’s getting to be that time of year when I can use box fans to lure the cooler outside air inside the ITP Estate. Hooray!

ITP Flickr Pic
“Trees Everywhere” (Hartwell, Georgia, United States)
Trees Everywhere
Thankfully if these trees fall they will definitely not hit the ITP Estate. Click on the photos if you want to see this photo much larger as this was taken using the iPhone’s panorama mode.

Another Busy Day
Today I will be meeting up with former coworkers for lunch. Hooray! I want to keep in contact with a handful of them that I consider to be friends.

Tonight I will be headed to Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre for their performance of “Ugly Lies The Bone”. I will have to be cognizant of the traffic headed to the Tech game tonight so that I can get to Woodruff Arts without hassle.

Going To Be An Early Day Tomorrow
The blog might be super early tomorrow (or super late) because today I am going to sign up for the Goethe Zentrum’s final “German Breakfast” of the season. Having a month off between classes has been difficult because my discipline for learning German has been waning (along with many other things I should be learning). I need the outlet for practicing, and while I’m pretty certain I won’t get another one-on-one lesson tomorrow it will be go to force myself to think and speak in German.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Hey Siri, Add To List

  1. Barb says:

    Traffic stunk trying to get to the Sticks & Bones party last night, it was a small but fun group with plenty of tasty food. Drank enough that I’m tired today.

    Tonight I’m hoping to just do some serious chilling – new network TV shows started this week -so might have to see what has been recorded.

  2. steve says:

    German breakfast on Friday?Du bis ferruckt! (You are crazy) (something my mother always said)

    A road bike ride last night and ANOTHER FLAT! I was expecting it, as I repaired the flat before I rode with a tube of questionable repair. I have been using those Park Tool glueless patches, but depending on the hole, the air takes the path of least resistance and finds a way out. I’m now looking at some Gatorskin tires.

    Bad news about Perry. The vet came out and flexed him and didn’t like what he found. Debbie has advised Barbara to keep him at no cost or find someone else who would like him, knowing he might need surgery, so would be a project. We already have too many projects.

    “New” power supply has me ready to work from home again. You would think I could splice 3 wires after being gnawed on by some canine, but apparently there was some other issue the canine caused I couldn’t find. Damn dogs…


  3. steve says:

    And speaking of new network TV. We watched “The Good Place” last night. It was odd. Woman dies, goes to heaven, only she really wasn’t a good person on earth, the system has made a mistake and because of it, bad things are happening. The story line will be making her a better person and trying to hide/discovering she really doesn’t belong. We’re going to give it another chance, but I think it’s “one foot on a banana peel”.

  4. Crazy I am. Been informed that there will be two of us in attendance and I know the other participant, and that it will commence at 0745 instead of 0645 as initially advertised. Good thing I don’t have an office at which I need to be at a certain time. 🙂

    Sorry to hear the news about Perry. Horse ownership seems even more fraught with problems than boat ownership — or house ownership.

  5. steve says:

    I hope it’s something that someone will be willing to address. It just can’t be us.

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